Monday, July 28, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday and BBQ pictures

Tis once again time to share what the "drink of the day" is, brought to you by Mr Linky over at E LIZ abeth's Altered Book Lover for T stands for Tuesday  (Sorry E, I just had to do that after reading your post)
So, my drink, for this Tuesday's post is water!  It was a HOT and HUMID BBQ Competition, this weekend, and I'm still trying to quench my thirst!
If your not really interested in seeing the BBQ pictures, hop over to Elizabeth's and catch what others are drinking today.
I know I have bored everyone to death with pictures of the meat in the judging boxes, so this time I tried to be a little more creative, and show more of the area and what a street fair-BBQ competition looks like.  So I started taking pictures about 5:30 AM, after my first cup of coffee, and while all was quiet............
Top left is a long shot of the Playhouse, top right is what the street looked like to the west, the blue Easy-Up is a vender getting ready to set up.  They completely lined the opposite side of the street.
Bottom left is the actual cooking area, cleaned and ready to go, some meat is already in the tall black looking box.  Bottom right is a quick pic of the garage of the Playhouse.

We were on the same corner we had for last year's competition and there's a metal dragon, on a post that is a wind character.  When the breeze blows (or wind) the hind part whirls in two opposite directions. It was just light enough to get the picture but not light enough to tell he is purple and blue.  I just love this thing.

Looking away from the dragon you can see the old theater and in front of that is a street light all lit up with the town banner and the Historic Route sign.  This competition is held in the older, historic part of Vista.

By now the sun was out and humidity was UP.  This marker is made of leaded glass and sits on the corner.  I know it lights up after dark, but I didn't get a chance to get pictures of it all lit up.  That's the Playhouse behind it.


This little second hand dress shop was right on the corner behind the Playhouse.  I went through it last year and it is just gently used garments, that were in fact almost new.  I love the name and the mannequins they had out front.


By now three of the cooks had had a short 2 hour nap and were discussing what meat went in next.  Yes my DH is drinking a beer! Next to him is oldest son and little bro to the right. The sign is the ONLY creative thing I did this weekend, it says the same thing on both sides.  The 2nd generation (men) were giving me a hard time while I was doing the first side.  So I handed then the chalk and told them to do the other side.  Well, after three of them trying to do it they gave me back the chalk and I finished the second side.....LOL
Top right are the little girls all lined up with their shirts on, to the right is three of us big girls.  The lady holding the certificate of "Thanks" was from the last BBQ we did, and she drove over to Vista to give us ours.  She is such a nice gal, can't wait to do their competition again next year. (oh ya, I'm on the far left to the right of the lady is DIL married to oldest son and next to her is DIL married to youngest son)
On the bottom are two pictures a photographer took and e-mail us a copy.  You can see how many people showed up for this street fair and competition.  Virginia is my DIL's sister, her husband has become one of our cooks now.
I tired to keep it short, it was a fun cook, and we sold enough "tastes" to cover the entry fee and the cost of all the meat.  No we didn't place in any category, but we did learn some tricks from some of the "older" competitors ( people that have been doing this for years) .  This is the last competition until October for us.  They are having one up in Sacramento, on the Delta in September, that DH and I might go to just as spectators.

What's in your cup today?
Ever been to a BBQ Competition?
Editors note:  The bottom two pictures taken by the photographer made the San Diego news paper

Inky Hugs


  1. Looks like a fun day was had by all, I can smell the BBQ all the way over here -----> Australia!!!
    Bridget #1

  2. Looks like a fun day was had by all, I can smell the BBQ all the way over here -----> Australia!!!
    Bridget #1

  3. Wow! It is always fun to see the artistic presentation of your BBQ entries, but I really enjoyed having a look around, too! Love the dragon and those leaded glass pillars. Thanks for sharing your day.

  4. Wow Krisha, that's one INCREDIBLE set-up. It seems to take a village to do this, and you obviously have one. I was glad to read you made enough to pay for the entry fee and meat. The memories were free!

    Thanks for sharing this for T, and yes, I loved reading about your weekend.

  5. Water is always one of my favorite drinks...we have a filter system built under our sink which makes our VA water extra tasty. I remember drinking well water at my parents house and boy was that ever good!
    Fun seeing your BBQ adventures and the town shots are very cool too...lots of neat places.
    Nice you can rest up for October when you all do your magic again....lots of energy involved in the whole process!
    Happy T Day

  6. Great photos! love the one of the little gals in their shirts-too cute! this sounds like fun but wow, it must be a lot of work...happy T day, and take some time to create! :)

  7. Sad to say i have never been to a BBQ would think living in TX all those years i would have been to one..but nope....Looks like you had a great time! LOVE that dragon. I bet he is awesome in motion....Hugs! deb

  8. Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of work! Enjoyed the pics of the town and would take that dragon home with me if I could.


  9. It was nice to go through all these pictures Krisha Those leaded glass and the dragon are my favorites and then of course your BBQ snaps.
    Have a great week

  10. What a fun peek into what looks like a wonderful time. And how auspicious to have the dragon overlooking it all.

  11. I love dragons. Looks like a fun day was had by all.

  12. Great to see all the photos.. seems it was a great day for you!
    Water is simply the best!
    Happy T-day!

  13. I absolutely love that dragon! Looks like a good time was had by all. Happy belated T-Day! :)

  14. Love these photos!!! Great share of the BBQ adventure! Hot and humid is so right!!! I am sick of it and again today we will hit over 100. I don't do well in this and more and more Portland is looking good!

  15. great post and so glad you broke even!!! Looks like fun was had by all. Thanks so much for posting the art!!!! That Dragon is amazing ♥