Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day ONE of 31 Journal pages

Imagine that you have been delivering mail door to door, house to house year after year. Seeing one bland, plain, boring mailbox after another bland, plain, boring mailbox.
Now picture yourself as the homeowner, picking up your mail day after day from your very own bland, plain, boring old mailbox.
What if you could decorate your mailbox in any way you wish?
October 1st, yesterday, began the 31 journal pages in 31 day challenge and here is my first page. 
I do know my mail carrier personally, and I think she would get a good laugh it I were to really do this to my mailbox.
In posting these to my blog, they will run a day late.  We don't get the prompts until THAT day, which for me in early in the morning.  This is a Facebook group and is linked up with Art Journal Junkies FB group.  Once this challenge is complete I am thinking of dumping FB, just too much garbage on it anymore.......and most of it is reposts from other sites, like Pintrest.  I will digress now and go forward....... I might even GET dressed now.....grin!
Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you did.
Inky Hugs


  1. Hi Krisha!! This is fantastic! I must tell you a story now..... When hubby and i ( of 25 yrs now) first fell in love and moved in together i was sooooo in love i wanted the world to I painted our mailbox blue with red hearts all over it! I'm sure hubby was quit embarrassed by that or maybe it helped seal me in his heart who knows... But your mailbox made me think of that today. :) Hugs! deb

  2. Sorry I missed you and Betsy yesterday, but I was busy crashing my computer at least NINE times. Thought of you when I entered the Cosmosphere.

    So, you have to follow a prompt, and you have to post to FB. I suspect that would not be a challenge I would be interested in.

    Regardless. I fell in LOVE with your mailbox and the way you drew us into the conversation. Of course, I love the drawing. Just think. Only 30 more to go!!

  3. Wouldn't it be fab to have a mail box like that? Here in the UK we just have letterboxes (a slit in the front door, with a flap) - very BORING!! Have a lovely week, Chris # 16

  4. Now that is a mailbox that would attract some interesting mail I'm almost sure.


  5. You can decorate them any way you wish as long as the mailman can clearly read the address. ;)
    I dropped all the social networking stuff except for my blog. Keeping up with bloggers takes up enough time for me--LOL! ;)
    Have a great weekend!