Saturday, November 17, 2012

Frustrated Beyond Belief!!!

YEP! That's me!! PC was in the hospital for a week getting over a virus.  I pick it up Thursday, as they assured me all my pictures and music files had been saved and restored to a clean PC.   I get it home all excited as a kid on Christmas morn only to find out that there are 2 YEARS of pictures missing and a couple of very important document files.  So back it went Friday and they said "no problem, we'll fix it".  Got it back home last night and yep they added the files, and 2 sets of pictures from 2011.  Still no 2012 pictures and about 200 pictures from 2011 are still missing, so Monday I am going back and talking to them AGAIN, no sending DH this time, they are going to have to face a very irate Grandmother, and avid Scrapbooker!  I do know that sometimes a virus can damage picture files, but 2 YEARS worth.  I want them to SHOW me just what they saved. GRRRRRRR!!!!!!
So not having a PC to play with and keep in touch with, I was left a lot of time on my hands.  I was stunned at how much time I do spend on the PC.  I print all my pictures, try to keep up on all the blogs I follow, interact with my yahoo groups, my blog activities and the list gos on and on; I'm sure this shoe fits most of us. (It is really HARD to do any of this on a smart phone, and so slow) I was really upset and had a hard time focusing on holiday spirit and making Christmas cards, that I really needed to get started. So sitting in front of the TV I grabbed my art journal and started to doddle, and the Christmas Spirit hit me and this is the page I created. I drew it out with a black felt pen and then used my Inktense pencils to color it in. After coloring I used a wet paint brush and went over it, bleeding the colors here and there.

After it was finished I want to do more than just have it in my journal, so I made a color copy at about 50% on my printer, then made my first Christmas card with it.  I wish the colors would have come out just a little brighter, but I still like it such as it is.  I have never used my own art work for a Christmas card before.  Now that I have my PC back (for at least this weekend) I have run a print and the colors are brighter, so I might give this one more try.
I did get an other journal page almost finished and a second Christmas card, but I'll save those for a later post, your probably ready to move on after all my rumbling and grumbling......LOL

It feels good to back in the blog loop, I really missed not getting to play in WOYWW.  Hopefully I'll get to play a wee bit before we head to the desert for Thanksgiving......... MMMMMM I can already smell the turkey......
Krisha ( ya, I get to redesign my little logo GGRRRRR!!!)


  1. Krishna your Christmas greeting is GORGEOUS! I love your own art, and think it makes things extra special for sure. The coloring is fabulous. Even tho I've always owned Macs since 1989, and never had a virus - ever - I still maintain an inexpensive external harddrive. They are really not costly at all. You can make a copy of all your photos there. You can also burn DVDs monthly of all your newly uploaded photos, and just keep them somewhere safe in case someone steals your puter. It's a nice backup plan. Still, I'm very sorry you are dealing with this. People just don't seem to care about the extra work they cause others when they promise to do something, and then only do the job part way. Hope it is all better soon with your puter - I love your artwork.

  2. I hate computer problems. Your journal page is so festive. What a great idea to mass produce it for cards.

  3. Love this Christmas Journal page and how festive it is! This had to take you a great deal of time, but it is stunning! The thought of a computer virus scares me, so I feel for you! Have a great Sunday!

  4. I love that you made your own Christmas card and I needed the inspiration to make mine :) tfs!

  5. Nothing more frustrating than being at someone else's mercy when it comes to technology! What a lovely page and I adore that you used it for a card - more!!! Hugs,

  6. What a total nightmare for you. I work on a mac which seem to get fewer problems and I do back up onto an external drive but I'm not always up to date with that (lesson to be learned!). We do spend a lot of time online and without a PC I can imagine this would be very frustrating. Your Christmas page is awesome in the middle of all this and shrinking the page down for a card is a brilliant idea! Hope it all comes good in the end.

  7. Welcome back! I feel your pain on the computer problems. It sure does make you realize how much online connection time we spend, when we can't. Your creation is beautiful!