T Stands for T-Gang Tuesday

WOOOOSH! Here it is Tuesday again and time for the Tea Party with Elizabeth, the Altered Book  .  It's always a great T-Party with posts full of food and drinks to be shared.

Today my share is going to have to be a card I made just for today............or it was made with a T-day post in mind.  I have to use it because I haven't transferred my lunch out photos over yet.

Just a quick card......Washi tape and two stamps! I've been trying to use up some of the 50-60 rolls of Washi tape I own.  I now use it for about every conceivable idea you need tape for. LOL!
Here are a couple more CAS and quick and easy cards I got made this week.
Just Washi tape.......lucky enough to have one that had Hello repeated on it.
Washi tape and two stamps.

NEW HOUSE Not much to report on the new house.......they have put in the counter tops (except for the kitchen) and the tile in the showers, and are laying floor tile this week.  So it is hard to get photos right now. Yesterday Bob and I picke…

T Stands for Two Weeks

Welcome friends to another Tuesday ......T-day post. Life has been a little hectic around here the past two weeks, so I wasn't able to get a post prepared last week.  BUT, I'm up early today to get a post in before taking off like a rocket again today............I just don't want to miss another T party with Elizabeth and the T-day gang.
With all the running around with the new construction.......checking this and that......meeting with contractor........making decisions on finishes we are often heading back about meal time.  Which can be quite convenient for me LOL! 

Last week, after a run to the new house to put our "OK" on something (trips are getting fuzzy) We stopped and had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.....Mauricio's.  I remembered to grab my phone and get a photo.  I had chicken fajitas, Bob had meatball soup, taco and an enchilada.  I chose a margarita ( it had been a long day) and Bob had water to drink.

We are rounding o…

Second on the 2nd

Happy February!! January came and went so fast it's just a blurrrrrrrr of a memory now.  Today, being the 2nd of February, also the 2nd month of the year, I decide to join Elizabeth for a Second Look at a past post.  I had to chuckle when I was looking at past posts, when I came across this one: I am not going to copy the whole post, as it was a really long one.  I did put the link to the original post under the photo.
Why this post, on this Second look? 
It has started again!!  LOL!

T Stands for Cold Stone

Welcome to the T-Party hosted by Elizabeth every Tuesday. This will be a quick post this week, as I have an early therapy appointment today.
So Off we go..................The grands......Hannah and Megan went with us to the new house to check on things Sunday afternoon.  Of course they know how to work ole Papa and suggested ice cream!  They decided on Cold Stone for a change. It is located in a shopping center.........I couldn't resist this shot of them walking .

This is the entrance......I finally remembered to take a photo of where we were. Papa and the girls.....We all chose something different.  They have all kinds of flavored ice cream bases, that they add all kinds of goodies to.  Mine was a sweet cream ice cream with brownie, chocolate and caramel syrup and pecans.  It was so good....and so sweet!  Most places will give you a free glass of water, but not here......they want you to buy bottled water......

Since the price for the bottled water was ridiculous we chose the FR…

T-Stands for a busy week.

T-day has rolled around for another week of seeing tasty drink and food, hostess Elizabeth always has the honor of this weekly tradition.
To start this blog a-roll-n, here is my desk this morning, same mug, but fresh coffee.  I finally got to see the desk top again after weeks of piling stuff on it.
 I had almost finished when I remembered to take a picture.

Mid-week Bob and I went to Pieology for pizza.  I know this is a chain pizza place, but I don't know how many of you might know about it.  There were too many people to take more pictures than our pizzas. It is set up like a Subway sandwich shop.  You start with the type of dough you want, then sauces, then toppings, right on down the line.  Each is an individual pizza, but I have yet to eat the whole thing.  I always get the cauliflower crust , Alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese then pile on the veggies and chicken.  Bob goes more traditional......crust, house red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, Canadian bacon.........but we BOT…

T Stands for the Last of the Holidays

Welcome back to another T-Day post......this makes two in a row WOOT! WOOT!  As the post title suggests, we have finally finished with our family holidays.  More about that to come....... 
But first I wanted to share my new coffee cup. Today it has coffee with a sweet creamer in it.  I bought this at a craft fair, before Christmas, before I was driving more than a mile from home.  A friend was kind enough to pick me up and take me with her to a craft fair where her daughter had a booth.  On the way out the door I stopped to admire the hand-thrown stoneware on a table.  The artist was there and we had a great conversation, all the while I couldn't put this cup I finally bought it. LOL!  It is about 4 times what I would normally pay for a coffee cup, but I'm in love with it and I DO believe in supporting local artists.  Once I get the cup warmed up it keeps my coffee hot a lot longer.......I just love hand-thrown stoneware.  I guess because I was never very good a…

Foggy Friday

It's a cold and foggy morning here, so gloomy! The youngest part of our family will be here this evening, for the weekend  and here I am proCRAFTinating instead of getting on with my day.
Since I'm here I thought I'd share my first valentine cards.

This little guy has been with me for YEARS, I just love him, I wish he had a matching die, but he came along long before dies were so popular.  Which means he has to be cut out by hand, but he is a simple shape so it goes quickly.
I've been to two physical therapy session and things are going good, and I am starting to feel a big difference in movement already. By the evenings the discomfort and some pain comes back, but ice packs have become my best friends.
This day is going to wooooosh by, so I am going to get dressed and get on with getting ready.  There are extra beds to be made up ( well, change the sheets and fix up the air mattress), then there is a badly needed trip to buy groceries ...........they a…