Sunday, July 13, 2014

Journal 52 week 28: Technology

Friday the "new" prompt for Journal 52 came to me by e-mail (I don't want to miss anything.....grin).  Technology!

 Okay, a lot of things came to mind, one was some kind of lettering that could represent technology.  I had also received, by email, my E-copy of Cloth Paper, Scissors week in review and it had a free downloadable article on lettering..........perfect timing eh?  No, it didn't tell me how to do this lettering, but had TONS of good information.  I went to the "net" and printed out a few, ok a lot, of free fonts and started practicing last night.  This font is actually for cross stitching and was shown on a grid background, so I used 1/4" grid paper to practice on. 

This morning (Sunday) I gave it a try, well I traced it off my practice sheet onto the page. I did make some lines, then hit it with ink sprays, water and alcohol (Oh so much fun)  Once it was dry I added magazine pictures and stickers of technology then and now.  I have lived long enough to see most of these things........but not the steam locomotive until we went to the Grand Canyon 10 years ago.

Technology has really come a long way, in my life time.  My Grandmother used to tell me (about 15 years ago) how much it had come in HER lifetime, BOY! would she be amazed today.

We are so interwoven with technology I don't think we even notice it. I grab a digital camera, my cell phone and take pictures without a thought, then bring them home and upload them onto a computer and edit them and print them off.  We used to have to wait for a week, or more for our FILM to be developed and returned to us.......and it had to be paid for!  I stopped scrapbooking and started throwing all the pictures onto DVDs for my family, cause it was so much cheaper.

Now I am re-thinking this.  What happens if we loose all this technology, or it proceeds further, which is most likely to happen.  I have 8mm movies of my sons, then DH got a new 35mm film camera and I have tons of slides of the kids, do they get seen anymore?  Not really, although I did keep a projector for both.  There were  vinyl records, then 8 track tapes, then cassettes, and then CD, and then I-Pods and now you can get your music on your cell phone!  I guess that is the new "BOOM BOX"! Can YOU remember those??........LOL

So where am I going with this?  Well, I am going to get back into scrapbooking family events and the GKs growing up, so there will be some physical documentary of our lives for the future generations to look at.  I have looked into Project Life, but I have SO MUCH scrapbooking stash I think I'll just keep going with that.  So what do YOU do to document YOUR life, or DO YOU?

Happy Sunday
Krisha who's thinking those GKs need to see those films and slides of their Daddies!


  1. I love it, this collage is really fantastic!

  2. I am SO in love with this, Krisha. You will make some fantastic scrapbooks, I'm sure. You have a lot of supplies you need to make them, too.

    I also remember the days when I had to pay for film, then pay to have it developed. NO MORE!!

    Although I don't own a cell phone (yep, one of three people over the age of 4 left in the world who doesn't own one), I can understand the advantage.

    You have a rare arsenal there, including that newly discovered ability to make great fonts. This was one great piece.