Thursday, November 29, 2012

Making a quick stop at home

Well, we made it home from the Thanksgiving trip last Saturday Sunday morning about 2 AM.  What a great trip but soooo much to do when getting back.  ( more on that later) 
Last night I decided I really needed a crafting "fix" and sat down  and removed all the chip board pieces, from the large package I had picked up at Big Lots some months ago.  I had an embossed white paper floating in my stash drawer and some snowflake tissue paper I've dieing to tear into, so I decoupaged the tissue to the embossed CS and let it dry. Then the phone rang..................................  So it was this morning before I went back to the beginnings.  I fell in love with this reindeer and covered him with Gesso, then painted him silver.

I played around with the placement then decided to emboss him with silver, then took a silver paint pen and went over the antlers to make them shinny, and added him to the card.  The Inkadikado Merry Christmas embossed with the same silver finished off the card.
Gee this is my 3rd Christmas card........I'M ON A ROLL.............LOL.  Over on Betsy are two more cards in different stages.  I had to let some paint dry.  I really like this card and it turned out so pretty by the scanner and camera just didn't catch it, even took it out side and snapped pics there.  Oh well, such is life.
The Desert trip was great, almost hot days with a small breeze.   We smoked a turkey, had ham and all the fix'ns for Thanksgiving.

looking from the bedroom steps to the garage and out to the ramp that has cables to hold it level with the floor and make a patio.  Youngest son taking his turkey nap

Megan, Danica and Hannah out at Competition Hill

Hannah Danica and Megan at camp
A quick stop at home is all I get this week.  Tomorrow it's time to go to San Diego, it's Danica's 2nd birthday party.  Waiting for DH to say it is for the weekend or we're taking the trailer for a week.  The guys have made plans and we gals made different plans last night.  well, not different just updated ours LOL
Before signing off for this blog I might remind all in Blogland: DO NOT STEP ON YOUR CELL PHONE BEFORE LEAVING FOR VACATION!!  LOL
I did get a new one Sunday afternoon, so I'm back in the talking/texting business
Inky Hugs

Monday, November 19, 2012

Deck the Halls: art journal page

scanned photo
Still playing around with my art journal ( and only 2 Christmas cards made, something tells me I might be very happy I have cards left over from last year) I have always loved pictures of ornaments and that is where the inspiration for this page came from.  Once again I drew it with black permanent pen then use Inktense water color pencils and wet brush for the bleeding.  Once I was that far it looked a little too washed out and dull. Ornaments are bright and shiny.....right?  I started experimenting with different things to make them shiny, I did use a spray set over the water colors before starting.  Nothing was really giving me the effect I wanted :(  I finally got out the dimensional paints and added them here and there, OK that's looking a little better, so add some glitter paint, ok a little better..... Hmmmm!  I wanted a shiny pearly effect, so I went to the nail polish cabinet (yes I have one of those after being a nail tech for 13 years, and having 3 grand daughters) I grabbed some glitter polish, some pearl polish and a bottle of
 clear polish.  Well, now I started seeing some results, but I didn't have THAT wide of a range of colors, so I started picking up some Powdered Peal pigment with the brush of my clear polish, cleaning the brush after each color.  WaLa!  (Using polish on a large area you have to work quickly because it starts drying.) FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE YOUNG GIRLS, GRAND DAUGHTERS OR YOURSELF: You can buy cheap clear polish, any top coat will do, and add your Powdered Pearls to it.  It only takes a small amount, depending on how strong you want the color, and make any color of polish you want. (Wish I had know this 10 years ago when I did nails)

The scanned photo does not show any of the dimension, so I ran outside with my camera and took a couple more sots so the glitter and shiny show up along with the dimension.

Here is a photo kind of from an angle to show some of the dimension and glitter.

So now I'm off to get dressed, get this PC back to shop, in hopes of recapturing my pictures, then back here to finish loading up the "playhouse" for the annual Thanksgiving trip to the desert.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holly Jolly Santa card

Last year I bought some Christmas stamps from Stubby Stampers (like I needed more Christmas stamps) and I really didn't have time to use them as much as I would have liked to.  This little stamp (2 1/2" x 2 1/2") tends to draw my attention.  I stamped the image with TH distressed Vintage Photo ink then lightly colored the image. The edges are aged with the same ink. It is mounted on a metallic gold, which doesn't scan well, then onto an embossed white and finally the holly print. The bottom holly is part of a really old stamp of 3 candles.  It was stamped onto a very dark green print, then trimmed out.  Red pearls make the berries. (I ended up painting the pearls with a red Sharpie)  I added a hand made green swirl and the sentiment is on the ribbon at the bottom.  I added a chip board ornament at the top. 

Thanks for stopping by and as always your comments are a welcome inspiration.

Inky Hugs

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Frustrated Beyond Belief!!!

YEP! That's me!! PC was in the hospital for a week getting over a virus.  I pick it up Thursday, as they assured me all my pictures and music files had been saved and restored to a clean PC.   I get it home all excited as a kid on Christmas morn only to find out that there are 2 YEARS of pictures missing and a couple of very important document files.  So back it went Friday and they said "no problem, we'll fix it".  Got it back home last night and yep they added the files, and 2 sets of pictures from 2011.  Still no 2012 pictures and about 200 pictures from 2011 are still missing, so Monday I am going back and talking to them AGAIN, no sending DH this time, they are going to have to face a very irate Grandmother, and avid Scrapbooker!  I do know that sometimes a virus can damage picture files, but 2 YEARS worth.  I want them to SHOW me just what they saved. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!
So not having a PC to play with and keep in touch with, I was left a lot of time on my hands.  I was stunned at how much time I do spend on the PC.  I print all my pictures, try to keep up on all the blogs I follow, interact with my yahoo groups, my blog activities and the list gos on and on; I'm sure this shoe fits most of us. (It is really HARD to do any of this on a smart phone, and so slow) I was really upset and had a hard time focusing on holiday spirit and making Christmas cards, that I really needed to get started. So sitting in front of the TV I grabbed my art journal and started to doddle, and the Christmas Spirit hit me and this is the page I created. I drew it out with a black felt pen and then used my Inktense pencils to color it in. After coloring I used a wet paint brush and went over it, bleeding the colors here and there.

After it was finished I want to do more than just have it in my journal, so I made a color copy at about 50% on my printer, then made my first Christmas card with it.  I wish the colors would have come out just a little brighter, but I still like it such as it is.  I have never used my own art work for a Christmas card before.  Now that I have my PC back (for at least this weekend) I have run a print and the colors are brighter, so I might give this one more try.
I did get an other journal page almost finished and a second Christmas card, but I'll save those for a later post, your probably ready to move on after all my rumbling and grumbling......LOL

It feels good to back in the blog loop, I really missed not getting to play in WOYWW.  Hopefully I'll get to play a wee bit before we head to the desert for Thanksgiving......... MMMMMM I can already smell the turkey......
Krisha ( ya, I get to redesign my little logo GGRRRRR!!!)

Friday, November 9, 2012


and what INSPIRATION there was on every blog!!!!   Here are the rules:

It's a Recipe Blog Hop With a FALL theme! Here is what that means...

1. Visit all of our Design teams blog where each Designer will have an "ingredient" for our recipe.

2. Choose 6 of the 12 Recipe items to use on your layout, card or off the page project. Your project can be any theme you like... it does not have to be a fall theme. However, if you do make a fall themed project, your name will be entered twice for the prize drawing!

3. Upload your LO/Card/Project here by midnight Wednesday, Nov. 14th. Be sure to include a list of recipe ingredients used when you post your project on your blog or in your gallery. You must use 6 "ingredients" from the possible 12!
  I actually got 11 of the 12 ingredients on this LO!! The trick is to do it and not get things overly did I do?  The tattered background is a print of fall leaves, just love it and bought quite a few sheets last spring, I did add Gesso through the middle to quiet it down some..  The pics are of my youngest son and family, they are the ones expecting a boy in March.
Today is the first day of the HOP so there is still plenty of time to go join. Yes I did do this LO this morning right after the HOP (took me 3 cups of coffee LOL), going through the blogs I knew what pictures I wanted to use and what embellishments were going to be needed (actually some of them are left over from cards). So where do you need to go to join? Here:
 Some of the individual blogs are also offering treats for those participating.
So what  ingredients did I use?
die cut
spray mist
alphabet stickers
fall leaves

So that is it for this morning..............
Inky Hugs,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Christmas tag

So I'm waiting for some paint to dry on a scrap book embellishment and thought I'd do an other post.  A little backwards as I just posted some tags for Unruly Paper Arts, but this IS the first tag I made,( no cards yet).  I used an Inkadinkado reindeer stamp with brown ink, some Poinsettias made with TH Tattered flowers, beads for the center and gold glimmer mist over the whole card.  The edges I used gold foil hit and miss to give it that aged look.  A Merry Christmas stamp for the sentiment.  I do believe that is a SU stamp (?) dog chewed the wood and can't read it any longer.....gerrrrr!  So I'm off to check the paint.

until later,
Inky Hugs

Christmas tag for Unruly Paper Arts

Some Christmas tags I have been working on for the Unruly Paper Arts  Reader Art Quest #1 TAGS for November.  They are large tags, about 7" tall.  I like messing about with larger tags.  I cut them with my Cricut machine.  The stamped image is form Inkadinkado, embossed.  The Poinsettias were made with TH tattered flowers, they were grunged a bit then sprayed with glimmer mist.  Tiny beads make the centers.  The swirls were made with red Dimensional paint, trimmed out then added.  I made sure to leave enough space to write their names on the tags too.

Here is a closer view of the bottom Poinsettias.  I also had taken a gold paint pen and went around the edges.
Here is a closer view of the top of the tag.

Have you checked out Unruly Paper Arts?  Such a cool place for inspiration.  Check it out here:

Back to work on the scrap book.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tuesday night and Election night, here in the States  It's a close race and I keep jumping up and running to the living room to keep tabs on it. (Hey, I'm getting some exercise tonight LOL)
It is getting close to the end, only a couple more hours. BUT in the UK dear Julia has posted WOYWW: What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. She gets it going early for all us Yanks to get our desks post too.  What am I yabbering about? A trip around the world through your PC, looking at other people's work desks!!  If you haven't given it a try you should go here:

So what has Betsy got in store for you this week? Wooha, I've started playing with Christmas! From left to right there is my blog journal, almost empty roll of trim, happy birthday stamp, dink coaster, 2 small boxes (from Michael's today) they are for my Granddaughters to decorate as Christmas gifts, water pot with a wooden bracelet that will become a gift for my best friend, Almost finished birthday tag for my youngest GD, my first Christmas tag, a chip board tree and a corrugated box.
In the middle are some Thanksgiving stickers from Michael's (on sale for 50 cents), tattered flowers I was making poinsettias with (those tags are off screen, ready for a challenge, catch tomorrow's post), my glasses, dolphin paper weight, and ink pad. Across the front is a bag of colored leafing pieces, chip board ornaments waiting, gold paint pen and 6 ornaments ready to put onto something.

Last week I had a lot of responses to the Family quilt I made for a gift (THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVELY COMMENTS)  This is what I use, and it is very easy.  You can get it for dark fabric and t-shirt fabrics.  I run my photos through Print Shop, crop them and add a colored frame then print onto these sheets. FIRST WORD OF CAUTION: Make sure to print in the transfer mode!!! Especially if you are going to use any type of labeling, if you forget your words and pictures will come out in reverse!  I print the pictures, cut them apart and lay them face down on the quilt, in the order I want them to be.  Then you iron them with a hot iron SECOND WORD OF CAUTION: leave the paper backing on until everything has been ironed on.  If you pull the paper backing off then touch it with the iron it will smear.  Yes, the quilts are washable, just not iron-able. I made one for my mom and one for my MIL about 10 years ago.  The one I have is the mistake (see second word of caution), it is all cotton and I have bleached the heck out of it, over and over again cause my dog sleeps with me when DH is on a truck run.  Let me know if any of you in blog-land make one, I'd love to see pictures.
So that is it for this week, sorry it's so long Julia.  I promise to do better later.....LOL Have a great week.
Inky Hugs

Monday, November 5, 2012

New art journal page.

Hope everybody had a creative weekend.  The DH and I took the "playhouse" out for a maiden trip over the weekend.  We went up to Tehacahpi, a small mountain township about an hour from here. Kids and Grand kids came up and spent Saturday night with us.  While waiting for them to arrive I got out my art journal and started playing.  I drew it first with a black felt pen.  I used some water color felt pens to color it in, then took a damp paint brush and ran the colors outward, crating the background colors.  Once it was dry I add a few more details, like the stitching marks, loops around the flowers and some curly cues.  It was a rather quick and easy page to do and I really enjoyed the quiet time before the troops arrived.
Inky Hugs,