Monday, January 30, 2017

T Stands for More Las Vegas

Happy T-day my friends! 
I had quite a few questions on my last T-day post and thought I would start with a few best I can.  
1.The man in the photo with Bob and I is Penn, of Penn and Teller......funny and fascinating magicians.
2. Uber is like a taxi.......but the drivers are people who use their own cars for the service of transporting you.  You down load an app, on your cell phone, then when you need a ride, you pull up the app and say where you want to go......then you see drivers and their prices.  Then you click on the driver/price you want and the driver gets the request and the app will show how long you will wait.  It also shows you a small map, and where the driver is in comparison to where you are and how long it will be before they reach you. You do have to use a credit card to pay, but everything is so simple, and secure, and we talked to our drivers a lot about being part of Uber, and how it works.  There are a lot of retired people doing this and collage kids are doing this to make money while in school.  This is a big controversial thing in Vegas, as it is eating into the taxi service kingdom......which has outlandish prices and the drivers are NOT friendly and their driving can sometimes be horrifying! They drive like madmen in the bigger cities.
3. Deb, it was Sigfried and Roy who had the white tiger and did magic.  We did see them YEARS ago and were also a fantastic show.  It's been 11 years since Roy was attacked and left paralyzed.

The "Business" side of the trip:

(you can skip this part .....won't hurt my feelings)
Most of the T-gang knows that we have been planning on building a new house ( for about 20 years) The floor plans are now waiting for the county to approve waiting for paint to dry...ugh!
Why we "went" to Veags was for The World of Concrete Convention.......sound exciting?  It is a HUGE convention and people come from around the world to attend. A lot like the CHA convention in our world. *grin*  The last time ( about 15 years ago) we attended it was just the main it is in THREE HUGE buildings.  

We are really not in the concrete business any longer, but we wanted to talk to the people who manufacture ICF forms.  What are ICF forms??? Insulating concrete form or insulated concrete form (ICF) is a system of formwork for reinforced concrete usually made with a rigid thermal insulation that stays in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors, and roofs. The forms are interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete. The units lock together somewhat like Lego bricks and create a form for the structural walls or floors of a building. 
They look like this:

Image result for icf forms pictures

Too much information??? LOL!  I do get carried away with this subject, I find it fascinating.
I did not take many photos at the convention but I did snap two of this truck.  It is an extra large crane truck, and I admired the paint job and what it stands for. I could not get far enough away for a full photo of the truck.........there were about 15 of these trucks in this section of one building. And THAT is how we spent all day Thursday!

Friday was time to head for home, but I have ALWAYS wanted to see the Titanic exhibit, and it is at the Luxor hotel and casino.  This is what you see when you enter the building.  The Luxor is built like a giant pyramid .  The photo on the right is looking up to the point of the pyramid.
This show you how the floors, with the guest rooms are.  The left photo is from the main floor and the right one is from the top of the escalator. Yes those are real palm trees.
Image result for luxor hotel las vegas pictures
above photo courtesy of the internet. 
This is a map-layout of the is really a big place! The Atrium is where the exhibit is and where I took the photos.

The Titanic exhibit was very sobering and interesting. THEY FORBID ANY KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHING! I was so disappointed, but can understand....ALL of it is trademarked. 
The things that they DID recover were amazing.  There were even paper article they found still intact.  They recreated sections of the ship, to give you a better perspective of what it was like.  Your ticket is a replica of the boarding passes, and has actual names of passengers on it and a short bio of why they were on the Titanic.  In the last room is a list of all the people that survived, and you got to search out your passengers.......they were mostly married couples, or families.  My couple were married, no children, the wife survived, the husband did not.

After seeing the exhibit we decided we better have some lunch before hitting the road for home. ( we did not Uber as this was on the path home)
We chose the buffet at the Luxor, this is my empty was a diet Pepsi.  The food was rally good and the price was reasonable compared to the dinner in last weeks post.

This buffet was down stairs and set up really cool, the sections were divided by interesting Egypian style architecture.
These are the tops of the pillars behind the Mr.  
With our tummies filled to the brim we headed home, it had rained the whole time we were in Vegas and all the way to Tehachapi.....about 40 miles from home, and up in the mountains......
I took this through the window of the truck.....brrr! It was cold in the mountains.  It was only about 15 minutes and we were back in the rain.

This is the only souvenir I bought........I just had to have it, maybe next time you see it it will be full of coffee.....*grin* The back is a picture of a boarding pass.....but I couldn't get a good photo because of the glare....maybe an other time.

I decided to try a watercolor painting, this is the first full watercolor painting I have done since high school.......just as hard as I remember, but I do have an old pick up waiting to be done.  I want them to be a set.....hope it works.  The back and white is what I took the painting from.

It's now waiting to be matted and framed.  The angle of the photo makes it look more portrait than landscape.

Sorry about being a bit wordy this week, but you had your lesson in concrete and ICF forms  LOL!
Hope you will join me and the T-gang for a jaunt around the world to what's in their cups and what's going on their worlds.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Warm Winter Wishes

The end of the week has once again rolled around, have you had a creative week?  From what I've been reading, on Blogland, it is pretty cold in most parts of the northern hemisphere.  After a solid week of rain the sun finally came out and the days have been bright and sunny........but just barely making "warm" on the thermometer.  I have woke up to frost on the roof tops every morning, since the rain stopped.......but I'm not complaining, I prefer the cold to the extreme hot weather that will be here in no time. 

Over last weekend, when it was raining and the wind was blowing bitter cold, I made this card.  I would have liked to have her long coat and muff, it would have made leaving the house a bit warmer....LOL!  The image is an OLD stamp from Frantic Stamper and colored with marker ink.  I used a "new" edge die to make it even feel colder.  The sentiment is also an OLD stamp, but I don't remember where I got it.

A closer is hard to get a good photo of the edge die with all the shadows it creates.

There are a couple of challenges that I would like to enter this card in, and they are:

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Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


On to NBUS#9! Our beautiful hostess is, of course Darnell
The optional twist(s), this week are; 1. CASE a card and/ or 2. Hidden word.
The key word here is optional, you do not have to add the any of the twist is you do not want to.
Cat's Ink.Corporated: Still addINKtive - Spot That Stamp Set - Happy Easter:
This is the card I found on Pinterest and I really liked it, but did not have that cross stamp or the flower fact all I really had was the oval die.......but I gave it a try with what I have.......

 You see, I have a couple NBUS dies I wanted to use........that gorgeous cross die from Gina Marie and then there is the new set of cross stitched oval dies...from Gina Marie yummy!!
The roses are a stamp and die set (NBUS also) that I bought just as it was turning into fall time.
I, for the love of candy, could NOT find my Happy Easter Stamp!  So I went with this sentiment, and it is also NBUS, embossed with white on vellum.

The background of the crosses was made by scribbling markers on an acrylic block, giving it a good spritz of water and flipping it over onto white card stock.  I was having so much fun I did an other piece of c.s. with much lighter colors too. I do put these papers between a kitchen paper towel (on the bottom) and a clean paper on top and then set them under something heavy until dry........very little warping.

The roses nearly got the best of me!  I stamped with white ink and embossed with white powder......then used the whole outline die.......okay, but not what I wanted.  There is about three dies to the rose, so I die cut the middle......that by it's self wasn't going to work either........grrrr! Then I happened to lay the die cut over the embossed part, the embossing would show if I moved that die cut ever so slightly.  WOW! that made the rose look almost like I had added glitter!
Here they are, I left one separated so you could see the difference

A closer look at the completed roses on the card.

I guess I am not very good at CASEing, but the inspiration was differently from Susan.

Darnell is having surgery tomorrow, please keep her in your prayers.
Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

T Stands for Las Vegas

Grab button for T stands for Tuesday

A surprise quick trip to Vegas! 

Along the bottom: L to R: our room, fish and chips for dinner along with my glass of wine ( for the T-gang) Top RH is me popping out of the mystery box on stage, before the show.

Even though the weather wasn't the best for traveling, we made the 5 hour drive over to Vegas for a quick get away that combined a little business with pleasure.  We headed over Wednesday about 1 PM and were checking into out room about 6 PM....the extra time was for a lunch stop along the way.
DH had gotten on-line Tuesday evening and bought us tickets to see Penn and Teller...front row seats.. for Wednesday night at 9 PM, so it was just a quick rest and then getting ready to go.  We usually drive our own vehicle around Vegas, but the hotels and casinos now charge for valet parking, if your not a registered guest. So we made our first UBER ride!  It was great....door to door...round trip was about $10, a cab would have been double that each direction.
The show was at the Rio Hotel and Casino, so we had dinner before the show.  We both chose the show special of fish and chips, that came with a cup of soup........way over priced but we were starving and the days of eating "cheap in Vegas" are just a faded memory.  Sadly, it was too much food and neither of us could finish it was delicious fish!
The Penn and Teller show was great!  I have always wanted to see them, they are magicians for those who don't know who they are.....even though there really is no magic....just the slight of hand..LOL!!  It was a 90 minute show with no intermission, and they kept your attention the whole time.
By the time we were back at our hotel it was midnight.....needless to say we slept in the next morning.

So, not to bore you to tears, I'll save the rest of the trip for an other T-day post.  Now it is time to grab a fresh cup and go visit the T-gang  hurry, I'll meet you over there.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Beginnings.........

It is a cold, wet and blustery morning here in our part of California......what better time to have some play time! 
This is just a real quick and simple card using two of the stamps from my new set of Stampendous Stamps.  I just love whimsical houses, so I chose this one, and the sentiment , and placed it on a die cut.  It was quickly colored with my favorite water coloring technique. Mounted onto a white card base and that was it......easy....peasy!

I am entering this quick card in the following challenges:

"Less is More"
challenge 312: New Beginnings

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Challenge 123: New Beginnings

Short and quick for this Sunday morning, hope you are save and warm......or cool and comfy where ever you are.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Just Because......A NBUS#8 card

Well, our sweet Darnell : djkardkreations is up to her NBUS challenges again.....that's Never Been Used Schtuff! She is mixing things up a little this time......3 challenges starting on three different Mondays (only One week each challenge) and there's these other little twists too!!

For the first week....that started LAST is NBUS plus craft paper and colored pencils!!!  Isn't she a crafty one ( pun intended *grin*)
Since I got a surprise, quick little out of town trip in the middle of the week, I'm a little late getting this posted.  The NBUS mushrooms are from a Dylusion set, and then colored with colored pencils.....I hand drew the boarder around the card after chomping the corners.  The sentiment is an old one, but I thought it fit......what else do you use with mushrooms???  Well, I could think of a few from the 60s but thought better, and just used this one...LOL!! The shine, on the mushrooms is just the wax of the pencils.....but it made a great photo huh?

I hope you will take the time to visit Darnell's blog and check out the entries.....there are very, very many to see.  Also this coming Monday will be NBUS #9 with a twist....make sure you check that one out too!

Monday, January 16, 2017

T Stands for Brooklyns BBQ

Sunday the Mr. and I were out and about gathering office supplies to change over all the files for the company, since it's a new year and things go from one file cabinet to an other, the old out into storage and new files are once again started.  It was a rather gray and chilly day, but we managed to get the things we needed, then it was time for a late lunch/ early dinner.  He said he had been over to the Brooklyns BBQ for lunch with our son (I must have missed my invite *grin*), and wanted to take me there......okay!  It sits in the back of a little strip mall.

It isn't a very large place, notice the gray sky....brrrr! it was cold by now.

Redneck pallet sign???? really???? I wasn't impressed!

This cute little sign was in the front window. "best in town"........they don't know the Ogle Boys!

Well, it was game day after all!

You get a sneak peek at the menu before being seated, then they bring one to your table.  I guess they were expecting a long line......there wasn't one Sunday.
More like a sports bar than a BBQ place (to me)  There were 8 televisions in this place, one had a hockey game, one was a local channel and all the rest were football.......all the same game!!
Don't get me wrong, I do like football, but this crowd was really into the game, the noise was more than sitting AT the game itself!

I hope these people didn't mind me taking their picture......but I don't think they even noticed.  I found the place to be a little on the dark side as well as noisy.

They did have a patio area with free standing heaters.  A few adults went out with their kids during the game's half time........too cold for me!

There really wasn't much art on the walls, but I did find this scale sitting on the wall between booths.  I thought it was really the coolest thing in the whole place!

Our meal arrived before the appetizer, the Mr. ordered, along with his salad.  This is my plate, baked potato, tri-tip and coleslaw and a good cold beer!  Now all who frequent my blog, know MY boys can cook some mean BBQ (smoked meat). This was an okay meal........I know, I know......I'm spoiled by MY men!! LOL!! The best thing on the plate was the baked potato, I didn't care for the slaw at all, not sure what seasoning they used, left a very bitter taste in my mouth.  Now the Mr. ordered a Bourbon BBQ wing plate.  The wings were a tad over done, but that BBQ sauce was the bomb!  The Hush puppies, our appetizer, were WELL done and a little dry by the time we finally got them. Somebody dropped the ball on our order, and I think the appetizer was forgotten all about until we said something. 
Will I go back here?? I always give a place at least two tries, maybe next time not on the weekend.

So now I'm heading over to the Altered Book Lover blog to link up to the T-gang, grab a cup, glass, or bottle and join me.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Let's Be Friends and Happy MAIL!!

I'm between loads of laundry at the moment, one in the dryer (almost dry) one load in the washer (fabric softener cycle) and the last load on the bedroom floor........Saturday chores UGH!! I figure I have about 12 minutes before I have to jump up and switch everything.  So start the timer!!!

I'll start first with my HAPPY MAIL!!!  
Oh just look what landed in my mailbox yesterday!  It is a post card from DEB Learning to Just Breath.  It is so cute, I just LOVE it DEB!  She draws the cutest whimsical houses, and what luck......the flash also caught the glitter....LOVE IT!!

I don't work much with digital images, but I was rummaging through files of photos, on my PC, and came across this one.  I had won a gift certificate a looooong time ago and I had chosen this image.  I do adore their images, but always had problems printing them and not having the printer ink smear. UGH! I gave it an other try......since I bought a new computer a couple years ago, and I have some really smooth card stock from Spectrum Noir.  I then colored it with SN alcohol markers, while watching some TV.  I used a Gina Marie: DOUBLE PIERCED ROUND RECTANGLE IN AND OUT CUT DIES for the image, mounted it on the card base and added a pretty little bow at the top.

Well, I missed that 12 minute buzzer, but the load are all now swapped and a new timer begins....LOL!  

Hope your Saturday is going great, and that you are safe and warm if your in the northern hemisphere and cool and comfy is your down under!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy Little Post Card

Deb of Learning to Just Breath and I have been exchanging post cards for well over a year now.  It has been so much fun to receive her's as she is such a diverse artist......all our post cards are hand made and we try to recycle as much materiel as possible.

This one is winging it's way east already.  I chose to use a piece of watercolor paper I had "played" with at last weeks paint party, to show the young-ungs stencils. I thought it a good choice as it is mostly acrylic paint, and with the weather has been erratic in all parts of the nation, is waterproof.  I did add some swirls and whirls with StazOn ink (waterproof too) and the Happy New Year is stamped with paint.  This is adhered to a scrap of white cardboard form my stash. I wrote the year with a paint pen.

There are quite a few Mixed Media challenges running this month.......such yummy stuff to behold at these sites.
Here are the ones I want to enter this post card in:

Grab our Badge
challenge: Anything Goes

January challenge


Stamps and Stencils

Now I'm sure there are many more, but these are the ones I chose for now, and maybe I'll get more entries made.  I do hope you will take a moment and visit them to see wonderful DT work and some fantastic entries.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Playing in Journals

Well, here we are in the middle of the second week of the new year.  How is everybody doing?  So many people are down with the flu, or like me, with a head full of congestion and a horrendous cough.........ya know the kind that makes you cross your legs....LOL!  My head is starting to clear and my hearing isn't so muffled.....but this cough...YUCK!  To much info??
Today I wanted to share a page from my granddaughter, Hannah's art journal, I even chose it for a new header I like it so much.  She did this last week during our paint party.

Everyone is working, or has finished preparing art journals, planners and such for the new year.  Yesterday, after journaling, I decided I had best get more weeks prepared.  So far this is what I have finished, there are a pages that will get more added as I go along, they are a bit boring at the moment.  All but week three.........I went just a little overboard on it....LOL!

I use mostly craft acrylic paint, it is easier to write on with an ink pen. There is tissue paper added here and there and sometimes designer paper. I use the Cricut for cutting most of the numbers.......sometimes my number dies......and a LOT of stickers!  I have so many stickers from the days I did mostly scrapbooks.......and that's been a while back. Some are so old I have to use a little glue to get them to stay down, *grin*

Today I am contemplating actually pulling the cover on it.  I have one made, but I'm considering making a change and using the finished cover for a different journal. Decisions, decisions! 

Thanks for stopping by.......................