T Stands for Two Weeks

I'm not really sure where the past two weeks went to, but WOOOSH! Here it is Tuesday again and time to catch up with all The T-Gang at Elizabeth's blog.
The first week I was absent was due to two sick granddaughters, about a third of both of their classes were absent with the flu that week. Then last week a dear friend of mine ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and we were all rallying around her.
Even though we had a very sick friend in the hospital, we did take time to celebrate Lea's 75th birthday at Bill Lee's Chinese restaurant. One of our favorite lunch spots.......lunch specials are only $10.00 and none of us can finish them, so there are always take-out boxes for all of us.
Look what I found!! MY own "world in a cup" cup Even a compass inside to keep me on the straight and narrow! LOL!


I took this photo of Hannah when she was about 5, we were at the beach and she was just walking along the edge water listening to…

A Second look on the Second of March

The summer of  2015 was a very busy one, and a lot of you will remember "Camp Grandma" with Granddaughters Hannah and Rachel.  So here is a short look for Elizabeth's Second look on the Second challenge ( the original post was WAY to long to re-post)

Rachel is on the left and Hannah on the right.  Two cousins born exactly one week apart.  Hannah is the oldest.  Rachel is not my birth granddaughter, but might as well be I knew her mother at a younger age than she is here in this photo.

Some of my T-day friends commented on seeing the "grands" and how they have grown.  Oh, you have no idea how they have grown!!! * *
Hannah on the left, Rachel on the right. Hannah is nearly as tall as me, but Rachel is now taller than I am......and I am not a short woman. They are in the 7th grade ( jr. high) and both are cheerleaders for their school. They will turn into "teenagers" late this summer......EEEEKKK!
If you want to see what happened that summer, check …

T Stands for Art

Hello everyone! Time for my T-day, with Elizabeth and T-gang again.  Boy this past week just wooooooshed by like lightening striking!! But the sun is shinning and the temperatures are in the 60s........might just be a false spring.......but I'll take it!
This past weekend was the Shafter Colour Festival and I have participated in the art gallery/show for the past three years. They always have the prettiest programs.

 This was my acrylic exhibit
The third side was for my Alcohol Ink pictures.  Below are random pictures I as I walked around during the "meet and greet the artists"

They had a local winery there for wine tasting, very nice people and their wine was very good.  My friend, Judy, stopped so we could pose for the camera (I'm on the left.....and my glass was behind her back...LOL!)
Last Monday was a no school day and Megan and Hannah came for some grandma time. They started with art journaling in their Bibles.  I have Megan's prepared so she just gets to c…

AJJ Twofer

It has really been cold and raining here, all the mountains around us all covered with snow, some places are quite low. If our temps drop about 10' it will snow here in the valley.  I haven't heard the weather report, but I sincerely doubt if the main freeways are open.........this is California and about 99% of the people DON'T know how to drive in the they just close the roads....LOL!!!
I have been playing along with the Art Journal Journey challenge: yellow brought to us by RIKE at Rike's Art.  I just haven't taken the time to scan and get them posted, so today you get a twofer!!
Still trying to use up that stash of Graphic 45..........I never dreamed it was such a large pile!!  These papers are from The Secret Garden collection.  I do like yellow and powder blue together.  "The Secret Garden" was a favorite book when I was a young, young, girl!  I even bought the movie at one time.
This page was  demonstration page for granddaughters H…

T Stands for Winery

Great balls of fire!! It's Tuesday again and time to link up with The T-Gang and Elizabeth our hostess Since last week I was SOOO late and unprepared, I've tried to do a little better this week......I mean last week I posted on Wednesday and this week it's on Tuesday. LOL!
I have shown photos of this winery many times, because we are wine club members.  It was time for us to go over and pick up our spring wines.  We don't have it shipped because we enjoy what they call a "Pick up Party"  The winery is closed to the public and only wine club members are allowed in.  On these events they have a chief come and prepare food for a light lunch to pare with the wines.  This time he had prepared a loaded baked potato soup and  a lamb stew.  I'm not a big potato soup person, so I chose the lamb stew, and was not disappointed. I forgot to take the photo before I started.  It had rained all the way over to the winery, and the sun came out just as we got there.  It …

T stand for LATE this week

I lost all track of time this week and woke up this morning and realized it was Wednesday already, and I hadn't joined the T-Gang at Elizabeth's Blog. So, I don't have photos prepared for this post. Even now, this is a rushed post :( as I need to get ready to go have lunch with some friends.  Hopefully I remember to take some photos before we get lost in making up for the couple weeks we haven't seen each other.
The weather is nasty today, and I just haven't been able to get my mind on going out the door LOL! Just yesterday it was almost spring like, the day before was freezing cold and now it's blowing and raining.........who said you couldn't get more than one season in a week??? We live in a valley and all the mountains have been covered with quite a bit of snow.  Which is great, we need that moisture to carry us through the hot summer months.
So, now it is time for me to go get ready to join my friends here and at the T-Party ......hope they left me a …

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