Monday, July 7, 2014

T for Tuesday where I'm back home again, catching up!!

WOOT! WOOT! I'm home in time for tea with Elizabeth and Bluebeard! Here is the first lunch we had on our vacation at the beach.  My glass holds diet Coke (they didn't have Pepsi :( ), and we were at Pismo Fish and Chips right after coming off the beach.  Dummy me, didn't bring a top to go over my swim suit, just a zip up sweat shirt jacket.  Coming off the beach, it got hot (well for over there it was hot)  I couldn't take my jacket off, and I was really starting to get uncomfortable, so I bought one of their T-shirts, slipped it over my suit and had lunch.  One way to get a souvenir....LOL A black one with a white skeleton of a fish on it, plus a nice little sunburn to cover.  The rest of the week I remembered to grab an extra top if we went to the sand.

I won't bore you with a ton of pictures, the DH figured out how to make the camera take lightning fast pictures, so there were like 450 pictures I had to go through this morning.  Some were of people we don't even know, but it kept him busy........grin!  I have an Adobe Photo Shop, and was playing around trying to do some collages, I managed to get one half-way descent.  Of course it is of the GDs that were with us.

Their Daddy had just bought them each a Boogie Board and took them out to show them how to ride.  Megan caught on right away, Hannah figured the water was just too cold. 

We were on the "GO" everyday, so I'll space out the vacation through the week.  So IF your are interested please check back.

I did grab a few "craft" things off Betsy as I was dashing out he door.  I grabbed a big art journal and the small one I made for the trip, and a bag of water base markers with 3 small paint brushed and a couple of sharpies.

I did find JUST having the markers to be a real challenge, since I did not Gesso the pages before leaving.  I ended up using a plastic top to a cookie container, scribbling the marker on it, then picking up the ink with water and brush.  It was a "Forced" play with water colors.......LOL!!!!!
This is the front of the journal I made, it is 6" x 6".   It Transfer paper, ironed onto a light weight cotton fabric, with a heavy water color paper for the pages
 This is the back cover.  You can see the weave of the fabric with the scanner.  This was the perfect size to jot down the days events.  I'll share the inside pages later, this is getting to be a long port.

BUT before I sign out and head for bed (this is my traditional Monday night/ T- for Tuesday post LOL) I wanted to share some of the bigger journal.

SOC color challenge #4 apple green, pink, and a pop of dark green
Of course, I didn't get this SOC posted in time to join the challenge this past week.  A larger page was a larger challenge with the small paint brushes I took.
Journal 52 challenge 25 "Under the sea"
Journal 52, for week 25 was a great one for where I was, but didn't really have time to get this finished.  I had doodled it over coffee one morning, but never put color to it.  I was going to color it in this morning, but decided I kinda liked it in black and white. 
So that is it for this Tuesdays T(ea) post.  Looking forward to next week.  Elizabeth has asked us to do a "throw back" post, of one of our favorite T-days, should be really a fun one........but then Tuesdays are always fun with Elizabeth and "buddy"- Mr. Bluebeard
Inky Hugs
Let me know you came by for a visit!!


  1. HI Krisha!

    I'm in love with your flip flop page!!! So nice you made it for T Tuesday!! Hugs! deb

  2. Hello and Happy T Day! YAy for vacations, cute collage.

    Great job on all the art you've done, enjoyed them!!

    Have a great week.

  3. It looks like a lovely holiday you had. Love your doodling
    Bridget #1

  4. That great photo collage of your cute grandkids tells a happy vacation story :-)... looks and sounds like a really special time.
    We stayed at Pismo Beach once a couple of years is so pretty there with the cliffs and palm trees and so much more.
    Your flip flop fabric makes a perfect journal cover and your inside pages are fab already!
    Happy T Day

  5. From the collage it looks like the GD's had a great time and of course that means you had a great time too. Your cover for the journal is really nicely done.


  6. There's no such thing as too many pictures of the beach lol. I'd never be bored by beach photos! It looks like such great fun :)

  7. Ha- my hubby likes taking pictures like yours does:) Looks like you had a marvelous vacation-great photo collage! I still don't know how to do that. LOVE your covers for your journal-so perfectly summery. Clever way to work with your markers too. Happy T day!

  8. What fun you must have had at the beach. The GDs look like they did, too.

    You amazed me with your art and the limited supplies you took with you. It's sort of like making art with one arm tied behind your back. But you pulled it off SO well, and that impressed me. Welcome to MY world, where limited supplies are the mother of necessity.

    And of course, I like both your SOC and your J52 entries for last week. Again, loved how you were able to capture the art while on vacation.

    Thanks for sharing part of your vacation for T this Tuesday. I look forward to many more days at the beach!

  9. what cute GDs! and looks like you had a grand time at the beach...your little journal is adorable, and the technique using the watercolor markers sounds challenging, but effective! lovely pages...

  10. Love the flip flop covers and the cute GDs!

  11. Looks like the GDs had a wonderful time. Your flip flop cover is just adorable and I am impressed with what you accomplished with so few art supplies!

  12. Nope no one can take to many pictures of the beach and the children. I do hope you didn't get to badly burnt that was naughty of you. Your journal work is amazing and I love your covers.

    Happy Tuesday
    Hugs Eliza

  13. Looks like a great time at the beach! I came relate to all the pictures. Crazy how many we take now that they are digital. I'm trying to get better at hitting the delete key. :)

  14. It looks like you all had a wonderful vacation. Your journal cover page is fabulous.
    Have a lovely week Krisha

  15. Vacation fun at the beach with time to sketch and doodle--ahhh! Happy T-Day! :)

  16. What wonderful art and what delightful photos. Makes me want to head to the beach immediately.

  17. Yes, I love the thongs on the cover! It is ages since I have been near a beach and I live in the land of beaches!
    Looks like you all had a great time

  18. Happy T-Day!
    Amazing art while on vacation. Love the flip flop cover. A friend of vacations at Pismo Beach every year. Heard it's lovely but I have never stopped there. I should one of these days.