Monday, April 7, 2014

T stands for card maraThon

Well, it is Monday night here is SOCAL, but still time to link up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard for
T Stands for Tuesday.  Hubby and I are just back from having some Mexican food at one of the local restaurants.  Poor guy, there is not much food in this house since we had taken 4 days to go San Diego, and then I came home sick.  Good thing I brought most of my dinner home, at least there is lunch for tomorrow...LOL  I drinking water now as you can see by the picture above.  Our hostess does require a drink in our post.
I have been feeling much better the last couple of days, even did a long post Sunday about some embossing folders and dies I had ordered from HSN.  DH had to be about 2 1/2 hrs from here at 4am this morning, then picked up an other load for tomorrow, so I just sat in here and had a card marathon.  After all I had all the embossed papers and a bunch of die cuts, new and not so new in my stash.  I have finally come to the conclusion that I have way MORE than I am ever going to use, but I set out to put a dent in the STASH as best I could. I won't bore you with all the details of each card, just a short description.....

Embossed paper, die cut card edge, silk flower, stash paper sentiment from Recolections

embossed paper with ink pad swiped over it, die cuts from Cindy and stash sentiment from Hero Arts

Embossed edge, layers of hand snipped flowers, sentiment from Rogue Redheads

Die cuts from K and Company, black die cut and background paper from stash, sentiment from PSX

Embossed background swiped with stamp pads and watered down, sentiment is from unknown source.

embossed paper, fussy cut images from Rogue Redhead Designs, pink ribbon from stash

There is one more card but it is a DT piece scheduled for the 16th.  Did I succeed and put a dent in the stash?  Well if I did it is sooooo small it isn't noticeable, so I will just have to keep working on it.  I normally like to stamp on my cards, but this weekend I found out how much fun it is just to do some quick cards that don't have to feature a stamped image.

So now it is time to go watch DWTS, I think I'll just spread out in the spare bedroom, since DH is sacked out early tonight.  The house is warm tonight, it hit 83' today, so it is time to sleep with some windows open, hope the smell of the orange blossoms don't clog up my sinuses. LOL that reminds me it is also time to take some medication.....YUCK!

I'll be making the rounds in the morning with a steaming cup of coffee, before our GD, Megan gets here.

Inky Hugs


  1. You made beautiful cards. Each is a joy to behold. I think even I could make these, if I only had some of those dies (grin). Yours are awesome. BTW, I'll be watching my mailbox and let you know when he or she gets here.

  2. WOW, these cards are beautiful!! I loved each one, can't even pick a favorite. Wish I could make these and have a pile ready to go.
    I like the wall in the first picture, must be your inspiration wall. Glad to hear your feeling better and could you please send some of that 80 degree weather our way. Can't wait to sleep with the windows open again.
    Have a wonderful day with your granddaughter.

  3. Such a fine array of lovely cards!
    you've been busy :)
    Lucky you getting to enjoy the fragrance of orange blossoms...
    'achoo' season is starting here in much as I adore Spring allergies can be a pain...the price for all that beauty I guess...
    Happy T Day to you

  4. what pretty cards! the idea of open windows and the scent or orange blossoms brings me a hint of spring. thx :)

  5. beautiful cards Krisha!!! Despite not feeling well you have done a great job making a nice collection of spring-like cards. Your poor hubby-those kind of early hours with such a long commute should be prohibited-but it did give you a nice quiet day of cardmaking. Feel better and happy T day!

  6. You did all that and your are sick? Wonder what a marathon would look like at your house when you are feeling 100%. I like each and every card you made.


  7. Really gorgeous cards...I think I recognize the paper in the third one. Those flowers and how you combined them are magnificent! Beautiful work...

  8. Your cards are so beautiful. I love that paisley pattern. They all speak of Spring.Hope you feel better soon.
    Happy T day

  9. Lovely bunch of cards! All the embossing is great, love the edges done :)
    We still have snow :) in half the yard and wet sodden grass for the rest!

  10. Beautiful cards. You've been busy.

  11. Krisha you are going to need a booth at the county fair if you keep up this productivity.

  12. Your cards are all lovely! What a marathon you were on! I really like the embossed ones a lot. They will be treasured by whomever receives them. Happy T day!

  13. Happy T-Day Krisha!
    Wow that's a lot of cards. I like all of them but the first one is my favorite. Maybe because of the white and subtle flowers.
    Yeah good thing it cools down at night, so it was comfortable to sleep with the window opened. Supposed to be just as warm today.

  14. Pretty edging on that first card. I love the swiped ink on the second. It almost looks like fabric in the background. Card 3--all that fussy cutting!! Oh my. Card 4-pretty embellishments. I see they are from K & Co. I have so much stuff from them, I need to use it and not hoard it. Card 5-looks like you used a stencil, but I see you didn't. Very fancy background. Card 6- pretty flowers and neat design.

  15. I hope you're feeling a lot better. So many pretty cards--even when you were sick, too.
    Happy belated T-Day! :)