Monday, January 30, 2017

T Stands for More Las Vegas

Happy T-day my friends! 
I had quite a few questions on my last T-day post and thought I would start with a few best I can.  
1.The man in the photo with Bob and I is Penn, of Penn and Teller......funny and fascinating magicians.
2. Uber is like a taxi.......but the drivers are people who use their own cars for the service of transporting you.  You down load an app, on your cell phone, then when you need a ride, you pull up the app and say where you want to go......then you see drivers and their prices.  Then you click on the driver/price you want and the driver gets the request and the app will show how long you will wait.  It also shows you a small map, and where the driver is in comparison to where you are and how long it will be before they reach you. You do have to use a credit card to pay, but everything is so simple, and secure, and we talked to our drivers a lot about being part of Uber, and how it works.  There are a lot of retired people doing this and collage kids are doing this to make money while in school.  This is a big controversial thing in Vegas, as it is eating into the taxi service kingdom......which has outlandish prices and the drivers are NOT friendly and their driving can sometimes be horrifying! They drive like madmen in the bigger cities.
3. Deb, it was Sigfried and Roy who had the white tiger and did magic.  We did see them YEARS ago and were also a fantastic show.  It's been 11 years since Roy was attacked and left paralyzed.

The "Business" side of the trip:

(you can skip this part .....won't hurt my feelings)
Most of the T-gang knows that we have been planning on building a new house ( for about 20 years) The floor plans are now waiting for the county to approve waiting for paint to dry...ugh!
Why we "went" to Veags was for The World of Concrete Convention.......sound exciting?  It is a HUGE convention and people come from around the world to attend. A lot like the CHA convention in our world. *grin*  The last time ( about 15 years ago) we attended it was just the main it is in THREE HUGE buildings.  

We are really not in the concrete business any longer, but we wanted to talk to the people who manufacture ICF forms.  What are ICF forms??? Insulating concrete form or insulated concrete form (ICF) is a system of formwork for reinforced concrete usually made with a rigid thermal insulation that stays in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors, and roofs. The forms are interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete. The units lock together somewhat like Lego bricks and create a form for the structural walls or floors of a building. 
They look like this:

Image result for icf forms pictures

Too much information??? LOL!  I do get carried away with this subject, I find it fascinating.
I did not take many photos at the convention but I did snap two of this truck.  It is an extra large crane truck, and I admired the paint job and what it stands for. I could not get far enough away for a full photo of the truck.........there were about 15 of these trucks in this section of one building. And THAT is how we spent all day Thursday!

Friday was time to head for home, but I have ALWAYS wanted to see the Titanic exhibit, and it is at the Luxor hotel and casino.  This is what you see when you enter the building.  The Luxor is built like a giant pyramid .  The photo on the right is looking up to the point of the pyramid.
This show you how the floors, with the guest rooms are.  The left photo is from the main floor and the right one is from the top of the escalator. Yes those are real palm trees.
Image result for luxor hotel las vegas pictures
above photo courtesy of the internet. 
This is a map-layout of the is really a big place! The Atrium is where the exhibit is and where I took the photos.

The Titanic exhibit was very sobering and interesting. THEY FORBID ANY KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHING! I was so disappointed, but can understand....ALL of it is trademarked. 
The things that they DID recover were amazing.  There were even paper article they found still intact.  They recreated sections of the ship, to give you a better perspective of what it was like.  Your ticket is a replica of the boarding passes, and has actual names of passengers on it and a short bio of why they were on the Titanic.  In the last room is a list of all the people that survived, and you got to search out your passengers.......they were mostly married couples, or families.  My couple were married, no children, the wife survived, the husband did not.

After seeing the exhibit we decided we better have some lunch before hitting the road for home. ( we did not Uber as this was on the path home)
We chose the buffet at the Luxor, this is my empty was a diet Pepsi.  The food was rally good and the price was reasonable compared to the dinner in last weeks post.

This buffet was down stairs and set up really cool, the sections were divided by interesting Egypian style architecture.
These are the tops of the pillars behind the Mr.  
With our tummies filled to the brim we headed home, it had rained the whole time we were in Vegas and all the way to Tehachapi.....about 40 miles from home, and up in the mountains......
I took this through the window of the truck.....brrr! It was cold in the mountains.  It was only about 15 minutes and we were back in the rain.

This is the only souvenir I bought........I just had to have it, maybe next time you see it it will be full of coffee.....*grin* The back is a picture of a boarding pass.....but I couldn't get a good photo because of the glare....maybe an other time.

I decided to try a watercolor painting, this is the first full watercolor painting I have done since high school.......just as hard as I remember, but I do have an old pick up waiting to be done.  I want them to be a set.....hope it works.  The back and white is what I took the painting from.

It's now waiting to be matted and framed.  The angle of the photo makes it look more portrait than landscape.

Sorry about being a bit wordy this week, but you had your lesson in concrete and ICF forms  LOL!
Hope you will join me and the T-gang for a jaunt around the world to what's in their cups and what's going on their worlds.


  1. Krisha your watercolor is amazing! No one would guess you hadn't done this since highschool! Beautiful! Thank you so much for the trip around Vegas.. I have never been and i find it fascinating.. We don't gamble but there is so much to see there besides that.. That mug is exactly what i would have taken home too!!! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  2. OK, I'm a geek who has read a LOT about those ICF concrete forms. I was an engineer in a previous life. And yes, it was fascinating to me, because this is a green way of doing things. I've seen examples of styrofoam instead of concrete and it's supposed to hold up as well. Of course, that was from the 90s, so things may have changed once they know more about them.

    I would LOVE to eat at that buffet. You saved calories by drinking a diet Pepsi, too (grin). It sounds like it was awesome.

    And it was great that you got to see the Titanic exhibition. That sounds fascinating, too.

    Your old truck is wonderful. I love it. Thanks for taking us to Las Vegas with you and sharing your knowledge of ICF concrete blocks, as well as your buffet and diet Pepsi for T this Tuesday.

  3. Wow, Krisha, what a wonderful trip you had. And I LOVE your water-colour with the rusty car, really fantastic. Thanks for sharing all the photos. How sad not to be able to take photos at the Titanic exhibition. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. really sounds like a fantastic trip at vegas! if i should ever come there, i also would visit the Titanic Exhibition (and also regret that photos are not allowed). great pillar Details! and your watercolor painting, oh my - you are a Talent!
    happy t-day!

  5. An amazing post with so much of interest and wonderful photographs.

    Happy T Day to you

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Wow, what a great read this post has been today and the photos are all so interesting. The Titanic exhibition would be a stopping place for me to visit, shame about not being able to take photos, but it happens in many places these days.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  7. I never asked those questions but I was wondering about them. I never would have guessed concrete though. :)I enjoyed reading your post today- and I think that is a cool cup too. Sounds like even though you had business it was still a fun trip. Glad you shared it. And happy T Day Krisha. Hope its a good one. Hugs-Erika

  8. What an interesting post Kriha what a fantastic trip you had!
    Happy T-Day to you!
    oxo Susi

  9. fascinating trip and post Krisha but personally i would have preferred CHA myself:):)I would however have LOVED the Titanic exhibit and surely would have picked up that mug too. Glad you enjoyed it all. Happy T day!

  10. I love Vegas, it's been a good few years since we have visited though and it's changed so much over the years with all the big hotels along the strip :-). The Luxor looks fab with the Egyptian architecture and the titanic exhibition sounds fabulous, I really like that you got a replica boarding pass :-). We went on a Titanic exhibition at the Liverpool Maritime museum last year, it was so fascinating. Your painting of the old pick up truck is amazing :-). I'm glad you had such a good trip, thanks for sharing and Happy T Day! J :-)

  11. What a fascinating information-packed post. And you saved the best for last - your watercolor painting is excellent! The Titanic show sounds fascinating. The story and facts are so epic, especially when you think about individual passengers. Heart wrenching.

    Happy T Day, Krisha! xox, Eileen

  12. The Titanic exhibit is trademarked?! Oh, for pity's sake. You'd think they would welcome positive reviews and promotion. It does sound like an exhibit on that subject would be fascinating, but photos would make a world of difference, wouldn't they :( I'd have been frustrated, too.

    The detail on the top of those pillars is striking :) Happy T Tuesday!

  13. Wow! What a great post! I love the truck at the top of the post almost as much as your painting! Vegas fascinates me and the Luxor hotel would be a great place to visit! It looks although there is a lot going on! Hope it is warm now you are home! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  14. Not too much info at all...I think the ICF stuff is interesting! Your truck watercolor turned out all the photos of the Luxor, I am enamored with all things Egyptian! Happy T day...on Wednesday! ;)