Thursday, July 31, 2014

Journal 52 week 30

Hi all you happy bloggers, hope your having a great day.  It is still early here in SOCAL and it is already warming up, gonna be a HOT one today.  It is  8:29 AM here and the temp matches at 82' F or 28 C and going to top out at 106 F or 41C and the forecast is the same though out the weekend.  So now you've been updated on the weather how about some positive words (and NOT about the weather...LOL)

Positive Words is the prompt for the Journal 52 week 30  What's not to like about positive words, after all the are POISTIVE.  So I turned on some music and went "old school" with my pens and markers and even a few stamps.  I enjoyed just fussing around with different types of lettering.........and yes, I still need a LOT of practice, but I had fun anyway.

What are your positive words?
There is one I didn't get onto this page and that is WELCOME!  And I want to Welcome Sid, a new follower to my somewhat "dingy" blog.

My Photo
"I'm a crafty fella living in Manchester U.K. I like nothing better than to escape into my very untidy craftroom and mess around with stamps, inks , paint, fabric & anything else that's crafty for that matter!"
 You can see all his lovely works over at Harpies Crafty Corner, you will love the trip and tell him Krisha sent you.

So now it is time to get this day going in a "positive" way..........grin!

Inky Hugs
Life's too short to act normal!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Die Cutting Fun

The Cutting Edge challenge 5 is going on RIGHT now!

Since my Big Shot is NOT located on my desk top, and when it is I try to do more than just one or two Die Cuts, and this is how this card came about.  TH Tattered Flowers in soft yellow, pink and blue (clearing out some snippets) with clear rhinestones for the centers and a sentiment cut in pink glitter paper.....there's that "shiny" thing again.......LOL

Thanks for stopping by.

Inky Hugs

Oh My Stars!

I finally had made some time for a little creating time, there were a couple of birthday cards that needed finishing.  I did finish the birthday cards, will post them at a later date, but I got a little side tracked with a couple of challenges.  You know me, I'm all business until I see something shinny....grin!  I had some snippets of glitter paper left over from making my GD's BD card and that was all it  took!  I made a white card blank and used and old Sizzex Die and cut the stars in the CB, then lined it with an aqua glitter paper.  A tiny scrap of lime glitter paper was just begging to be used, so it got used for the sentiment.

 The Card Concept challenge #15 is to use aqua, lime green and white (how  They also ask you to state what  style you used to create your card.  This is a new twist for me, so I had to look the styles up......they are located on their blog.  This is the only one I could land this card in:

  6. Classy and Elegant

  • polished
  • shiny finish
  • sparkling embellishments
  • rich colour scheme
  • sophisticated sentiments
  • regal
  • sweeping
  • dramatic
  • monochromatic
  • layered textures
  • awe
  • impress

Now over at Less Is More, week 182 the challenge is "Anything Goes"  So I am thinking I'll add this card to that challenge too, it meets the CAS style.
"Less is More"
Also adding this to Addicted to CAS challenge 43: Celebrate

Are you joining any challenges this week?  It really does help get my MOJO going, now if it would just get interested in doing some cleaning around here...
Inky Hugs

Monday, July 28, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday and BBQ pictures

Tis once again time to share what the "drink of the day" is, brought to you by Mr Linky over at E LIZ abeth's Altered Book Lover for T stands for Tuesday  (Sorry E, I just had to do that after reading your post)
So, my drink, for this Tuesday's post is water!  It was a HOT and HUMID BBQ Competition, this weekend, and I'm still trying to quench my thirst!
If your not really interested in seeing the BBQ pictures, hop over to Elizabeth's and catch what others are drinking today.
I know I have bored everyone to death with pictures of the meat in the judging boxes, so this time I tried to be a little more creative, and show more of the area and what a street fair-BBQ competition looks like.  So I started taking pictures about 5:30 AM, after my first cup of coffee, and while all was quiet............
Top left is a long shot of the Playhouse, top right is what the street looked like to the west, the blue Easy-Up is a vender getting ready to set up.  They completely lined the opposite side of the street.
Bottom left is the actual cooking area, cleaned and ready to go, some meat is already in the tall black looking box.  Bottom right is a quick pic of the garage of the Playhouse.

We were on the same corner we had for last year's competition and there's a metal dragon, on a post that is a wind character.  When the breeze blows (or wind) the hind part whirls in two opposite directions. It was just light enough to get the picture but not light enough to tell he is purple and blue.  I just love this thing.

Looking away from the dragon you can see the old theater and in front of that is a street light all lit up with the town banner and the Historic Route sign.  This competition is held in the older, historic part of Vista.

By now the sun was out and humidity was UP.  This marker is made of leaded glass and sits on the corner.  I know it lights up after dark, but I didn't get a chance to get pictures of it all lit up.  That's the Playhouse behind it.


This little second hand dress shop was right on the corner behind the Playhouse.  I went through it last year and it is just gently used garments, that were in fact almost new.  I love the name and the mannequins they had out front.


By now three of the cooks had had a short 2 hour nap and were discussing what meat went in next.  Yes my DH is drinking a beer! Next to him is oldest son and little bro to the right. The sign is the ONLY creative thing I did this weekend, it says the same thing on both sides.  The 2nd generation (men) were giving me a hard time while I was doing the first side.  So I handed then the chalk and told them to do the other side.  Well, after three of them trying to do it they gave me back the chalk and I finished the second side.....LOL
Top right are the little girls all lined up with their shirts on, to the right is three of us big girls.  The lady holding the certificate of "Thanks" was from the last BBQ we did, and she drove over to Vista to give us ours.  She is such a nice gal, can't wait to do their competition again next year. (oh ya, I'm on the far left to the right of the lady is DIL married to oldest son and next to her is DIL married to youngest son)
On the bottom are two pictures a photographer took and e-mail us a copy.  You can see how many people showed up for this street fair and competition.  Virginia is my DIL's sister, her husband has become one of our cooks now.
I tired to keep it short, it was a fun cook, and we sold enough "tastes" to cover the entry fee and the cost of all the meat.  No we didn't place in any category, but we did learn some tricks from some of the "older" competitors ( people that have been doing this for years) .  This is the last competition until October for us.  They are having one up in Sacramento, on the Delta in September, that DH and I might go to just as spectators.

What's in your cup today?
Ever been to a BBQ Competition?
Editors note:  The bottom two pictures taken by the photographer made the San Diego news paper

Inky Hugs

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Journal 52 week 29

The prompt for this weeks Journal 52 is FASHION!  This was a fun page to do, even if it took me all week to finally get it finished.  I have only had a bit of time here and there, but I got to play with my Prima dolls..........while running through some good memories of my BFF and I, as kids, playing with paper dolls.

For the background I used doll size pattern pieces, then added a few drops of ink to the Mod Podge when I glued them down.  Some NBU sewing stamps were added.  The Prima dolls were paper pieced then added, hand writing the statement on the dress with a marker.

So now I have to jump back into the real world and get back to getting the "Playhouse" loaded.  We have a BBQ competition this weekend. Traveling south to Vista, CA, the first BBQ competition we entered last year.  So this is marking our first year!  Talk about a year slipping by FAST!

This is our logo:
I'm not happy about the mean looking pig, but my son told me he's mad because we are serving up parts of him..........oooookaaaay.  DH made me a sandwich chalk board last night and now I need to get this painted onto it, then, in chalk, we can add what we will be serving and the times.  We don't serve anything, for tastings, until we have turned our competition box in and some people don't realize this.  We were told that they are expecting a LARGE turn out for this event and to bring more than normal.  This time my DIL and I are entering the desert category.  Hopefully we can make back a little of the cost it takes to do these competitions.  The public pays 3 dollars per ticket and it takes at least 1 ticket per tasting.  Last BBQ we got 2 tickets per rib, and I hope they vote to do that again this time.  We get back 1 dollar for each ticket we turn in,  the city gets 1 dollar and the Kansas City BBQ Association gets 1 dollar.

Okay, I'm off to get my paints out and give that ugly pig a go..........maybe I'll make him smiling anyway..........what do you think???

 If your in the neighborhood drop by and I'll give you a free tasting.......
Inky Hugs

Monday, July 21, 2014

T stand for Tueday and Mid STaTe Fair

 Here it is time to link up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard for T Stand for Tuesday, and what a surprise I got when I liked up this week.  Elizabeth, with no help form Bluebeard, drew my name for last weeks birthday bash.  How cool is that?

So here is my drink for this week.  It is a glass of Viognier wine. (pronounced Vee- own-yah for our non wine drinkers)  DH had a short week last week, so Friday we decided to head over to the Mid State Fair in Paso Robles.  It is such a nice big and CLEAN fairground, and we just enjoy going over and walking around, and eating, and this time wine drinking.  Well, I am the one that was drinking wine, while DH went back into one of the buildings to check something out.  It was a warn day, but there was a nice breeze, so sitting and sipping a glass of wine was perfect. They even had some samples of grape growing along the building, you can just make them out in the background.
Here are some pictures from the crafts building.  Top four are art pieces from the show.  I thought it was amusing to see some mixed media pieces.  Then was a bicycle helmet somebody had doodled on, a room shot and a stunning quilt that caught my eye.

There was a metal statue in the fountain that I just fell in love with.  It is an old cowboy and his size...stopping for a drink, and using his hat for a cup.  The other old cowboy belongs to me....LOL  I thought it was fascinating to see the women sitting and spinning yarn.  They used different types of foot driven spinning wheels.
 I had two giggling, squealing 8 year old girls all day.  My oldest GD and her cousin, Rachel, who also calls me "Grandma:.  I've know her mom since she was the same age.  They had a sleep-over last night............sleep ? something I didn't get much of, and todays activities wore me OUT!  But we had fun, they played dress-up, we painted pictures and colored Prima Doll stamped figures, then they cut them out, added craft sticks to the backs and made paper dolls, then we had lunch at McDonalds (someplace their parent don't take leave it to GM!!!!  LOL)  We experimented with water color washes and alcohol sprays, to show them how they don't mix, danced to their "music", sang to all kinds of music and just had a good time......Phew!  They both have birthdays coming up and at lunch I asked them what they would be wanting and they began naming all these electronic things they thought they couldn't live with out, like an operating cell phone........yep!  They got G-Ma's "your too young speech", then I asked them if they had been having fun, and they answered yes.  Then I pointed out that I let them watch TV for about 30 minutes, while I made breakfast, then it was shut off and the music was turned on....... no electronic games, tv shows or cell phones and we had a great time.
Don't get me wrong, I really don't think there is anything wrong with the electronic toys......I own at least one of each....LOL  But fun can be had with out them as a source all the time.
Okay, I'm off my soap box and off to bed.  I an hardly keep my eyes open...........Now I remember why God gives the kids to the younger people......LOL

I'll be around in the morning to visit for tea, till then nite all!


Last of the Art Journal

Well, here we are on the last Monday of sharing my smaller art journal (is that cheering I hear? It must be in MY head as I have been posting these way in advance, yep scheduled I hear boos?)
The back ground on these pages is scrapped on acrylic paint, the rest was all done with a marker.  Simple, but a lot of fun to create.
Finally, here is the cover of the journal.  It is made with a 9 x 12 envelope, gesso'd and then painted and decorated.  The 813 stands for the month and year I made it.

So there you have it, the whole journal one Monday at a time.
Thanks to all who have hung in there for the 11 weeks it took to get it all posted.

Inky Hugs

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fiesta Wine Tag

The July Reader Art Quest, for  Unruly Paper Arts is "Summer Fiesta" and in the spirit (I couldn't resist that one) of things I created a wine bottle tag.  The image is an Art Impressions stamp, colored with pencil and markers, then fussy cut to be mounted on the tag with pop dots.  The tag background is a designer paper, from my stash, mounted onto a chipboard base.  The words are hand written in a graffiti style.
Here it is hanging on a wine bottle.  Check out the label on the bottle....LOL so appropriate!
This RAQ is running to the end of the month, so there is still time to LINK UP.
I think sitting in the hot tub, with BFFs, and drinking a glass of wine would be a great Summer Fiesta, or a great girls night!
So are you having a summer fiesta?
Do you gather with your BFFS and have a girls night?
Thanks for stopping by
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Challenge of SOC

We have already come to the last challenge by Kristin for Summer Of Color over at Twinkle Twinkle.  WOW! How fast that 6 weeks flew by!
So the challenge colors for this last challenge are raspberry, tangerine and a pop of lemon.  Kristin came up with these pretty colors while watching the sunset up in the mountains.......lucky girl!! (grin)

I have found a "new" challenge for myself:  Graffiti Art, or Lettering Art, or Street goes by many different names.  Oh, so illegal to get caught doing this on anything but YOUR own paper, but I have always secretly admired it.  I mean it does making watching a looooong train go by, at the rail road crossing, more enjoyable. (grin)

So here is one of my attempts at it, in my art journal.  Let me know what you think?

Inky HNugs

Monday, July 14, 2014

T-Stands for Tuesday Turns ONE! & Happy Mail

Happy Birthday T- Stands for Tuesday!  What a ride it has been to join in T-day with Elizabeth and Bluebeard for the past year, although I think I missed one or two.

This is  a photo I took on vacation a couple weeks ago.  The drink is water, but that coffee cake is was a 3 berry, scrumptious creation, that they make right there and it was still warm when I got it.  It was so BIG, but I did manage to eat almost half of it.  We were in the small town of Avila, right on the beach, and dropped into a place that our DIL said had good ice cream and fudge (DH doesn't pass an ice cream shop, of a place that sells good fudge very often)  You can see his cup of ice cream peaking from behind the glass.  This place, called The Hula Hut, reminded me of Elizabeth and all the places she takes us to and takes great pictures of the excursion.  So, only to be out done a smidge, I walked around the shop and took some pictures.

They also had a nice little seating area inside and out on the sidewalk, for you to sit and enjoy the delights and the ocean view.
Last week Elizabeth told us to find a favorite T-day post, from this past year.  I kept going through them, as I keep all the photos used in posts in a file on my PC; but I couldn't make up my mind.  I mean...... remember how many have my GDs in them???  Which one do I choose???  Actually I left them both out and did this instead........LOL
This was the most SURPRISING post of the year.  I had posted it as usual, on a Monday night, and the next morning I am reading the comments and there is one from the author of the book, Bev Hoffman!   Can you believe how small the "net" has made this ole world??  I have conversed with her on Face Book  couple of times.  The title of this book is "Looking for Me", and I really enjoy the way she writes and the story line was a good one. It was a perfect quick summer read, now I'm looking for the other one she wrote.  (can't remember the title right now for nothing)
Happy mail in the box today revealed this very pretty post card.
I wish the scanner would do better, cause this is such a pretty PC.  It has a crackle background that reveals some metallic, then all the images and sentiment are all metallic too.  Oh, you want to know who sent it to me??  Well, a new friendship has sprung up via T-Stand for Tuesday and WOYWW.  We both live in CA, but she is much further north, and probably much cooler too.  Yep, it's from Deb, better known as jinxxxygirl.  Thanks Deb, I really love it, looks just like this valley!
Thanks goes to Elizabeth for a year of gallivanting around the world to see what others have in their cuppas, glasses and or bottles!
So that's a wrap for this Tuesday's post, hope you didn't get bored, I do tend to ramble on, and on, and...........I'll just say "Good night Gracie"
Inky Hugs


Art Journal week 10

Welcome back to my Mondays sharing of a small 5 x 7 art journal that I finally finished.  On these pages I wanted to use up a lot of grunge punch outs.  I'm not crazy about the grunge board stuff, too hard to paint unless you do like I did here.  Glue it all down, give it a coat of gesso then get on with the spritz and the, fun, fun!!

Only one more Monday share of the Art Journal and you will have seen all the pages.  I'll also share what the cover looks like.  Thanks for stopping by.

Inky Hugs

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Journal 52 week 28: Technology

Friday the "new" prompt for Journal 52 came to me by e-mail (I don't want to miss anything.....grin).  Technology!

 Okay, a lot of things came to mind, one was some kind of lettering that could represent technology.  I had also received, by email, my E-copy of Cloth Paper, Scissors week in review and it had a free downloadable article on lettering..........perfect timing eh?  No, it didn't tell me how to do this lettering, but had TONS of good information.  I went to the "net" and printed out a few, ok a lot, of free fonts and started practicing last night.  This font is actually for cross stitching and was shown on a grid background, so I used 1/4" grid paper to practice on. 

This morning (Sunday) I gave it a try, well I traced it off my practice sheet onto the page. I did make some lines, then hit it with ink sprays, water and alcohol (Oh so much fun)  Once it was dry I added magazine pictures and stickers of technology then and now.  I have lived long enough to see most of these things........but not the steam locomotive until we went to the Grand Canyon 10 years ago.

Technology has really come a long way, in my life time.  My Grandmother used to tell me (about 15 years ago) how much it had come in HER lifetime, BOY! would she be amazed today.

We are so interwoven with technology I don't think we even notice it. I grab a digital camera, my cell phone and take pictures without a thought, then bring them home and upload them onto a computer and edit them and print them off.  We used to have to wait for a week, or more for our FILM to be developed and returned to us.......and it had to be paid for!  I stopped scrapbooking and started throwing all the pictures onto DVDs for my family, cause it was so much cheaper.

Now I am re-thinking this.  What happens if we loose all this technology, or it proceeds further, which is most likely to happen.  I have 8mm movies of my sons, then DH got a new 35mm film camera and I have tons of slides of the kids, do they get seen anymore?  Not really, although I did keep a projector for both.  There were  vinyl records, then 8 track tapes, then cassettes, and then CD, and then I-Pods and now you can get your music on your cell phone!  I guess that is the new "BOOM BOX"! Can YOU remember those??........LOL

So where am I going with this?  Well, I am going to get back into scrapbooking family events and the GKs growing up, so there will be some physical documentary of our lives for the future generations to look at.  I have looked into Project Life, but I have SO MUCH scrapbooking stash I think I'll just keep going with that.  So what do YOU do to document YOUR life, or DO YOU?

Happy Sunday
Krisha who's thinking those GKs need to see those films and slides of their Daddies!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jounral 52 week 27

scan washed it out some, more vibrant in real life
WOW! we are starting on the second half of the Journal 52, a journal page a week for a year.  This week the prompt is NOSTALGIA.
Nostalgia is defined as "a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations."

Was this my favorite period with happy associations?  Well, yes and no.  I love the 60's for the art that came from that era, the fashions were fun to wear ( hip huggers and bell bottoms oh my!), and some of the music still plays on my I-Pod, and we had just moved to California.  Was I a hippie? no not really (my parents would have killed me.....grin)  I was really more into the surfing scene and music.  The 70's began my life I have now, getting married and having two sons, disco music (ha, ha, remember that?),  some really funny sit-coms on TV (do you have a favorite you remember?) learning to water ski and snow ski, having a cabin in the mountains........all good memories.

This page has so many layer, I can't even begin to describe it. I wasn't happy with the way it was going with the 60's doodle work, then there were too many smudges to correct.  A wash of Gesso, and then some ink spritz......oh no!  I went for the numbers, wiping off some of the ink to show a peak of what was under it, then the baby wipes smeared the edges so I could just list things that came to mind during that time.  So it became a hell of a mess, but in the end I do like it ........somewhat.....LOL

WELCOME a new follower
Deb at Learning to just breath, better known as jinixxxygirl.
A fellow coffee drinker, crafter, great artist and lover of things that bloom!
She resides here in California and hopefully we will get to meet one of these days, but till then we have agreed to be pen pals.....(is that even used anymore???)
Please drop by her blog and tell her Krisha sent you.
Thanks for being a follower Deb.

So that's a Thursday morning wrap up from here, thanks for stopping by. 
Inky Hugs

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SOC week 5

Red, royal blue and a pop of light blue.  These are the colors for the Summer of Color challenges. 
I did have this swirly design running through my head and finally just put it on paper(art journal really). Kinda dull, so I whipped out a Prima Doll, paper pieced her together for a finishing touch......oh....but still looked unfinished....Hmmmmmm????/  I happened to pick up a small set of stamps at Michael's Craft store this afternoon from Recollections (on sale) so I used them too.  Ok, balanced and a little more interesting.....what do you think?

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Woah! Look at all the color on Betsy this week.  It has been a couple of weeks since I have had a chance to link up with Julia at The Stamping Ground for WOYWW.  Life does have a way of getting in the way of play time.

Front and center is a SOC page I am working on for this week, with my extra eyes sitting on top, my calendar, to the left, a well used paper plate on the right.  I use and reuse a paper plate as a pallet for my acrylic paints, once they have a good coat of acrylic paint they are water proof.  A few bottles of acrylic paint, bottle of water and a nasty cleaning rag round off the picture.

Keeping it short and sweet to the point, as are the non-rules of WOYWW.  This is a Tuesday night photo, as I am not planning on doing anything else, but going to bed.  It was 108' (F) here today, and after a week at the beach it feels more like 180" ..........yuck!  This kind of heat really wears me down, thank goodness for air conditioning ( well, until the electric bill comes in :(  )

Please let me know you came a calling

Inky Hugs

Monday, July 7, 2014

T for Tuesday where I'm back home again, catching up!!

WOOT! WOOT! I'm home in time for tea with Elizabeth and Bluebeard! Here is the first lunch we had on our vacation at the beach.  My glass holds diet Coke (they didn't have Pepsi :( ), and we were at Pismo Fish and Chips right after coming off the beach.  Dummy me, didn't bring a top to go over my swim suit, just a zip up sweat shirt jacket.  Coming off the beach, it got hot (well for over there it was hot)  I couldn't take my jacket off, and I was really starting to get uncomfortable, so I bought one of their T-shirts, slipped it over my suit and had lunch.  One way to get a souvenir....LOL A black one with a white skeleton of a fish on it, plus a nice little sunburn to cover.  The rest of the week I remembered to grab an extra top if we went to the sand.

I won't bore you with a ton of pictures, the DH figured out how to make the camera take lightning fast pictures, so there were like 450 pictures I had to go through this morning.  Some were of people we don't even know, but it kept him busy........grin!  I have an Adobe Photo Shop, and was playing around trying to do some collages, I managed to get one half-way descent.  Of course it is of the GDs that were with us.

Their Daddy had just bought them each a Boogie Board and took them out to show them how to ride.  Megan caught on right away, Hannah figured the water was just too cold. 

We were on the "GO" everyday, so I'll space out the vacation through the week.  So IF your are interested please check back.

I did grab a few "craft" things off Betsy as I was dashing out he door.  I grabbed a big art journal and the small one I made for the trip, and a bag of water base markers with 3 small paint brushed and a couple of sharpies.

I did find JUST having the markers to be a real challenge, since I did not Gesso the pages before leaving.  I ended up using a plastic top to a cookie container, scribbling the marker on it, then picking up the ink with water and brush.  It was a "Forced" play with water colors.......LOL!!!!!
This is the front of the journal I made, it is 6" x 6".   It Transfer paper, ironed onto a light weight cotton fabric, with a heavy water color paper for the pages
 This is the back cover.  You can see the weave of the fabric with the scanner.  This was the perfect size to jot down the days events.  I'll share the inside pages later, this is getting to be a long port.

BUT before I sign out and head for bed (this is my traditional Monday night/ T- for Tuesday post LOL) I wanted to share some of the bigger journal.

SOC color challenge #4 apple green, pink, and a pop of dark green
Of course, I didn't get this SOC posted in time to join the challenge this past week.  A larger page was a larger challenge with the small paint brushes I took.
Journal 52 challenge 25 "Under the sea"
Journal 52, for week 25 was a great one for where I was, but didn't really have time to get this finished.  I had doodled it over coffee one morning, but never put color to it.  I was going to color it in this morning, but decided I kinda liked it in black and white. 
So that is it for this Tuesdays T(ea) post.  Looking forward to next week.  Elizabeth has asked us to do a "throw back" post, of one of our favorite T-days, should be really a fun one........but then Tuesdays are always fun with Elizabeth and "buddy"- Mr. Bluebeard
Inky Hugs
Let me know you came by for a visit!!

Art Journal week 9

Last Monday I said "just turn the page", but I had forgotten what was on the next page. 
These are doodles that I did while at the doctor's offices with DH while they did all kinds of tests on his stomach (never could find anything....I think it is stress) and then we were at different doctors with the pain in is neck (no not me........I'm much lower...LOL)
Sometimes just making marks, like on the left side, can be very zen-like for me.

Promise next week will be a colorful one, so come back.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some Like it HOT

Scheduling this post as it is just TOO HOT to be here.  Today's forecast says it is going to be 107' (F) or 42'(c) here.  So you know we are at the beach where it is going to be 70' (F) and about 21' (c).  Instead of sitting HERE is shorts and flip flops I'm at the beach wearing jeans and tennies, and probably a light jacket..............oh I am so ginning!

So I did make you a sunny card to depict what I am NOT missing, but there are those in this valley that love this extreme heat.........................I'm just not one of them!!!
This is a very old stamp from Stampendous, embossed with gold on a glossy circle, mounted on a glitter paper (sorry the scan just doesn't show the sparkles at all)   I used a designer paper for the background, as it reminded me of sun shine and heat.

Today is Tuesday so a reminder that  Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover is serving up Tea with a great group of people from all around the world, and Juila (who Dunnit at the Stamping Ground) has WOYWW tomorrow for all those who like to nose around other people's desks (and who doesn't???)

Thanks for coming by.
Inky Hugs