Monday, January 16, 2017

T Stands for Brooklyns BBQ

Sunday the Mr. and I were out and about gathering office supplies to change over all the files for the company, since it's a new year and things go from one file cabinet to an other, the old out into storage and new files are once again started.  It was a rather gray and chilly day, but we managed to get the things we needed, then it was time for a late lunch/ early dinner.  He said he had been over to the Brooklyns BBQ for lunch with our son (I must have missed my invite *grin*), and wanted to take me there......okay!  It sits in the back of a little strip mall.

It isn't a very large place, notice the gray sky....brrrr! it was cold by now.

Redneck pallet sign???? really???? I wasn't impressed!

This cute little sign was in the front window. "best in town"........they don't know the Ogle Boys!

Well, it was game day after all!

You get a sneak peek at the menu before being seated, then they bring one to your table.  I guess they were expecting a long line......there wasn't one Sunday.
More like a sports bar than a BBQ place (to me)  There were 8 televisions in this place, one had a hockey game, one was a local channel and all the rest were football.......all the same game!!
Don't get me wrong, I do like football, but this crowd was really into the game, the noise was more than sitting AT the game itself!

I hope these people didn't mind me taking their picture......but I don't think they even noticed.  I found the place to be a little on the dark side as well as noisy.

They did have a patio area with free standing heaters.  A few adults went out with their kids during the game's half time........too cold for me!

There really wasn't much art on the walls, but I did find this scale sitting on the wall between booths.  I thought it was really the coolest thing in the whole place!

Our meal arrived before the appetizer, the Mr. ordered, along with his salad.  This is my plate, baked potato, tri-tip and coleslaw and a good cold beer!  Now all who frequent my blog, know MY boys can cook some mean BBQ (smoked meat). This was an okay meal........I know, I know......I'm spoiled by MY men!! LOL!! The best thing on the plate was the baked potato, I didn't care for the slaw at all, not sure what seasoning they used, left a very bitter taste in my mouth.  Now the Mr. ordered a Bourbon BBQ wing plate.  The wings were a tad over done, but that BBQ sauce was the bomb!  The Hush puppies, our appetizer, were WELL done and a little dry by the time we finally got them. Somebody dropped the ball on our order, and I think the appetizer was forgotten all about until we said something. 
Will I go back here?? I always give a place at least two tries, maybe next time not on the weekend.

So now I'm heading over to the Altered Book Lover blog to link up to the T-gang, grab a cup, glass, or bottle and join me.


  1. We're rather particular with our bbq, too-your post is an awful lot like a review my daughter just gave me of a place she recently tried! :)

  2. You seem so disappointed with your visit to that restaurant. I think I would be giving it a miss. Service and good food are key to enjoying the meal.
    That old set of scales does look interesting and makes a talking piece maybe, in its the modern setting.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  3. I think it looks pretty good to me but of course sometimes a photo can make it look good because you can't taste anything. I like your philosophy of trying every place twice. I think that's smart. Happy T day Krisha. Hugs-Erika

  4. OK, I do like that scale. However - a sports bar atmosphere and food has never been my thing - an neither is sports so much- unless you include ice skating:):) Hoping your next meal out makes up for this experience. Happy T day!

  5. All I can say is, I am glad I live in KS, because those prices were out of my price range. They should have comped you the appetizer, but it sounds like they knew they had a loyal following and didn't care if you came back or not. The food looks decent, but I'm also particular about my cole slaw.

    Thanks for sharing this with us for T this week. I'm also one to give a restaurant a fair review. I'm glad you didn't gloss over this place!

  6. Looks like an interesting visit, and sorry if it wasn't up to your expectations. Happy T Day,hugs, Valerie

  7. I'm glad to hear you give a place two tries Krisha... i try to do the same... sometimes they're just having an off day.... I'll bet it would be difficult to find a good barbecue place with your family of professional barbecuers... :) Your hubby was very brave to take you Hmmm.... maybe they need some of your artwork hanging on their walls?! Surely you could made a better pallet sign for them! Happy happy T day my dear!! Hugs! deb

  8. Sorry to hear that it wasn't as good as had been expected.

    Happy T-Day dear Krisha!

  9. to me it doesn´t Sound i would give it a second try;) i hate loud tv (actually any tv) when i go out eating. i want to concentrate to my meal and the People i´m with, and at such places talking is not an Option i think. but now you know and can choose a better place:)
    happy t-day, krisha!

  10. Happy T Day

    This looks like a good place and great food. I like a place that has space-poetry:)

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Yes, you seem rather disappointed with that restaurant. I looked at the menu and I thought is was very expensive. I would only be able to afford a side dish and a drink lol!Here is Spain most restaurants have big television screens. It annoys me no end, especially if they have them on loud. (A lot of places have them on mute thankfully)and then I make a point of sitting with my back to the telly so I don't have to watch.
    Have a good week,

  12. BBQ is always a good choice and you are lucky to have some great restaurants in your area as we don't get this type of restaurant here in the UK. Shame it wasn't up to scratch this time. Happy T Day! J :-)

  13. When I want BBQ I think I will just invite myself to your house, LOL! I don't like the sports bar atmosphere no matter what food they serve. It is always a good day when you can go out to lunch with your DH though.

  14. I suppose BBQ must be a magical place but I was sorry to hear it wasn't as you expected.I found it rather expensive too but I bet it worths the price.Happy T Day! J :-)

  15. I am always ready to try a new bbq joint. Maybe next time the hush puppies will be served when they aren't past their prime :( I look forward to reading about your next experience there when it's less crowded. We don't cook our own at my house, so we're totally dependent on the professionals. It's a shame when they disappoint, but there's always next time :) I hope they redeem themselves.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  16. Guess they can't all be winners!
    Love that old scale!
    Not being a meat eater or much of a sports fan you may have had to drag me in there LOL.
    Haven't had a hush puppy in so made me hungry for one
    Happy T Day

  17. It certainly is a bleak looking place and, with all those bare walls, I can imagine how noisy it would get. Your meal made a great photo ;-) Too bad it didn't taste as good as it looks. I hope they do better on their second chance. Restaurants are such a tough business that I hate to see any fail. Happy T Day, Krisha!

  18. I don't think that place would be for me, we don't each much meat and neither of are especially sports fans. Maybe it will be better if you go back midweek - like you I give places a second chance usually! Happy T Day! Chris