T Stands for Bar-B-Que

I'm back and it's "T time" again......and time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang to show off our drinks and or foodie things.  My drink, this week, is a tall glass of iced tea....with lemon.
 I had to visit the mall to have my rings checked (for insurance purposes) and cleaned.  It really doesn't take long, but I decided to walk down to Lucilles Smokehouse Bar-B-Q and have lunch as I waited.  I didn't have any Libations, just iced tea, but I like the looks of the drink menu, and I had forgotten to take a photo of the entrance.
I ordered a tri-tip salad with the dressing on the side.  The dressing was interesting, as it had BBQ sauce in it.  I finally figured out what it reminded me of.  The old fashioned French dressing with BBQ sauce added.  That is as close as I can get to describing it.  Most people out-side of California do not know what tri-tip is, but it is VERY common here.  It is a junk meat that the Hispanic workers learned to cook and make t…


WOWSER! A NEW LAYOUT AND A NEW BLOG NAME!But it is the same old me......Krisha!!
So what is going on here?
 Some New changes were needed, and to tell you the truth I was just too lazy to start a new blog.  It is easier for you to find me if I just stay here.

In 2018 I read a book called "Created to Thrive" by Matt Tommey.  It made me take a deeper look at my art... first my painting.......had to get serious here!!  Since it is a new year I decided to make some new plans.  First is to start my own art business......plans are still in the basement, but I climbing out.  I have an overload of marketing ideas, so there is going to be sorting out in that area.  Thus the my new business card!  I thought Thriving Art was a great name, after reading "Created to Thrive" least it makes sense in my head LOL!
 I already belong to many art groups on Facebook and have plans to stop lurking and start joining by posting my work regularly and taking  free sem…

T-Stands for Coffee and Colors today

Helllllooooo! I'm not quite sure how this morning got away from me so quickly, since I was up early, as usual.  Must have gotten distracted by the beautiful sun rise while having my coffee on the patio.

It was a glorious morning sun rise!  Our patio faces due east, so if there are any clouds I get to enjoy these mornings. Yesterday I had my coffee on the patio and enjoyed the rain.....LOL!  This is southern California and that is how our weather quickly changes.
The photo of my coffee and camera are for Elizabeth and the T-Gang .

I was shooting the sun rise with my camera, but in all honesty the photos above are from my phone.  The camera seemed to wash out the colors and they didn't show as vivid.  My phone captured what I was seeing with my my camera obsolete now???  I admit I rarely use it anymore, must get back to picking it up..........but the phone is so much lighter and fits in my purse!! LOL!

Got to keep it short and sweet, I've managed to go from…

First 2019 T-day

Happy New Year! I'm so happy your dropped by for this First 2019 T-day post, as I'm joining Elizabeth and party on the first day of the new year. Did you celebrate New Years Eve? How did you celebrate? Hubby and I attended an annual Bunco party with family and friends.  It has been years since we attended this event, but the family came before Christmas, which freed us up so we can once again enjoy celebrating, while rolling the dice!

For anyone who does not know the game of Bunco, it is a game played with 3 dice, and the object is to roll 3 of a kind, of the number your on.  Game cards have 1-6 on them, so when your rolling for 1s and you get 3 of them that is a Bunco! Then on to rolling for 2s and so on. We play four games of six, breaking after each game for refreshments. There is a lot more to the game, but that is the basic idea.
We each pay $10 and it goes into the pot to pay the winners.

We also take a White Elephant type gift, one for each player, wrapped, with a clue…

All the Christmas Cheer for T-day

It is Christmas morning, here........and all is quiet. Our family was together over the weekend and that is when we celebrated, so this morning is allowing me to join Elizabeth for a special T-day I've had coffee and am onto getting some water in me, the pretty glass, with poinsettias is a stemless wine glass.......just a little pretty for the holiday. 

We had an awesome time Saturday night.  We have some friends that have very authentic Santa and Mrs. Clause costumes and they have been visiting quite a few places, public and private.  I arranged for them to come by.  Now this couple are also the aunt and uncle of two of our grandkids.......but they were threatened if they told the younger three (who live in San Diego).

Now the "big" kids thought it was all over........But Santa wasn't finished yet!

I thought my sons were going to choke, they were laughing so hard, at their Dad' surprised face when Santa called his name. Tony had laughed so hard he had tears in …

Almost a Year has Gone By.......

Well, hello!  I almost fell off my chair when I saw my last post was December 26 OF LAST YEAR!!
I will confess that I have logged on and went "lurking" about Blogland from time to time through out the year........I'm not really sure why I stopped blogging, it just seemed to happen. :(  I use my phone for pictures so much that I almost forget how to use my there is that excuse.  As you all know it take some time to download photos form any device, edit and then upload them to you there is that excuse. Then there is the time required to visit those who have graciously there is that excuse!  I could keep going but I know they are all just excuses I have handed myself. 
We STILL have NOT gotten the new house even started, but we stand on the threshold of beginning.  My husband is such a procrastinator,  so plans were constantly gone over to see if there needed to be any changes...................made me so mad I ref…

T Stands for The Last T-day this Year

What a wonderful Christmas we had, even took pictures!!! AND we will do it all over again this coming weekend when our youngest and his family are here. But today DH's cousin and hubby, from up in the San Francisco Bay area, is dropping by.  I've been dashing around trying to remove some of the Christmas Eve all the dishes, sweep and etc., etc.  So, I had not gotten any drink related post ready, and no time to down load photos now :o  BUT, I am having my last cup of coffee for the day!   I really did not want to miss posting for the last Tuesday of 2017..........very hard to believe a year has dashed by already! 

Hope everybody had a very festive holiday and the weather is behaving in your area.  WE have a predicted high of 65' (F), but have had a few days that didn't come close to being this warm.  Well, I hear car doors closing, so I better close and get linked up with the T-gang.  I'll be around sometime this week to check out all the festive ph…