Monday, April 28, 2014

T Stands for BirThday Par-T

 While Elizabeth The Altered Book Lover is still celebrating HER bEARTHday, I had a celebration to go to also.  Megan had her 4th birthday party (birthday is really the 30-this Wednesday).  In this picture she was on a serious mission, and wore her hat like a crown.
 Mom had arranged for a special guest to attend this party, yep! Cinderella arrived right on cue.  She is singing to Megan and some of the other guests here.  This young lady had a beautiful voice and was just great with all the kids.
 Cinderella gave Megan a stuffed dog as a birthday gift.  She also had an agenda that included games and prizes for all the kids.
Time for cake and ice cream!  This is my drink shot for this Tuesday.  Glasses of punch EVERYWHERE!

Now the party was for Megan, but she also shares the day with her Uncle Ken
 Cinderella announced that there was also a Prince Charming named Ken at the party and asked him to dance.

Being a good sport, in the purple hat she put on his head, he danced with the princess, as she sang.
(notice the big smile on his face)
Then his REAL princes took the floor and danced with him. (notice the big smile on HER face......LOL)

 Danica, my youngest GD and her daddy (my 36 year old baby).  Danica, who is REALLY into the princesses wasn't too sure about this gig.

My sons.  Brian on the right is the oldest, his daughter, Hannah (whom ya all know) is the middle girl.  She is giving her Uncle Tony some guff about something (those two are thicker than thieves)

Here are the little princesses Megan on the left and Danica on the right, dressed for the ball!!  These two are exactly 7 months apart, both were born on the 30th day of their birthday month.
 As you can see it was really a pretty day, considering Friday it was raining here and only made it to 63', but Sunday turned out to be a great day for a birthday party.
Psssst! Now for the REAL T-day shot.............................................................................
LOL.......I didn't think I should start a post for a 4 year olds birthday party with a picture of a bottle of beer!  This is Megan's "other" papa
Why the drink shots?  It's T stand for Tuesday with Elizabeth and Bluebeard! Time to shows what's in your cup and what you have been up to since last T(ea) Party.

THE REAL PRINCE CHARMING! Mr. Taylor Ogle age 13 months (my youngest son's son)
I'll be around in the morning with a hot cup of coffee to see what's in your cuppa!  Now it is time to go watch Dancing With The Stars...........while curled up in bed.........LOL
Inky Hugs (yawn)


  1. You definitely lived up to the promise to bring pictures to the T party. What a fun day for the little ones AND the not-so-little ones. That must have been a great experience for Megan, although Danica's skepticism shows. That made me laugh!

    I was thrilled to be invited along to this party with you and your family. It was really enjoyable, complete with a genuine Cinderella (grin).

  2. WOW, what a great part for your granddaughter! My niece loved Cinderella so much at age 2, she watched the movie several times a day. She would have loved this for sure! Lovely party and pictures and you have a beautiful family from all the boys to the little ones and in between. Glad the weather was nice out too! Happy T Day!

  3. what an enchanting way to celebrate-with Cinderella! Great photos of the party-the grandchildren are just adorable. Relaxing by the pool with a beer- sounds good! Happy T day!

  4. Looks like a perfectly lovely and memorable party....Cindarelly Cindarelly :)
    Your photos are fun and turned out beautifully as well.
    Happy T Day and Birthdays too!

  5. How lovely to meet the family Krisha - aren't they all just lovely. Oh my, to have Cinderella come to your party - how wonderful. Gota hand it to these character actors, they stay in character for so long, it mus tbe exhausting. Your weather looks just glorious!

  6. What a lovely party - lots of great memories in the making, there! Thanks for sharing xx

  7. looks like a fun day for everybody! :)

  8. What a terrific idea for a little girls birthday party. Lucky you with all your family gathered around.


  9. How fun does that party look! Lots of memories made that day. :)

  10. Great family photos there and would make a great mini scrapbook album. The theme could be.....Princesses?
    I want Cinderella to turn up at my house now!

  11. How perfectly wonderful to have Cinderella to your birthday party!! Every little girls dream I would think :)
    Happy T day to you :)

  12. Wow! A birthday party with the real Cinderella! Pretty fancy! Looks like everyone had a really great time.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  13. How awesome is that!?! CINDERELLA! how I wish she had visited me when I was young ... I had the watch, which arrived in a glass slipper, and a Cinderella dancing doll. Still in love with her ... a Disneyland (Paris will do) visit means only one thing to me - CINDERELLA!!
    I am not jealous but .... (((hugs))) for the birthday girl.

  14. Happy Birthday to Megan! Looks like it was a wonderful party.

    Hope you had a nice T-Day yesterday and a Happy Wednesday today. :)