Thursday, July 24, 2014

Journal 52 week 29

The prompt for this weeks Journal 52 is FASHION!  This was a fun page to do, even if it took me all week to finally get it finished.  I have only had a bit of time here and there, but I got to play with my Prima dolls..........while running through some good memories of my BFF and I, as kids, playing with paper dolls.

For the background I used doll size pattern pieces, then added a few drops of ink to the Mod Podge when I glued them down.  Some NBU sewing stamps were added.  The Prima dolls were paper pieced then added, hand writing the statement on the dress with a marker.

So now I have to jump back into the real world and get back to getting the "Playhouse" loaded.  We have a BBQ competition this weekend. Traveling south to Vista, CA, the first BBQ competition we entered last year.  So this is marking our first year!  Talk about a year slipping by FAST!

This is our logo:
I'm not happy about the mean looking pig, but my son told me he's mad because we are serving up parts of him..........oooookaaaay.  DH made me a sandwich chalk board last night and now I need to get this painted onto it, then, in chalk, we can add what we will be serving and the times.  We don't serve anything, for tastings, until we have turned our competition box in and some people don't realize this.  We were told that they are expecting a LARGE turn out for this event and to bring more than normal.  This time my DIL and I are entering the desert category.  Hopefully we can make back a little of the cost it takes to do these competitions.  The public pays 3 dollars per ticket and it takes at least 1 ticket per tasting.  Last BBQ we got 2 tickets per rib, and I hope they vote to do that again this time.  We get back 1 dollar for each ticket we turn in,  the city gets 1 dollar and the Kansas City BBQ Association gets 1 dollar.

Okay, I'm off to get my paints out and give that ugly pig a go..........maybe I'll make him smiling anyway..........what do you think???

 If your in the neighborhood drop by and I'll give you a free tasting.......
Inky Hugs


  1. I do like your take on fashion and the media used. Journal 52 is becoming a real chance to try different media and techniques. I think the pig is OK? Good luck at the contest.

  2. OH Krisha! Good Luck!!!Darn darn darn wished i lived closer..Free tasting YUM!! Be sure to let us know how you did! Hugs! deb

  3. I like your fashion page and I like the pig as well. He doesn't look that mad to me. Have a great time at the BBQ and bring back a ribbon or whatever the "best of" wins.


  4. The way you designed this page was super. I really enjoyed the background because I love using old dress patterns when appropriate. And I adore the fact you stamp so many things. I really had NO idea you have a stamp for every event possible under the sun (moon and stars, too)!

    I think it's sad you make so little and yet, do all the hard work. I wish you all kinds of luck this weekend. And yes, I hope to see PHOTOS next week, too (grin).