Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Floricultre card and Journal page

Well, it is the LAST day of April, and I am sure everybody is wondering where this month went to in such a hurry.....I know I am.

Today's offering, as my DT piece, is a card using white embossed paper, a white die cut and a sentiment form the Floriculture (RRD003) half plate of stamps form Rogue Redhead Designs.  The sentiment was stamped and embossed with white. All sitting on a red card base. This is going to be ONE of THOSE stamps that I will use over and over again.

Here it is again on a journal page.  I tore the edge of the page off and glued it to the opposite side, rubbed a Memories soft rose ink pad over the gessoed page, then gently wiped it with a damp towelette.  Using the same ink pad, I stamped the rose in the background, and using the Memories soft leaf inkpad I stamped the fern along the torn edges.  They really show better to the naked eye than what the scanner gave me.  I hand tore a heart, crumpled it, ran the ink pad over it, then glued it in place.   The sentiment was stamped with TH Distressed Peeled Paint.  I restamped the rose, on white cs, with soft rose ink, then fussy cut them and some fern images to add to the heart.  Some swirly pearls finished the page.

Today is the LAST day this half plate of stamps will be on sale for ONLY $10.00, so don't miss out.

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WOYWW 256 Where there's multi goings on!

 Betsy is loaded with multi projects at the moment, we've had a super busy, creative day.  This is a view I normally don't show, it is from just inside the door, giving you a longer view of Betsy.  It really doesn't look that bad..........................................

Until you get a closer look.  Journal pages, one drying and two (one is hidden) waiting to be posted, both laying on the stamp binder that is out and those stamps belong in. A package of new calligraphy pens (unopened) remote for music, cell phone  Rejected flowers around the cold coffee mug, pens, pencil, scissors, glue pot, small pot with bleach in it.......don't ask! A card I have struggled with all morning, finally giving up and going to the gym.  I finally decided it was the red card base I didn't like, so back to square one, or was that square three??????  Do you ever have this problem?  You would think a good work out at the gym would make the gears in my head do something besides grind away...... or at least to do it more silently....LOL

Keeping it short so that I can link up to WOYWW when the Queen, Julia sets it all up so we can go galloping around the world stopping at the many different kinds of desks as there are deskers.

Inky Hugs

Monday, April 28, 2014

T Stands for BirThday Par-T

 While Elizabeth The Altered Book Lover is still celebrating HER bEARTHday, I had a celebration to go to also.  Megan had her 4th birthday party (birthday is really the 30-this Wednesday).  In this picture she was on a serious mission, and wore her hat like a crown.
 Mom had arranged for a special guest to attend this party, yep! Cinderella arrived right on cue.  She is singing to Megan and some of the other guests here.  This young lady had a beautiful voice and was just great with all the kids.
 Cinderella gave Megan a stuffed dog as a birthday gift.  She also had an agenda that included games and prizes for all the kids.
Time for cake and ice cream!  This is my drink shot for this Tuesday.  Glasses of punch EVERYWHERE!

Now the party was for Megan, but she also shares the day with her Uncle Ken
 Cinderella announced that there was also a Prince Charming named Ken at the party and asked him to dance.

Being a good sport, in the purple hat she put on his head, he danced with the princess, as she sang.
(notice the big smile on his face)
Then his REAL princes took the floor and danced with him. (notice the big smile on HER face......LOL)

 Danica, my youngest GD and her daddy (my 36 year old baby).  Danica, who is REALLY into the princesses wasn't too sure about this gig.

My sons.  Brian on the right is the oldest, his daughter, Hannah (whom ya all know) is the middle girl.  She is giving her Uncle Tony some guff about something (those two are thicker than thieves)

Here are the little princesses Megan on the left and Danica on the right, dressed for the ball!!  These two are exactly 7 months apart, both were born on the 30th day of their birthday month.
 As you can see it was really a pretty day, considering Friday it was raining here and only made it to 63', but Sunday turned out to be a great day for a birthday party.
Psssst! Now for the REAL T-day shot.............................................................................
LOL.......I didn't think I should start a post for a 4 year olds birthday party with a picture of a bottle of beer!  This is Megan's "other" papa
Why the drink shots?  It's T stand for Tuesday with Elizabeth and Bluebeard! Time to shows what's in your cup and what you have been up to since last T(ea) Party.

THE REAL PRINCE CHARMING! Mr. Taylor Ogle age 13 months (my youngest son's son)
I'll be around in the morning with a hot cup of coffee to see what's in your cuppa!  Now it is time to go watch Dancing With The Stars...........while curled up in bed.........LOL
Inky Hugs (yawn)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Skinned Knees

KNOWLEDGE and/or HURT  This is the prompt for the 2 week challenge over at the Craft Barn Blog.  There is till this next week to get linked up.

Quite obvious which word I chose....... but why?  Well, GDs tend to get their knees skinned for one reason or an other, and even if it is a very "little" ouch, it requires a band aide.  Of course having raise their fathers, I KNOW all about the Band Aide box......LOL

Colors are Gelatos, doodles are water color pencil, words are black marker, and the stamp is from DOTS from a very long time ago.  The frame is, of course Washi tape (or washing as Hannah calls it)

Hope your having a great Sunday.  We are off, in a short bit, to attend one of the GDs birthday party.  Megan turns 4 on Wednesday, but party is today.  I'm very excited for this will be a weekend I have ALL my grandkids together, so expect pictures.......LOL

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WOYWW 255 It was a Busy Day

 Here is Betsy this Tuesday night, not much will change before the link for WOYWW is officially open by our Hostess Ms. Julia (who Dunnit) at The Stamping Ground.  I was home alone last night, DH got stuck up north with a load and had to spend the night (he was NOT happy) So that meant that I played at Betsy almost all day.

It really doesn't look THAT bad considering I finished the book to the far left, made die cuts, embossed papers and made some tags to fill the pages. I also got all my ATCs labeled and in their pockets, next to the book.  There are a couple of tea bags waiting, my remote to I-Pod, some die cuts that didn't make it into the book, scissors, bits and pieces scattered across the desk, my chop-a-dile, a striped box holding misc. stash that can't seem to find a home, a tile for embossing on, dirty towel with a punch on top.  I had cleared all the tape fringe off my lights, but they accumulated there again today, but then I instantly reach to those spots when I need a little dab of tape. LOL

Now the floor is a different story........and I had the trash can right there beside me.  I'll never be a basketball star (groan and moan)  Tomorrow I might have to tidy this spot and ride the Hoover around it.

I have an early appointment with my trainer at the gym tomorrow, my last session with him, so I'll be around later to see What's On YOUR Workdesk this Wednesday.

Inky Hugs

Earth Day with Journal 52

Happy "Earth Day", something we should all celebrate since we all share it.  This week the Journal 52 prompt is "Recycled Art" and so appropriate for the week Earth Day lands on. 

This page really is "Recycled Art" as I started by picking bits and pieces off the floor!  Now this is not all there is or was, I mean I could do a whole journal of recycled items from the floor.  In other words I haven't cleaned under Betsy for awhile!!!  BUT I digress..........  The corrugated piece is a coffee holder, the odd shaped items are the negatives from grunge letters and shapes, some left over die cuts I wasn't going to use, the pom pom I used to smear the gesso with and even the Q-Tip I used for making the dots......LOL   Those who visit on WOYWW have commented on the fringie looking things hanging from my Ott light.  Well they are just bits and pieces of tapes that can be reused for holding things in place.  Well now the light is bare as the bits and pieces of tape made it to the journal page.

This is YOUR Earth, how are you enjoying it today?

Inky Hugs

Monday, April 21, 2014

T stands for Tuesday

No tea cups of coffee mugs to show this week.  Just my protein shake in this really cool shaker bottle I bought while in San Diego.  There is a cone shape insert, you can just see it, that helps to mix the powder and liquid.  It also came with a fillable cone, you freeze then drop into the cone with the holes to help keep your drink cold. 

This drink is a vanilla protein and an orange diet soda mix, make it taste like an orange 50/50 ice cream they still sell those??  I am trying to behave a little better and knock off some of my bad fatty habits, and hopefully a few inches too.  I'm finally back to going to the gym, after a really tough case of bronchitis.  Of course it helps if you take the shake with you, not so much to the gym, but it is refreshing after a good workout and a bottle of water.  The weather is so nice right now, I just roll down the car windows, puts some good tunes on, drink my shake and get happy........all the way home!! LOL

So what's in your cup this week?  Don't understand this post?  Then click HERE to get to Elizabeth's blog and find out about our weekly T (ea) Party.

Keeping it short this week, I have some chicken baking in the oven, need to get closer to the timer so I can hear it.......LOL

Inky Hugs

Monday Madness with Rogue Redhead Designs

Happy Monday!  This morning, while having some starter fluid (coffee) I decided to just slightly clean up Betsy from this weekend's playtime.  I had made an envelope for a potted flower I was taking to a friend for Easter, and of course the scraps and pattern were still laying out.  I am always wanting a small envelope for receipts, notes, and little thank you cards, so I drug out some of my many, many, many, scraps and made up some little envelopes. They looked quite blagh so I reached for my Floriculture (RRD003) plate of stamps from Rogue Redhead Designs and began to play.
This set of stamps have smaller images that are just perfect for ATCs and of course little envelopes....LOL  With each image I would think "This one is my favorite". (grin)
There are quite a few more images in this set, but these three worked out perfect for my envelopes.

This is the featured set of stamps this month and it is ON SALE for $10.00.

So where is the madness?  Oh well, it is mid morning (here) I am still in my PJs and robe, have had way more starter fluid than I need, and Betsy is still a mess!!  Not to mention I need to be at the gym by 11:30 for a work out with my trainer, so I best get going.......need to work off all the good food I consumed for Easter dinner........LOL

Inky Hugs

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Journal 52: Party Animal

The prompt this week is "Party Animal", so being the "Goofy" old lady that I am (and proud of it)  this is what I came up with.  Freehand drawn and painted with acrylics, background is Gelatos.  The quote sure does "date" me, but who cares eh?

Happy Friday
Inky Hugs

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forgotten Sketch Tablet

Sleep was avoiding me the other night and I grew restless, nothing worth watching on late night TV, and I was tired of reading.  It was too late to fire up Betsy, but was in the "mood" to play with Mr. Mojo.  I went looking for a sketch pad that I could drag into bed with me and while digging around in my paint and drawing drawer I found this OLD sketch pad I hadn't paid any attention to in years.
Thought I'd share my find today.  Most of these are at least 10 yrs old, and some of them really aren't very good........but it is an on going process this art thing......LOL
An unfinished sketch for one of my boys
Colored pencil and marker ( youngest son was a drummer at the time)
Pencil sketch I did at work one very slow afternoon
Quick sketch that was rumbling around in my head, you can see the shadow from the next page in the background.  That is how long these have been in the drawer.
A copy of a colored picture on a post card.
A study of some trees
A study of light and shadow on fabric.  More shadows from the previous page in the background.
Colored pencil and marker, from an inspirational piece I happened to see at World Market.
Water color pencil, very flat looking eh?
Couldn't stand it, so I touched it up with some Inktense pencils, a little better, but not great by any means
Thanks for stopping by, if you made it THIS far let me know.....LOL
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WOYWW 254 and Counting

Counting the weeks until we throw a scrap-bang-wallop of an anniversary party for our Queen of deskers and WOYWW  Ms. Julia (who dunnit) at the Stamping Ground !  Only 6 more weeks!!!!  Then all the shenanigans of an annual, celebrative ATC swap shall commence.

Okay! I know your here for the desk shot and a short description so here goes!!!!!!
Betsy really is pretty neat for the second week in a row :O .  I would hang my head in shame but I have been busy and this week just happens to fall right after a mixed media journal page I just finished.  (you can see it here: HERE )  L-R is  a couple of scraps from a card I am trying to figure out for my GD, a pile of ATC for the anniversary party, water bottle, glass of wine and HAPPY MAIL from my NOCAL BF Darla, a card Hannah made Monday, a trial run for Megan's card (going in different direction now)  The middle: remote for I-Pod dock station, birthday stamps,  card LO and some "Thinking about using" stickers.  LOL

The cause of wine for WOYWW is that my baby boy, Tony turned 36 today!!  OMG!!! how did THAT happen (well I know HOW it happened (grin))   It has been a fast 36 years since her arrived screaming his head off.

Thanks for stopping by, let me know you were here.

Happy Easter to all that observe and Happy WOYWW to ALL

Inky Hugs

Journal page with Mixed Media

While straightening up "Betsy" I thought "Why am I keeping hoarding all this stuff to use for a project to give away?"  I have ended up with a lot of grunge board letters, numbers and shapes, and I am not THAT crazy about the stuff!  It has to be painted or Gesso'd to add any color.  So I grabbed one of my journals and started gluing things down the side of the page.  After getting a coat of Gesso on it all I decided I really like all the white, so I went over it with white acrylic paint.

Okay, white is great, but it did need a punch of color, and my GD's picture (or a copy of it) was floating on my inspiration wall, right behind my lap top.  White background with her being the only color.....perfect!  After I added Dani's picture I pulled out some other hoarder pieces, painted them white and added them.  It really felt GOOD to be just using this stuff.......LOL

This page is more like what I would do on a canvas, then give to the parents, BUT I really think Grandma deserves to put them in her journal!!  With three more GK, I'm sure there will be more to come (big grin)

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you were here!!

Inky Hugs

Monday, April 14, 2014

T Stands for Tea for Two and Picnic for Three

 Our schools are on Spring break right now, so I got to have the pleasure of having two of my GDs for a sleep over Sunday night (Mom and Dad got an extra hour of sleep Monday AM)  Monday morning, after a heavy painting and drawing session the girls wanted to have a tea party with colored water.  Let's face it plain, clear water just isn't as fun to pretend tea with!!.

Oh yes, they also dressed for tea.  I bough a full net slip, like square dancers wear, at the 2nd hand store for them to play in.  There is also a pair of high healed boots that come into play too, Megan is wearing them.  With both girls here the rule is one gets the tutu (as they call it) and the other get's to wear the boots, then trade later.......keeps the cat fights down for sure!!!  lol
 Hannah ( on the right), being the oldest sister gets to do the honor of pouring the "tea".  These dishes, table and chairs were bought for her when she was about 3, she will be 8 in August and won't want to play like this much longer.  Of course tea isn't right without the "biscuit", so graham crackers came into play here.
 For lunch they had asked to have a picnic, the old fashioned kind where you sit on a blanket.  Megan and I had a ham sandwich and Hannah opted for her BB&J. We also had cheese puffs, fuzzy water (sugar free, flavored, carbonated water) and cookies for desert.  Yes, those cups are really that big. We chuck them as full of ice as we can, then they last all day as we like the ice water, even if it mixes with our flavored water.
Then they headed for the playground.  Shafter is not very big but we do have a nice park, it is a large triangle block, and has been here for ever.  We only come when we are having beautiful days like today, the summer time it is just too hot to even play on the equipment.

So this is my T-day post, thanks to our altered book lover, Elizabeth and the handsome Bluebeard who host and hostess T Stands for Tuesday.

What's in your cup?

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you visited.
Inky Hugs

Friday, April 11, 2014

7th Craft Barn Challenge

Change and/or Truth , both good words and hundreds of ideas kept popping in and out of my head (really it was just my ears popping open with this head

I finally decided on the word CHANGE, because without change there would be no butterflies, and I LOVE butterflies.

Background was made with Gelatos, fern stencil and a butterfly stamp.  Hand written words and some die cuts and a boarder from K and Company, courtesy of my stash!

Do you have some great ideas for these words?  Craft Barn Blog would like to see them.

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you came by.  :)

Inky Hugs

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Journal 52: Rain or Shine

"For this week,  Think of your favorite season or type of weather. You can paint, draw, collage – whatever medium you choose!"
Ok, so this is what I came up with, came about when not feeling so well, and then it rained.  It seemed to "FIT" so I ran with it....LOL
Some spray inks, acrylic painted head and cut out raindrops, with some hand written lettering.
Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you were here.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


WOOT! WOOT! Time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  and I am feeling well enough to link up and play this week.  Thanks to everybody that stopped by last week out of habit to leave me some get well luv.

This week Betsy is cleaned and straightened up (shock gasp).  If you check out my T - Day post you will find out about the card marathon I went on, and of all things I cleaned up the mess and put things away, except for the two acrylic stamps there at the top of the calendar.  I have had them so long they have turned yellow.  It was good thing that marathon didn't involve any strenuous physical exercise as I would have ended up on the floor coughing and probably wetting my drawers (gasp) LOL!  Head is cleared up about 75%, ears pop every now and again, but the cough is a croaker  (I just couldn't resist that one).

Some of you stopped by and mentioned the I Spy game.......tis a fun little ditty to play.
Yes the answer to two weeks ago was the picture of me and DH hooked on the side of the wooden box.  Can't give you a close up, as I am on my lap top for awhile.  Our main PC has decided to get sick too and I just haven't  had time to get into the PC hospital.

This week will be harder!!!!!!
I spy, with my very OLD eyes something gold, round and has teeth, and YES you will most likely have to make the picture bigger.

This really was my work desk today.  Miss Megan came to play with G-ma and I had her make some Easter Bunnies.  I let her paint them, then showed her how to put the black on the eyes, that is why some of them look like they need glasses, but well done Megan! She glued on the eyes and the teeth and decorated them with stickers.  I used a hot glue gun to get the ears to stay in place, drew the noses and whiskers.  Thank goodness for Pinterest  where these quick, fun crafts for kids are posted.

Ok, I know I'm pushing the "Keep it short" request, by Ms. Julia, but she will just have to blame Megan for being so darn cute I had to post her picture. I dare you say different!!!!! (grin)
I'll be around later to check out your desk..........................

Inky Hugs

Monday, April 7, 2014

T stands for card maraThon

Well, it is Monday night here is SOCAL, but still time to link up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard for
T Stands for Tuesday.  Hubby and I are just back from having some Mexican food at one of the local restaurants.  Poor guy, there is not much food in this house since we had taken 4 days to go San Diego, and then I came home sick.  Good thing I brought most of my dinner home, at least there is lunch for tomorrow...LOL  I drinking water now as you can see by the picture above.  Our hostess does require a drink in our post.
I have been feeling much better the last couple of days, even did a long post Sunday about some embossing folders and dies I had ordered from HSN.  DH had to be about 2 1/2 hrs from here at 4am this morning, then picked up an other load for tomorrow, so I just sat in here and had a card marathon.  After all I had all the embossed papers and a bunch of die cuts, new and not so new in my stash.  I have finally come to the conclusion that I have way MORE than I am ever going to use, but I set out to put a dent in the STASH as best I could. I won't bore you with all the details of each card, just a short description.....

Embossed paper, die cut card edge, silk flower, stash paper sentiment from Recolections

embossed paper with ink pad swiped over it, die cuts from Cindy and stash sentiment from Hero Arts

Embossed edge, layers of hand snipped flowers, sentiment from Rogue Redheads

Die cuts from K and Company, black die cut and background paper from stash, sentiment from PSX

Embossed background swiped with stamp pads and watered down, sentiment is from unknown source.

embossed paper, fussy cut images from Rogue Redhead Designs, pink ribbon from stash

There is one more card but it is a DT piece scheduled for the 16th.  Did I succeed and put a dent in the stash?  Well if I did it is sooooo small it isn't noticeable, so I will just have to keep working on it.  I normally like to stamp on my cards, but this weekend I found out how much fun it is just to do some quick cards that don't have to feature a stamped image.

So now it is time to go watch DWTS, I think I'll just spread out in the spare bedroom, since DH is sacked out early tonight.  The house is warm tonight, it hit 83' today, so it is time to sleep with some windows open, hope the smell of the orange blossoms don't clog up my sinuses. LOL that reminds me it is also time to take some medication.....YUCK!

I'll be making the rounds in the morning with a steaming cup of coffee, before our GD, Megan gets here.

Inky Hugs