Tuesday, October 10, 2017

T Stands for Catching Up

Happy Tuesday folks!  Thanks for dropping by to see what I've been up to in the weeks I haven't been here in Blogland.  As you can see I'm still in the "coffee" stage of the morning as I'm trying to get set up for Bible Art Journaling with a couple of my friends.

A little broader shot of the table....only halfway ready, but I really wanted to join the T-Gang at the Altered Book Lover with our Hosetess Elizabeth.

So WHAT have I been doing?
Prepare for a lot of photos........"grin"

Some finished Mixed Media Paintings

I finally unpacked my paints and did a little creating. I saw a photo somewhere on the blogs, of blue poppies and just had to paint some.

A closer look at the background and texture created with tissue paper and designer paper. 

One afternoon my friend, Mary came over and we were playing with our pallet knives.  I really do not like this painting!

A closer look at the mixed media background

Next I decided to paint some tulips......with a brush!!!  Again a mixed media piece.  I really like this one, reminiscent of the tulips my Mom used to grow when I was a kid. 
Closer look at the background

Yummy texture, again with tissue paper.

A QUICK trip to the state of Colorado
 When I say quick I mean for the weekend!!!

My cousin and his wife were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!!!  WOW! Isn't that just amazing, especially for today???  This is the card I made for them. 

I found this idea on Pinterest, I mean just WHAT do you give somebody that has been married this long?  They have what they want, or buy what they need, and let's face it, do they need something else to set on shelf and dust?  So I bought a Scrabble game and got it all laid out on a burlap background.  I found this burlap with a gold thread running through it at Hobby Lobby.
 also found the rusting frame there too.  They are "cowboy" people, I guess because their son is a big rancher in the area.  They said they loved it, and I'll accept that.
NOTE: I didn't take pictures at the party, it was at a park and a bitter cold wind blew all day!

The evening I made the anniversary card above, I just kept on going.  Ya know, once your in the grove it's hard to stop.  I think I stopped somewhere around 1 A.M.

YEP! I got this beauty form Deb! She is really a wonderful artist.

This is where I am keeping this one, where I see it every time I sit down to create.
I should move it, because it intimidates me......LOL! I swear, Deb, I have started 3 PC to send to you and none of them have made it past the trash can.....LOL!!!!

Well, my friends, I better put and end to this and finish getting ready for "the girls" to come and play.  Some of you expressed that you wanted to see our Bible Journaling, and I do have pictures.  I'm thinking of adding a page just for Bible Art Journaling.

Since when did "JOURNAL" become a verb???

I'll be around later this week to get caught up with everybody.........Patty is going to stay today and we are going to paint after lunch today, then there is Bible Study (BSF) tomorrow morning, followed by my back adjustment. 

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

T Stands for Waiting

Time to share a drink and all the news with the T-gang at Elizabeth's where everybody is welcome and has a drink to share.
I'm writing this as I am waiting for my Bible Art Journaling group to get here, as you can see things are all set up (my large bottle of water) and pretty much ready.......I'm sure I have forgotten something though...LOL!
And here they will make this the shortest blog on Tuesday.
I'll be around later this week to visit.

Monday, August 28, 2017

T Stands for the Firehouse

Time to share drink and food for this Tuesday's T-day, where peeps from all over the world get together at Altered Book Lover's blog.
The Mr. and I went to the Firehouse to meet up with family......well oldest son, DIL and 9 cheerleaders!

The an old firehouse.
Inside was...............oh so nice and cool....106' outside!!
The bar area has big screens playing all kinds of sport.......but we weren't three for that.

They have in-house bowling lanes......there is my DIL Vanessa, and son Brian
There are a couple of the cheerleaders.....Hannah had just thrown her bowling ball.
This is the second half of her Birthday Party........they had all spent the night at her house, and all showed up in knee socks and shorts........oh to be young again!!!

Bowling makes you thirsty..........the younger one's drinks..

The adult drinks.....the Mr. had a cold beer, the rest of us had water and ice tea.
You can tell by this photo, but all the girls laid their cell phones face down on the table and left them there.........I was surprised and very proud that they did this themselves.

 We "old" folks were hungry so we had lunch.......shared fish tacos, with a side of fries.....everybody is starting to serve fries with Mexican strange!  In the bowl is calamari......battered and fried, but pretty good.  At least they didn't over cook it to the tough stage! 
Time to link up now, even if it is still Monday here......

Won't you join us?? AJJ Journal Page

Hellooooo Monday and Blogland friends.  Just popping in to share a journal page I did last week, but didn't have a chance to share it till this morning. (the date on the page is wrong LOL)
I am joining the group over at Art Journal Journey , where the challenge is Poetry in Motion.

The background is simply tissue paper and paint.  The poem is from my electric hoarding on Pinterest...........couldn't pass it up!  I created this page to remind myself what I am about you?
Art Journal Journey

Monday, August 21, 2017

Poetry in Motion for AJJ

Finally, taking some much need craft time, I decided some art journaling was called for!! Jo of Lets Art Journal is the hostess for Art Journal Journey this month and she chose Poetry in Motion and challenged everyone to use their favorite poems, quotes and sayings to inspire your art.


Ok, so I'm an electronic hoarder over on Pinterest, and actually have a file that is labeled "Says It All".  This is where I save all sorts of sayings and quotes that speak to me, so that is where I looked for some inspiration for this challenge.  I kept coming across this quote, in different fonts and pictures.......yeah, I REALLY do like this quote!

I chose this one with the girl and her wings behind the quote, then printed it and trimmed it out.
The background is tissue paper, butterfly napkin, in, paint, half a paper Dollie and a stamped image of a butterfly.  I did go around the girl and the quote,the next morning with a Pit Pen and a wet brush to create some shadow.  I also added the colors to her wings.  I am thinking of tearing this out of my journal and hanging it on the wall.........I Love the quote THAT much! It really applies to artistic instincts........does it speak to you???  

Upon Learning the Challenge....
I went around the house humming and singing this song..........from years ago!!! If your under 60 you might not remember it.......the way music USED to be LOL!!