Tuesday, May 26, 2015

T stands for Memorial Day Trip

I'm here for Tea with Elizabeth and the T-gang a littler later than usual, since it is already Tuesday and I usually get my post ready on Monday night.
DH and I spent the weekend about 110 miles west of here at an RV resort (fancy name for a RV park....grin) in Paso Robles.......not quite to the beach, but a place we have never stayed before.  We have been to Paso Robles for the Mid-State Fair and for wine tasting and a few other misc. things, but we have never actually stayed here.  We stayed at The Vines RV Resort, fairly new place, very nice and clean and very picturesque.   I took over 170 pictures with my camera and probably as many with my, I didn't post them ALL.......LOL

I was lucky enough to meet the artist that did the sand blasting on the window pictured above.  The first night they had wine tasting and a couple of venders, and she was one of them.  Very nice person to talk to...............and boy did we chat!!!!
 This mission is about 15 miles north of Paso Robles in San Miguel..........named after the mission of course.
I have SO MANY pictures of this mission that it would literately take me all day to go through them to post.  So, not bore anybody tooooooo much I'll post them as time goes on.  We took the tour and there was so many interesting things and the sanctuary has the original frescos on the walls.  Yes, I took stay tuned..............I haven't even shown you all the outside yet!!!
This is the last week of public school here is CA.  It seems the school year gets shorter and shorter.
Hannah, my GD doesn't want to do the summer program, she has been in the past two years.  She said she would rather be with family and or friends.  Can't say as I blame her, it is so similar to the after school program she is in everyday.  Since Mom only works 4 days a week she asked me if I'd sign on to watch Hannah a couple days a week........for the whole you think I would say no??????  Hannah chose to be here Mondays and I have to keep her from getting bored, and from sitting in front of the TV.  She has a cousin, Rachel, who is one week younger and really has no place fun to go while her parents work.  Yep! I am going to have them both for two days a week for the whole summer.  Both of their Dads work at the air port, 5 miles east of here, so they will drop the girls off in the morning and pick them up on the way home.
I really want to start teaching them some of the things that are falling away from being taught to the younger how to sew a button on, how to use a sewing machine to make something (I already have a very simple dress pattern for them), how to set a formal place setting, how to cook.......and I don't mean bake cookies.  Since their Dads are so close they are going to make them lunch at least once a month, which they can come here or we will take it to them.  Of course there will be a LOT of art going on, I want them to do the SOC challenges and also write in journals, learn mixed media things, paint and how to use my camera (maybe they will be better with it than me...LOL) ....................DO YOU THINK I'LL MAKE IT THROUGHT THE SUMMER?? 
Time to link up and see what the rest of the T-gang is drinking and what has been going on in their lives.......grab a cuppa and join me...................
Inky Hugs


  1. Loved your photos and look forward to more. Sounds like you have the perfect summer planned. What fun!

  2. I hope your enthusiasm is as great at the end of summer as it is in the beginning and i hope the girls are just as enthusiastic! Happy Tday Hugs! deb

  3. Oh I would have really enjoyed seeing the mission.
    Lucky you Krisha!
    We stayed in Paso Robles a few years ago when our nephew got married in a beautiful barn venue outside of town.
    We stayed in a sweet cottage for part of the time within walking distance of downtown and then a few nights at the hotel with the sulphur spring fed hot tubs on the balconies.
    You've made me hungry for ice cream and balsamic vinegar and a meal at Thomas Hill Organic Restaurant.
    Oh sorry you got me all excited remembering our wonderful visit out that way.
    Your summer plans sound super and like lots of fun memory making opportunities!
    Enjoy and Happy T Day
    Thanks for popping by my Magpie's Nest

  4. One year I took a Mission trip. I visited every Mission along Highway 101. It was fascinating, and I really enjoyed it. My photos are all in my basement, where they have probably been ravaged by water and moisture over time. But I'm looking forward to seeing YOUR photos, because they sound like a way for me to relive the event.

    You will be very busy this summer. Gosh, I KNEW there was something I was forgetting for the summer, and it's SOC. I'll be doing ICADs again, too, but they aren't as much fun as SOC. I'm sure the girls will like them. And fixing a lunch for their dads sounds like a wonderful teaching experience, too. I think you will definitely make it through the summer and be glad you shared it with all of us, too.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely Memorial Day and Mission photos with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. I'm glad you had a good long weekend. We didn't do anything special, other than making a cake with whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries on top.

    I think you'll have fun with the girls this summer. Can't wait to hear about your adventures with them...

  6. A lovely place! Enjoyed the photos. I am with your grand-daughter; family stuff, even the ordinariness of being in your own home, is so important.

  7. Oh my word your summer plans for the girls are fantastic!! They will have a fabulous time with you and appreciate so much what you are going to teach them, forever. I look forward to hearing about it all and seeing what they do for SoC too. Happy T Day :o))

  8. The RV resort looks really classy--not roughing it at all as I thought it would look like! I loved visiting some of the missions when I was out in CA so I am looking forward to more photos!

    I think you have an excellent plan of how to make it thorough the summer with the girls. I'm sure they will have a great time and will cherish the time and lessons learned!

  9. Adorable coffee cup...and gorgeous pics! I can't wait to see the frescoes in the sanctuary! and I have faith that you will make it through the summer with those girls...can I come too?! it sounds like you have marvelous ideas to keep them busy...but I guess the drive from Ohio would be a bit you will have a blast I am sure...take lots of photos and you will have a big album of wonderful memories! ♥

  10. You made me nostalgic, I love Paso Robles. Spent some time there as a child and a few visits as an adult.

    It sounds like you are going to have a very busy summer. We have an idea what you are going to teach those girls but No Idea what they are going to teach you. LOL!


  11. It looks like it was a beautiful place and you had a wonderful time, Krisha! It's good you had your getaway before summer starts!! You are going to have your hands full with the two girls, but you are going to have a BLAST!! Lucky, lucky girls! And go you for planning to teach them a few basic neccesaries and niceties! What a great lady you are!! Hugs, Darnell