Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Last Leaf

One more entry for the Art Journal Journey challenge Indian Summer/Golden October/Autumn
A mix of Gelatos, inks and markers.  The sentiment reads: One little leaf hangs on to the memory of summer past.
I have mixed feeling about this photo, the highlights on tree really stand out in the photo (not so much in real life) and the background is more muted, and the sentiment nearly disappeared. I guess the camera looks at different mediums different than the human eye does.

This challenge runs for the month of October so there is still plenty of time to join in the fun.

Inky Hugs

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fill'er Up

Here we go on a new week, #3 for October.....and it is going to be a crazy busy one around here.
So with THAT, I thought I'd better get a jump start on a few things tis morning ( already mid-morning here in SOCAL)  My AI card and cup of coffee are for all my T-Gang .... the inside reads "No talky...before coffee"  sounds about right.

We had some rain last night, it was just starting to sprinkle around 11 P.M.  The ground is not soaking wet so it must have been an off and on rain, but the rain drops were still on my gladiolas this morning.  These are a dark red gladiola, but with the bright sun shinning through them they look orange.  Now that we have had a little wind and a nice shower, the air is so clean and the sky is blue....all the harvest dust is now gone.

Update on the bottle tag/cards.  I have managed to get two made of both of these designs.
I also met a lady, Saturday evening, that has a new café and gift shop right outside of town.......well where the freeway and off ramp to Shafter are.......about 5 miles from here.  She is a fellow crafter, and as we got to talking I mentioned the cards and tags I make ( just happened to have some photos on my phone *grin*) She is interested in seeing some of them today to sell in her gift shop!!  I said I would come by about 10 this morning.
Well, I'm back from my meeting with Tammy and she bought cards and bottle tags....Wahoo!  Now she wants some art work and some handmade journals.......guess I'm going to get even busier...LOL!
Over the weekend we made a dash over to the winery for the Fall Harvest BBQ and wine pickup.  I didn't take pictures because it is the same winery we always go to.  BUT it was raining Saturday, over there, and everything was moved indoors.....but I enjoyed the cool weather and the gentle rain.  As we were leaving...down a long dirt road, I made DH stop so I could get some pictures of the wild turkeys in that area.

Time to get on with the rest of my day.....laundry is in progress, kitchen needs cleaned and now it is almost lunch time....LOL!
Inky Hugs

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Well, this week has become a blurr !  I spent Tuesday afternoon at the dentist having a root canal on a tooth he had crowned sometime ago, so that meant removing the crown and doing the root canal, then replacing the crown. UGH!  Two hours later, with half my face still numb, I headed for home. 
The tooth is still touchy, but the pain is starting to subside.....this was a tough root canal. That left me feeling a little "off" my usual self yesterday, not really feeling like doing much of I just pittled around at my desk and visited around Blogland.
This is where it led me too, and I just got up and left it last night.  I just took these photos and didn't even bother to edit them...I didn't even turn on the Ott lights...LOL!

I decided to do a little re-creating in this journal I made, and have used from time to time.  I usually keep it by the bed and write in it when I feel the need.  Then, yesterday, I visited Monica at Material Pleasures blog, and she was sharing her journals........quite beautifully done.  She also shared a link to
Art to the 5th Academy I went over and checked it out.  You can join for FREE and once your accepted your can view free tutorials, or pay for workshops and in depth tutorial.  Great bunch of artist and a lot of inspiration.  I haven't quite gotten the knack of the "whole" thing, but gleamed enough to re-create this journal.

Bottle tag/cards......trying to get the layout the way I want it.  I'm not sure, but I may have made a mistake in donating some hand painted cards to my women's group this month. Now one of them has requested something for the holidays.  Most people buy their cards, and I'm not sure of all the religions,  so I was thinking of something different.  A set of bottle tags that are also cards, I hate trying to tape a card to a bottle, of any kind.  So I'm figuring one for Thanksgiving, two for Christmas ( keeping it to general holiday designs), one for New Years and maybe one for a thank you gift. 
Your thoughts?
Must dash.......need to put sheets in the drier,  and get ready to head to town.....The next two days are going to be busy ones so I need to get a head start today.  First stop will be the car wash so I can see where I am going....LOL!
Inky Hugs

Monday, October 10, 2016

T Stands for A Bunny Lunch

No I didn't have a bunny for lunch.....LOL! I am having my morning coffee ( black as usual) in my new cup I won in the drawing last Friday.    This is the second one I've won *grin*
I belong to a group of women called the Bakersfield Bucket List Bunnies, a group of women (45 an older).  When you join the group you get to make a "bucket" list of 5 things you would like to do....within reason, and it gets put in a plastic egg and thrown into a hopper.  Each month they draw an egg and that bucket list is read and decided on which of the 5 items the group/or individuals want do.  THAT is how I ended up taking golf lesson this was on Mary's bucket list and I volunteered to join her.  We also have a guest speaker each month.....this month it was on life insurance....a little late for most of us who have been around long enough to know we need it...LOL!
The first Friday of each month we have a luncheon.  The place we were having our luncheons closed....fantastic place but not a good location....third business not to make it there. :( 
Photo of Chalet Basque Restaurant - Bakersfield, CA, United States

Chalet Basque is our new Sponsor  for this year and this is where we are now having our luncheons.  ( there is a long story on how we ended up here.....but maybe more about that an other time)This area has quite a few Basque restaurants, to be honest this is not my favorite Basque restaurant.  It needs a make-over really bad, very dark and dreary on the inside, the prices are high and the service is not consistent. Last month our luncheon was a disaster....semi cold food, not nearly enough food was served and we were constantly asking for more....they had one server for nearly 40 women.

I am a person that will give any place a second chance, but swore I would not be attending the luncheons if we had a repeat!  I am GLAD to say Friday's lunch was top notch.  We had multi servers, the food was hot and freshly made, and it all ran like clock work!......but the place is still dark and dreary....except the banquet room we get to use.  I just hope they keep it top notch, or I'll be eating at Taco Bell....LOL!

Photo of Chalet Basque Restaurant - Bakersfield, CA, United States. First course: vegetable soup (add your own beans and salsa to taste) and bread

The first course, at any Basque restaurants in this area is always the best cabbage and vegetable soup, beans, salsa and fresh bread.  Everything is served  Family Style..........and yes, everybody I know puts the beans in the soup, mine also gets a lot of salsa...*grin*

Photo of Chalet Basque Restaurant - Bakersfield, CA, United States. Lunch Setup $8.95/person served family style

This is what comes with a traditional set-up ( no Entrées)  there are a few that serve different veggies but this is normally what you get.  Entrées are the meat dishes that vary form fried chicken ( which is what we get at our luncheons) to lamb, beef stew, pork chops and with an Entrée you get pickled tong.  I miss the pickled tong at our luncheons  I guess our $20/plate isn't enough to warrant us getting that.  :(  Like I said they are way over priced! NOTE: We always pay $20 for each luncheon, but our luncheons are usually very well worth the money, and there is a bit that goes to the BBLB to help keep it running, so we don't scream about it.

After each luncheon we take a group photo. 
There is always somebody taking photos, this time Jamie caught me!
I thought I would share this little internet map of the Basque region.  The "corn dog" post taught me that not all my blogger friends have tasted the types of food we have around here.  AND that is why this post is so long and full of food pictures!
So now I am off to join Elizabeth and the T-gang to see what everyone else is eating and drinking this week.

Dreaming of the Sea Shore

Stepping away from all the autumn colors and challenges, my Mojo brought me to the sea shore.
This is from a fairly new set of Inkadinkado is just one stamp from the set, but it's a beauty!  I simply colored it in a watercolor style and added a black frame.  The sentiment is from Stampendous with a black frame.

Thanks for stopping by.....
Inky Hugs