Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Playing in Journals

Well, here we are in the middle of the second week of the new year.  How is everybody doing?  So many people are down with the flu, or like me, with a head full of congestion and a horrendous cough.........ya know the kind that makes you cross your legs....LOL!  My head is starting to clear and my hearing isn't so muffled.....but this cough...YUCK!  To much info??
Today I wanted to share a page from my granddaughter, Hannah's art journal, I even chose it for a new header I like it so much.  She did this last week during our paint party.

Everyone is working, or has finished preparing art journals, planners and such for the new year.  Yesterday, after journaling, I decided I had best get more weeks prepared.  So far this is what I have finished, there are a pages that will get more added as I go along, they are a bit boring at the moment.  All but week three.........I went just a little overboard on it....LOL!

I use mostly craft acrylic paint, it is easier to write on with an ink pen. There is tissue paper added here and there and sometimes designer paper. I use the Cricut for cutting most of the numbers.......sometimes my number dies......and a LOT of stickers!  I have so many stickers from the days I did mostly scrapbooks.......and that's been a while back. Some are so old I have to use a little glue to get them to stay down, *grin*

Today I am contemplating actually pulling the cover on it.  I have one made, but I'm considering making a change and using the finished cover for a different journal. Decisions, decisions! 

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  1. The new header Hannah made for you is gorgeous. Glad you are having fun with your journals. Hope your cold soon gets really better. I am still cold-free, but my blood pressure is so high that I need to keep very quiet just now. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Great work from you and Hannah! Amazing !Get well soon!

  3. I think you've made some great pages for someone who has that killer cold. Hope you feel better soon. Hugs-Erika

  4. I love the beautiful banner Hannah created for you. I am also in awe of your wonderful calendar. You put my puny monthly calendar to shame. You have more to say, obviously, than I, I guess. Regardless, I love the look of your new calendar.

    BTW, please feel better soon.

  5. Hannah's page is really pretty. So are the rest of them. Stickers do get old--LOL!Hope the cough goes away soon. :)