T Stands for Las Vegas

Grab button for T stands for Tuesday

A surprise quick trip to Vegas! 

Along the bottom: L to R: our room, fish and chips for dinner along with my glass of wine ( for the T-gang) Top RH is me popping out of the mystery box on stage, before the show.

Even though the weather wasn't the best for traveling, we made the 5 hour drive over to Vegas for a quick get away that combined a little business with pleasure.  We headed over Wednesday about 1 PM and were checking into out room about 6 PM....the extra time was for a lunch stop along the way.
DH had gotten on-line Tuesday evening and bought us tickets to see Penn and Teller...front row seats.. for Wednesday night at 9 PM, so it was just a quick rest and then getting ready to go.  We usually drive our own vehicle around Vegas, but the hotels and casinos now charge for valet parking, if your not a registered guest. So we made our first UBER ride!  It was great....door to door...round trip was about $10, a cab would have been double that each direction.
The show was at the Rio Hotel and Casino, so we had dinner before the show.  We both chose the show special of fish and chips, that came with a cup of soup........way over priced but we were starving and the days of eating "cheap in Vegas" are just a faded memory.  Sadly, it was too much food and neither of us could finish it all......it was delicious fish!
The Penn and Teller show was great!  I have always wanted to see them, they are magicians for those who don't know who they are.....even though there really is no magic....just the slight of hand..LOL!!  It was a 90 minute show with no intermission, and they kept your attention the whole time.
By the time we were back at our hotel it was midnight.....needless to say we slept in the next morning.

So, not to bore you to tears, I'll save the rest of the trip for an other T-day post.  Now it is time to grab a fresh cup and go visit the T-gang  hurry, I'll meet you over there.


  1. It sounds like you had a fun trip especially when you got to see a show.
    Its good when you come out of a show knowing that you really enjoyed it and that you were engrossed the whole time.
    Happy T Day
    Yvonne xx

  2. Wow- sounds like a great little get away. I've never seen Penn and Teller, but I have been to Vegas a couple of times and enjoyed a few good shows. And nice to get some fun on a little business trip. Happy T day-the fish looks yummy. Hugs-Erika

  3. What a fun business and pleasure getaway you had. It looked like you enjoyed yourself, too. Looks like you had fun posing with Penn, too.

    I can remember when eating in Vegas cost about $2.00 for breakfast and lunch. That was back in the late 80s before the mob was completely run out of town. Now it's all corporations and big named casinos that overcharge everything.

    Your fish looked good, though, and I'm sure your wine tasted great. Although I'm not a wine drinker I remember that you are supposed to have white wine with fish. Sadly, that's about all I know.

    Thanks for taking us with you to Vegas for T. Sounds like your UBER ride the most affordable part of the trip! Can't wait to see the rest of Vegas with you.

  4. what a fun time! Penn and Teller are fascinating. Glad to hear about your positive Uber experience. Tho we have not tried it out yet our local friends do recommend it and have always had a good experience:)
    Glad you enjoyed your trip despite some extra $$ Happy T day!

  5. Oh wow.. that was for sure a super trip! Just great! Happy T-Day dear Krisha!
    oxo Susi

  6. well, though i don´t know penn and teller, i see you had a wonderful time at vegas. how good to Combine Business and fun!
    happy t-day, krisha!

  7. Glad you had a great trip to Las Vegas, sounds great! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. Happy T Day

    Love the wine on the gold table it looks terrific. Sounds like you fitted a lot into your visit.

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Vegas is such a great place and it looks like you had such a fun trip. How wonderful to meet Penn & Teller too and get your photos, I bet the show was amazing! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip :-). Happy T Day! J :-)

  10. Ah Vegas! Haven't been there since we got married. I used to "sell Vegas" when I was a travel agent for MLT vacations a zillion years ago. Vegas was only only thing I sold....it was weird since I'd never been there at the time. Had to know all about it though. :)
    Happy T day!

  11. Wow it sounds like you had alot of fun Krisha! I have always wanted to go to Vegas to see some shows... We are not gamblers but still the shows would be fun... I'd like cirque de soliel and the Blue man group and Penn and Teller too... I would have also liked to see the guys with the tigers... can't think of their names now but ofcourse that show is no longer there... Thanks for the info on Vegas too.. good to know the food is not cheap and the valet parking thing... Hugs! Happy T day! deb

  12. I am glad you enjoyed yourself in Vegas and you don't bore me to tears because I love knowing different cultures. Happy T-Day!

  13. That sounds like a great little getaway. I've been to Vegas in 2001, meals were cheap then and we enjoyed ourselves enormously. We went everywhere on foot as we were staying at Cesar's Palace. You'll have to explain what Uber ride is. I googled it, thinking it might be one of those overhead train things, but there is lots of info about how cheap and wonderful uber ride is, but nowhere have I been able to find out what it is....
    I have not heard of the magician show you mentioned, but I am sure it must have been fascinating.
    Great photos. You're looking good. I love your hair, your hair is a beautiful natural grey. Lucky you.
    Who are the other people in the photo. One of them I guess is your dear hubby, and the younger chap might be a colleague, (it was a half business trip)or a family member, or the magician even? (orry, I am inquisitive).
    Happy T-Day,

  14. Ludky you! I love Penn and Teller. Must have been a great show. So cool that you got a picture with Penn and being able to pop out of the magic box. I always have a glass of wine when I have a special dinner out. I usually order a Zinfandel. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip. Happy T Day

  15. Wow! What a great last minute surprise! Our sons have booked to see Penn and Teller on their UK Tour (guess who will baby sitting!?) I have seen them on TV and they certainly know how to entertain! What a shame you couldn't eat all of your fish and chips! Happy T Day! Is the UBER a tram? Chrisx

  16. My hubby and I enjoy Penn & Teller too. Lucky you to get a photo op!!! That's a really cute shot of you popping out of the mystery box. Happy T Day, Krisha!

  17. What a fun trip! That fish and chips looks very tasty. I'd have been glad to help out there ;) Happy T Tuesday

  18. Oh, i love Penn and Teller!! they are so funny and cool...love that you got a 'celebrity picture!' now I forget...it that Penn...or Teller? I think he's lost a lot of weight since I saw him on TV last! sounds like a fun trip :) happy T day!

  19. That sounds like so much fun!!! Penn and Teller have always been fascinating to me, that must have been a great show. :)


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