Monday, April 14, 2014

T Stands for Tea for Two and Picnic for Three

 Our schools are on Spring break right now, so I got to have the pleasure of having two of my GDs for a sleep over Sunday night (Mom and Dad got an extra hour of sleep Monday AM)  Monday morning, after a heavy painting and drawing session the girls wanted to have a tea party with colored water.  Let's face it plain, clear water just isn't as fun to pretend tea with!!.

Oh yes, they also dressed for tea.  I bough a full net slip, like square dancers wear, at the 2nd hand store for them to play in.  There is also a pair of high healed boots that come into play too, Megan is wearing them.  With both girls here the rule is one gets the tutu (as they call it) and the other get's to wear the boots, then trade later.......keeps the cat fights down for sure!!!  lol
 Hannah ( on the right), being the oldest sister gets to do the honor of pouring the "tea".  These dishes, table and chairs were bought for her when she was about 3, she will be 8 in August and won't want to play like this much longer.  Of course tea isn't right without the "biscuit", so graham crackers came into play here.
 For lunch they had asked to have a picnic, the old fashioned kind where you sit on a blanket.  Megan and I had a ham sandwich and Hannah opted for her BB&J. We also had cheese puffs, fuzzy water (sugar free, flavored, carbonated water) and cookies for desert.  Yes, those cups are really that big. We chuck them as full of ice as we can, then they last all day as we like the ice water, even if it mixes with our flavored water.
Then they headed for the playground.  Shafter is not very big but we do have a nice park, it is a large triangle block, and has been here for ever.  We only come when we are having beautiful days like today, the summer time it is just too hot to even play on the equipment.

So this is my T-day post, thanks to our altered book lover, Elizabeth and the handsome Bluebeard who host and hostess T Stands for Tuesday.

What's in your cup?

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  1. Hello and Happy T Day! What a wonderful day you had with your GD! Love how they play together and enjoy the simple things. The park is pretty big and lots of fun stuff. We don't like the parks on hot days either. We finally had summer weather too over the weekend.
    Thanks for sharing and have a good day!

  2. What fun to share tea time with the "girls." I noticed those boots before I read about them. Playing dress up can be so much fun.

    Now is the perfect time (for you) to enjoy the outdoors. Not too hot or too chilly. It was fun watching them in the park as well as when they were having tea.

    Thanks as always for joining T(ea) this Tuesday.

  3. Looks like a gorgeous day full of sunshine and fun! Judging by the girls' clothing, pretty warm, too! Happy T Day!

  4. what a perfectly lovely girly-girl kind of day with your beautiful granddaughters! How refreshing to see young ones having fun "the old fashioned way" and not sitting in front of tv or computer on such a beautiful day. Happy T day!

  5. tea parties are fun! i don't think i ever outgrew them. lol. and that picnic looks perfect to welcome in the warmer weather. what a blessing, to spend sweet times with loved ones :)

  6. Tea parties with GD's are so much fun. It is great that you have a few "dress ups" for them to wear. Must be nice weather in your area about now.


  7. This makes me miss my grand kids even more! (they moved to another state) and reminds me of tea parties my grandmother allowed my cousin and I to have...such cute dress-up things and they are just adorable! and a picnic are a very fun Grandma! so when I see my grand kids in June, these things are on my list!

  8. What a wonderful day with the grandgirls!! Trading with the dress-up items is a good plan. Such fun to see all the pics. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. I love that they switch the skirt and boots not to fight. Looks like a fun day for all!

  10. Next time your girls are playing dress up, may I pop over? Dying to try the "tutu" and boots!! Haa Haa.
    Lovely post.
    PS what is BB&J?

  11. Oh, what a beautiful day! And such a lovely tea party, as well. Looks like a perfect day to me. Happy T Day! :)