Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Sun Rises

Just finished this journal page, inspired by Valerie's blog post.  She has photos of the most amazing sun rises on her blog.......and she is the hostess for this month's  Art Journal Journey challenge: Light and Darkness.
I wrote the sentiment, then traced it with a black sharpie. Then I covered the words with Washi tape and painted all the negative space black, since Washi tape is slightly transparent you can still see the letter.  Once I got all that negative space painted....phew! I painted the sun rise over some mountains.
To make the words pop a little more I went around them with a white Gel writing over the texture the tape left was a little you can see.....LOL!
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Light and Darkness ....A Journal Page

Art Journal Journey has a new challenge for the month of December: Light and Darkness. 
This is my first attempt at the challenge, stamps, ink, marker and Gelatos.....and a white gel pen.
There are some really, really great journal pages for this challenge.  I hope you take a moment out of your busy holiday schedule to drop by and take a look........and don't forget to leave a little LOVE when you do!!
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Monday, December 5, 2016

T Stands for a Little of Everything......

T stands for Tuesday
Welcome T-Gang , followers and anybody else that has just dropped in!  Having missed the past two weeks I am going to do some really quick catching up, but promise NOT to load this post with tons of photos......all though I DO have them....*grin*
We did spend our Thanksgiving up on the desert, only a small group this year, only 4 RVs (three trailers and one motor home) but still a nice size group. We decided to do it pot-luck style this year with turkey, ham and no side dish left out....LOL!  Everybody lined all their tables in two lines, one for the food.....................
 and one to sit and eat at.  Sorry about the glare from the light, it was 5 P.M. and already dark, so we needed the light to eat by.  As you can see it was a bit chilly when the sun went down so we were all in jackets by diner time.  After diner we all sat around the campfire and drank a little wine, beer, champagne and soft drinks for the kids..............and then it was time for pumpkin and pecan pie!
This past Saturday was Danica's birthday......the little blond in the polka dots.  She is our #3 GD and just turned 6 year old.  The brunette behind her is Megan, who most of you already know, and the mad photo bomber, in the sun glasses is Danica's daddy.....our son Tony.
The birthday party was at Santee Lakes, in the San Diego area.  Megan wanted to go to the party, so Papa and I took her with us.  Her sister Hannah (the other one that gets on this blog a lot too) wanted to go too, but she also had a sleepover birthday party to attend for one of her friends.
Here are Megan and Danica together.......both 6 years old, only 7 the day....apart, Megan being the older.  She is very tall for her age, as you can see. LOL!  It was supposed to be a chilly day, with threats of showers..........well, it turned out to be a beautiful day with temperatures in the high 70s (F)  Luckily Megan's Mom packed her some shorts and flip flops..........grandma wasn't so smart and was uncomfortably hot all day... Danica was soon barefoot after this photo too.
It was a great party, and a real quick trip, driving 5 hours each way.  We drove down the night before and returned home after the party.
I know there are drinks on the Thanksgiving tables( the only T-day rule), but I want to show off one of my new coffee mugs.  There were only three to the set, so I bought all three I liked them so much.  This one has the wolf and trees on it.  The other two are both the same, but different.....LOL!  What I mean is one has moose and the other has a bear.  I LOVE the blue, slightly speckled color of them and the forest theme made me think of when we had our cabin years ago.  They are a dark brown on the inside, which can make it difficult to see, when it is nearing full, if all I have is the light over the sink on in the morning.  I really don't fill it that full of coffee because it will hold 2 cups or 16 oz. and I can't drink it fast enough before the last half get too cold to drink........but I still LOVE the mugs.
I did get the house decorated for Christmas, before we went to San Diego, and will share photos in a different T-day post.  It has been frosty cold here in the mornings putting me in a baking mood, so maybe there will be treats to offer next week.
Have a drink and a story?  Why not join me and link up with Elizabeth , our hostess......I promise there are some really good drink related posts to be had...........and even treats if your fast enough.
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Here we go with the start of a new week!  I still feel like I'm a little behind, but the Christmas decorations are up..........what I decided to use anyway.  I think I left about 50% of them in the storage containers this year. It is pretty bad when you have enough Christmas decorations to decorate 5 or 6 trees and 3 or 4 houses...LOL!! I DO LOVE Christmas and Christmas decorations!!
Poinsettias are just beautiful at this time of year, hard to believe that they are NOT cold weather flowers.  I still have to pick up a few real ones for the holidays....yep, more decorations...LOL!
This card has a hand made background paper made with tin foil over card stock, inked, ran through the embosser, then heat embossed.  This is such a fun technique, and every one turns out so different!
The floral image is an OLD red rubber stamp I have had for many years, but I still love it.
This is the second print of the same poinsettia stamp but placed on some shiny decorative paper.  I was in a repeat mode while I was making cards tis year.  There is still one more to be colored on my desk....LOL!
Here is a sweet challenge I'll link MANY beautiful DT works and entries to look through.

Challenge #3: Use older stamp/die or stencil

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

All is Calm Using Die Cuts

This year I decided to use a lot of my dies to make Christmas started that way over a month ago when I created the following two cards......(ssssh! I just finished the insides this morning ) So stating early really hasn't helped me much as I am dashing to the finish line today, so I can start sending them out this afternoon.
I love this framed tree die from Gina Marie Designs.  For this first card I did remove the center trees so I could insert my reindeer standing in the snow.  Background and snow drifts are made from a very fine glittered paper and then I added some extra snow with Pearl Pen.  The snowflake is a left-over from last year.
My Time to Craft is having a challenge of Christmas Animals and I think my reindeer will fit right in.
My Time To Craft!
Here is the same framed tree die cut, with all the trees left in place, and an other left-over snowflake.
This card I am going to enter in the Dies R Us challenge #62-Christmas.
Grab our Badge!
Ok, that's two I can get in the mail.........LOL!  I really have been working on Christmas cards, even though we have been making so many mad dashes here and there.  But I think we are at home now through the rest of the season and I can get caught up with my blog.
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