Tuesday, October 28, 2014

T Stands for On The Road Again

Happy T-Day Deskers!!  Thanks for stopping by, and if you came from Elizabeth, The Altered Book Lover , and enjoyed the walk through the Botanical gardens with her, then your right in time for tea.......ooops!  Looks like all my cups are dirty, hope you brought your own....LOL!

As the title of this post says, we are getting the Playhouse back on the road again.  We are leaving tomorrow morning for Temecula, CA, about 4 hours south of here.....depending on how many stops we make along the way....grin.  This trip is an annual rally for the owners of Heartland RVs.  Last year was our first year to attend and we enjoyed all the people so much we are making it a longer stay this year.  PLUS it is right next to a Casino (this is on Indian reservation) and it is also in the heart of one of the southern WINE countries.......yay!  This is where we took Flat Susan last year (remember Neet's little world traveling friend?)   Needless to say there will be pictures next Tuesday....grin


I want to thank everybody that stops and leaves a little comment ever guys ROCK!!!

Today is the finish of loading the Playhouse, so my visits will be a little hit and miss.  I am taking my lap top as they have WIFI there and I can stay connected, and hopefully make ALL the Tea Deskers this week.

Still have to decide how many supplies to strip Betsy of for this trip.  What do you usually take?

Inky Hugs

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Journal 52 week 42: Magic

Making the 20 minute drive home, from Bakersfield, this morning I was thinking about the Journal 52 prompt for this week:

"Week 42: Magic

For this week’s prompt, think of something magical. Maybe it’s a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, a magical place, mythical creatures, fairies, or even some magic potions for those of you ready for Halloween!"

Well, I'm about finished with Halloween, maybe one more card to go with the book of spells. (see my last post)  So, my mind was wondering about what I wanted to do that would incorporate "Magic".  I kept going back to the Harry Potter movies (I'm a super fan of Harry Potter ya know) I loved the Sorting Hat in the very first movie and decided to go with that.  I had to look up some pictures on the internet to remember just what it looked like........I have slept since the last time it was on TV, even though I do own all of the Harry Potter movies, the internet was faster......grin!

I started by sketching it out then out lining it with a bold sharpie and laying in some of the darkest shadows, then a thin tip Sharpie for a little more detail.  I added the words in a scratchy style font and some color with a water brush and marker ink.  It is a little rustic looking but I'm amazed that it looks like the Sorting Hat.....kind of......LOL  and of course the Sorting Hat put Harry Potter in the Griffindor group!

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you came by and if YOU think it looks like the Sorting Hat.

Inky Hugs


 Happy WOYWW deskers!  If you don't know what this is all about the info is HERE.
Betsy is showing signs of the Halloween spirit this week.  I finished the step Halloween cards and a G45 book of spells for a friend.  There's my little addy book to t he left, a pile of Christmas embellishments all sorts of pens and pencils scattered about, an empty candy wrapper on the bright pink lid, large bottle of water, my cell phone and an envy I was getting ready to send the book in.  What's missing, cause the picture looks empty???  My glasses!!!  At the moment I was taking the picture, they were on my head holding back my hair.  I got it cut last week and this new style will not go into a pony tail any longer, yes, I finally got a grown up hair style!....LOL

Here is a closer look at the step cards that were scattered all over Betsy last week.  The same, but different.
This is the front of the G45 book of spells.  I meant to make it last year, but goofed off and didn't get it made in time.  It is an origami style tag book.

What's On Your Workdesk this Wednesday?  Tell us deskers about it by linking up over at Ms. Julia's
Have a great week everybody.  Please let me know you stopped by.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tea stands for Cancer Fundraiser

For TEA this week I have a multitude of pictures to share.  We traveled to Ramona, CA for a cancer fundraiser that was put on for one of my son's employees.  It was discovered, early this summer, that he the had three cancer tumors, stage 4 in his head.  They could remove all but one, and he is right at the end of all the treatments and is doing quite well, for the circumstances.  So, with a multitude of bills, even though he has insurance, my son, friends and family put on this fundraiser. Of all the pictures I took and I didn't get one of Brian and his family, of course just trying to get them together FOR a picture was an other story.  His daughter and son were too busy having fun with all the rest of the kids.  I don't know how much was raised, but there were over 200 people at $20.00 a plate or $40. for a family.  Brian has kept a positive attitude and a smile on his face, and we are blessed to call him and his family our friends.
So, now get your cups filled, 'cause we are onto the pictures.............. you may have to click on them to see the labels.

Ernie has quite the setup for something like this, and does a lot of special parties

The bands were really good, and played a large selection of music

I was really taken in by how he had everything set up, and what he had collected.

Some of the pictures were taken from the roof of the saloon
It was a great weekend, but we were pooped when we got home at 11:30 PM Sunday night.  Monday there was the unloading of the Playhouse, that includes a 300 lb BBQ we took with us.  Of course what is brought back into the house had to be put away, and the laundry done.  Since we were a dry camp, that means all the holding tanks of the trailer have to be emptied and rinsed and emptied again.  Then DH got called to work and I finished up everything that I could.  When he finally got back home we sat down to relax, and I promptly fell asleep.....and that is how we spent our 41st anniversary......and why I'm so late in getting this posted for Tea with Elizabeth this week. 
Since I fell asleep so early last night all the pictures were still on my camera this morning....LOL

Thanks for stopping by weather it was for tea, or just because, let me know you were here.

Inky Hugs

Ernie has this posted in the saloon....thought it was fitting....LOL

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WOYWW 280 And the Wind Blows

Betsy is silently waiting my return as this is how I left her Monday night, full of Halloween bits and pieces for a couple of step style cards.  All the die cuts were made on the Cricut using the Haunted Holidays cartridge.  There is the glass of dirty WATER, looks like milk this week....LOL  I'll have  to explain that one of these days.  Last week I said I didn't care for my new Ott light, that is the base there on the left.  It isn't the light itself, love Ott light, but the design of the thing.  As you can see, I can't see, according to the two pair or reading glasses laying there.  I always try to keep a pair on Betsy and happened to be wearing a pair when I came in to snap a picture of my cell phone.
This is the message that kept accruing on all cell phones as an "Alert" as I was procrastinating about joining the WOYWW gang this week.  Yep, procrastinating cause the Playhouse is sitting outside (most likely covered with dust by now) and I really need to be getting it loaded for a trip this weekend.  We JUST decided to take it yesterday, since our youngest son gave us a little more information about a benefit BBQ he is doing for one of his employees this weekend and asked his dad to help cook.......LOL 
Okay, so I'm off and running, BUT I will make as many desks as I can and return any visits, but it will be a little later, or most likely when I need a break......just remember I'm in California so later might be tomorrow for some across the pond.......grin
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blue Tuesday Art JOurnal

Over the weekend I had a little "playtime" in one of my journals.  When I had finished the lettering I painted just the letters with Gesso, so the inks wouldn't soak in, and I could smear them around a little.  Then I went back and added the white gel pen.
Since I did not Gesso the whole Dream page,  the inks soaked through in spots on the back.  So I added the same ink sprays to this page and did a tangle, and again with the white gel pen, finished it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Inky Hugs

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tuesday is T day

Happy T-day!  Yep, an other week has disappeared into the yesterdays, and it is once again time to link up with Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover to see what's being drank in Blogland.  If you didn't come by way of Elizabeth's blog then take a moment and dash over there.  She is hosting a great post about her neighborhood and their Safe Communities Event.
My "Today" journal has me drinking from a cracked cup....LOL.  I really do sometimes wonder just where my brain and MOJO take off to when I look back on some of these journal pages.  Absolutely hate the background on this.....oh well..... 

Journal 52 week 41 has us working in mosaic this week.  So I did a little stamping and coloring, and spritzing and spraying and cutting and gluing and this is the finished page.  The Stamps are of course Jofy stamps
These are three "Quick" Christmas cards I slipped in and did one afternoon.  I had bought all the supplies: 3-D stickers and card bases, at a very good price, at the end of the season last year.  Almost forgot I had them.  The scan does not due them justice, but glittery things never scan well.

A card I created with die cuts and embossing folder.  The Dark color is actually a beautiful mirrored blue/silver color.  I had folded this card wrong, as in NOT even edges, so there was that little overhang that got a strip of silver glitter paper.  Darn! I hate when I do that.
I also finished 8 of these Posh thank you cards for the orders I have coming in next week.  Really very simply done with die cuts.

Here I was feeling like I didn't accomplish much, creatively, this week.  I also have a couple of general journal pages that I will schedule for tomorrow sometime.  I was going to put them in this post, but my goodness you might need a breather after all this....LOL

Yesterday I was on my blogger dashboard, then on my blog......just waiting for DH to finish his billing so we could go to the movies.  Have you ever noticed at the top left corner, above your header, it says "next blog"?  Have you ever clicked on it?  Where did it take you?  I have done this more than once and find it interesting as to what the next blog is, 'cause it isn't always the same one every day.  I found a new art blog over the weekend, and a new challenge blog.  Today, however it takes me to a blog where the writer is saying good bye and shutting down his blog.......:(

Yes, DH and I went to the movies yesterday and saw The Judge.  It was pretty good, DH really likes Robert Duval.  It is all about the relationship between a man and his middle son.....the lawyer.  It kept my interest, I laughed a little, and got a little teary eyed in parts.  All in all, it was a good movie,  I lean more toward the comedies, a good who done-it, and the sci-fi flicks.  DH will go to the comedies, and to the who done-it, but I'm alone with the sci-fi..........I'm talking SCI-FI, NOT blood and gore (don't like those)  more like the weird stuff.  Remember the X Files?????  Never missed a one of those!  Warehouse 13?? LOVED IT!!  Now, it's Resurrection, Once Upon a Time, Gotham, and Haven; and my favorites NCIS, CSI (the original) and CSI Los Angles.  But tonight is Dancing With The Stars......LOL! 

I have rambled on quite long enough, time get linked up with Elizabeth and see what's in your cup!  (I always want to say What's in YOUR wallet......LOL......too much TV!

Thanks for stopping by, let me know you did, sorry about being so long winded this week.

Inky Hugs

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Journal Pages

Die cuts, stamps, Distressed inks and acrylic paint
Getting in the spirit of autumn and October "fun" with a couple of journal pages.

Colored pencil and markers
Keeping this post SHORT, 'cause it's gonna be an other busy day for me. I really thought I would start slowing down, but I guess there really isn't any rest for the wicked.....grin
New sign for Betsy, only today it should say The Witch is OUT...LOL
I am even scheduling this post, as I am at my GDs soccer game this morning......grin
Thanks for stopping by...............let me know you came by and I will return the always
Inky Hugs

Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 40 of Jurnal 52

"For this week’s prompt, experiment with a new technique you haven’t tried yet. It can be something you’ve found on Pinterest or watched on YouTube or just trying a new medium you haven’t worked with yet." say the head master of Journal 52.
If you have been here before (my blog) you know that I am always trying something I've seen here or there (usually You Tube and Pinterest since these seem to be my favorite haunts).  So there really isn't much, if anything I haven't tried, except playing with the wax media.....which I am not interested in at all.  That left me with what?????  I decided to work with alcohol inks on WET Gesso, to start with....grin. I used a brayer and mushed it all in, added more alcohol and used an acrylic roller with rubber bands wound around it, that had been inked with a water base ink.  I even tried using  some Sharpie markers, then hitting them with alcohol spray (since these are alcohol base pens).  I finally used Staz-On ink with my acrylic that effect, and then just played with some inks running them as I turn and twisted the paper.  Once it all dried I wrote the word Experiment with a Calligraphy pen and outlined it with a silver paint pen.   I wanted to remember that this page was just an experiment! LOL!
Thanks for stopping by. please let me know you were here.
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Linking up with Julia for WOYWW and keeping it short and sweet this week.  What's on Betsy?  Well for starters a new Ott light, not as crazy about this one, but I have duel lighting again.  There is my Journal 52 page to the left, glass of dirty water (no it's not juice....grin) My whatch-a-ma-call-it roller, acrylic roller with rubber bands on it, my glasses, stamps I've been playing with, autumn journal page in the center and bits and bobs around the edges.  Neither journal page has been posted yet, so I guess I should have thrown something over them, but that's what's on Betsy this week.

Thanks for stopping by

Inky Hugs

OLA' It's Tuesday

Linking up with Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover for Tuesdays drink sharing.  This is the next page of my "Today" journal, all about tea, coffee, and other drinks.  When I finished playing with the inks the colors reminded me of the brightly colored ceramics we saw in Mexico some years back.  So the cup was designed with that in mind.

If you follow my blog you will notice that I have not posted anymore of  31 days of journal pages.  I found I wasn't really as interested once we got going on it.  There is also a time factor, I really didn't want to just throw something onto a journal page just for the sake of saying I did a page......know what I mean?
This is the time of the year when the sun comes through the patio door in such a way that it illuminates this early in the morning.  Coming into the kitchen, for that first cup of coffee I catch the sight of this.  It always makes me happy, like a promise that this is going to be a GOOD day.

Last week I ran into a friend at Michael's Craft Store and she was buying a few things to make a Halloween decoration.  I haven't decorated for Halloween in years, since there are no children left in this house, but she got me inspired and the rest is history!  I didn't buy anything at Michael's but some good 110lb card stock, but my next stop was the $$ much for my will power...grin!  They had these Styrofoam pumpkins  a $1.00 each and that was all it took.  I bought 3 of them...'cause I had an idea....LOL!  I did doodle on one of them, just to see if I liked it, and I did, but it wasn't what I wanted for my idea, so I painted over it!!

This was my idea.  I wanted a center piece for the RV trip we are taking later this month that will be over the Halloween weekend.  Everything, except the wine bottle and the polka dotted fabric came for the Dollar Store. 
  I covered the pumpkins with Decoupage and then glittered them heavily.  Pulled off the stems on two of them and glued them on top of each other.  I used the CriCut for the BOO letters and the vellum ghosts.  The Jack-O-lantern on the far right lights up.

I had some Halloween labels for the empty wine bottle.  I had an old white candle  that I broke into a small  stubby candle and put it in the top of the bottle.  Took the embossing gun to it to melt it, wasn't crazy about the white drips.....I mean this Halloween. So with no red or black candle around here I use my embossing gun and a couple of crayons to achieve the look I wanted.
I fell in love with this little sign and had to add it to the arrangement.  It was a hanger style, but I hot glued it to a skewer. Total cost of this arrangement........$13.00  Not too bad eh?

Last, but not least are the two wine glasses, I also found at the dollar store.  Perfect for the "Meet and Greet" night of the RV trip, where it is known there will be a lot of wine tasting going on.....grin.  The RV trip will be south of here in Temecula, CA and Temecula is a fast growing wine area.  5 days in a wine area, and the RV resort is only a block away from the Perchanga casino........................WOOT!  WOOT! I am ready to load the Playhouse NOW!!
THIS is how we have been spending our Saturday mornings, watching 4 and 5 year olds play learning to play soccer.  They do not keep score and those kids are all winners!

Megan is OUR soccer star, she absolutely LOVES soccer, and posing for the camera...LOL

Big sister leads the cheering
So that's a wrap for this Tuesday's post.  I should have posted this last night, as it has taken forever to up-load these pictures this morning.
What was your week like, since last we met for tea?
Inky Hugs

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello Autumn!

What a challenge, die cuts only!  Autumn, mmmm, my favorite time of year.  So what could be better than to combine the two....right?

To keep this post short, cause you know how the images were made, I'll just tell you which challenges I'm entering this in.

 Unruly Paper Arts October RAQ

My Time to Craft challenge 261 Die Cuts ONLY

The Cutting Edge  form inspiration photo

Allsorts Challenge Autumn

Now I'm off to link up this card, get ready to head to the gym, get some chores done, and be back in time to link up with Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover for Tea on Tuesday.
Have a creative day

Inky Hugs

Life is too short to act normal!!!!

Harvest Plenty

Well, it is the time of year (around here) that the harvests are going on.  They are shaking the almond trees and sweeping up the nuts, making it a very dusty time of year!  Having dark wood furniture you can really see how bad it is, especially if you are slow in  me...LOL  Actually you would have to dust your furniture at least twice a day, if you have any open windows.  My motto is "I don't care if you write in my dust, just don't date it!"

So on to the card.  I have had the pumpkin and sentiment stamps for a long time, and tend to be my favorites for harvest time.  The wheat shafts have been around for a while but they fall into the NBUS category, until now...grin.   The background papers are all from the stash pile, I really need to concentrate on getting that pile whittled down to maybe just a stack.  How do you use your scraps?

I am entering this card in a couple of challenges.

Less is More week 192 color challenge: Autumns Bounty

Stamping Sensations October challenge Autumn

Verve Stamps 

   Unruly Paper Arts RAQ 1

Allsorts Challenge week 279: Autumn

Here's to having a creative week for everybody!

Inky Hugs

Tic Tock......Time

Happy Monday Blogland!  It is a nice cool morning here in southern California, but will warm up as the day progresses.  We are experiencing (hopefully) the last hooray of summer with temps getting into the mid to upper 90' (F) toward the end of the afternoons.  But the nights and morning are wonderfully cool, and the AC is only getting used in the late afternoons now.......yeah!

Sunday I had some good ole play time at Betsy making some cards for a few challenges that I had jotted down.  Seems like ages since I made cards....just for the fun of it!  This card shows a little stencil play along the edge of a cream based card, using TH Clock stencil, and Distressed walnut brown ink, then a boarder of brown Washi tape and a sentiment from Recollections.  Quick and simple does it for this one.

I am entering this card in the following challenges:

Addicted to CAS challenge 49 Use a Stencil
This is a 2 week challenge that has just started and there is still 11 days to join in.  Pop over to their blog and enjoy lots of eye candy inspiration!

Order of the Opus Gluie challenge 193 Time 
This is a 2 week challenge, that has just started, so there is plenty of time to join the fun.

So this is one of three cards I completed, and that means there is going to be two more posted added this I on a roll or what????

Inky Hugs

Friday, October 3, 2014

Day2 of 31 day journal

Day two we were to "write a small page about one of the best memories or favorite past times spent with family or friends, using photos, drawings and etc." 

I did a rough sketch of the cabin we used to have when our boys were young.  I was going to clean it up and use a marker, then changed my mind.  This was a very rustic cabin, that had been built originally for a forest ranger.  It sat on a hill side, where the back of the cabin was on the ground and front porch was on wood/log posts and that was the foundation.  We would drop a marble on the floor and never knew which direction it would roll....grin!  There was a "snow" pole that had to be in place early in the fall, incase there was an early snow, so the roof would stay over our heads.

We cooked and heated the place with wood burning stoves, and the wood had to be hauled in.  We eventually added a "wood" shed to the right of the porch so we could stock it during the warmer months.  Until DH finally put in a hot water heater, we even heated water with wood to take a shower.......well it was more like a hot bucket of water placed in the shower.....LOL  but we DID have a shower and a toilet IN SIDE. 

There was no television, no telephone or internet and cell phones were so new at the time we had to walk down the road to even use them.  Our kids learned to play board games and card games in the evenings and played outside during the day.  We took their bike with us until the snow fell.  They were all over that mountain and we never really worried about where they were.

It was a great place to escape the heat of the valley in the summer and in the winter a good place to warm up when coming in form the cold snow.  We finally sold it when the boys were in high school and no longer wanted to go with us to the cabin.  Now we sit around with the boys, and the friends that used to go with us, and laugh about all the fun we had there.  It truly was one of the best times of our family life, and I am even smiling as I write this, thinking about the different things that we did there................and that is GOOD!

Inky Hugs

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day ONE of 31 Journal pages

Imagine that you have been delivering mail door to door, house to house year after year. Seeing one bland, plain, boring mailbox after another bland, plain, boring mailbox.
Now picture yourself as the homeowner, picking up your mail day after day from your very own bland, plain, boring old mailbox.
What if you could decorate your mailbox in any way you wish?
October 1st, yesterday, began the 31 journal pages in 31 day challenge and here is my first page. 
I do know my mail carrier personally, and I think she would get a good laugh it I were to really do this to my mailbox.
In posting these to my blog, they will run a day late.  We don't get the prompts until THAT day, which for me in early in the morning.  This is a Facebook group and is linked up with Art Journal Junkies FB group.  Once this challenge is complete I am thinking of dumping FB, just too much garbage on it anymore.......and most of it is reposts from other sites, like Pintrest.  I will digress now and go forward....... I might even GET dressed now.....grin!
Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you did.
Inky Hugs