Tuesday, July 28, 2015

T Stands for We Are Back!!!

WOW!! it has been two weeks since I last got to link up to T Stands for Tuesday with the T-Gang!!
DH and I took off and spent 9 days at the beach with our oldest son, Brian's family, ......this would be Hannah's family.  It was a super great vacation, we started by camping down on the beach, only Friday through Sunday night for us seniors, then Monday we moved back up off the sand and into an RV park.  It wasn't much of an RV park, old and narrow spaces for our big trailers, but it worked for the rest of the week. The kids moved up to the same RV park on Wednesday.

We had WEATHER while we were on the JULY!!!   Thunder and lightning like I have never seen, at the beach.  It was mostly at night and early mornings, then it would clear off, the sun would come out and we had some hot and muggy days...........It is usually cool and breezy at the beach, so the humidity was something different.  It didn't keep us (me) from getting sun burned, nothing serious, as I tend to tan face is now so brown...........LOL
Only one gorgeous sunset, the other evenings it was so clear and bright all I got was glare.......LOL!!
We were home ( and in the HEAT) Sunday evening, tired and glad to be home.
Monday morning, bright and EARLY the GDs were rest for the weary.....LOL.
I won't show both girls doing the same thing, to cut down ALL the here goes..
Hannah provides our drink for this water!
Their finished canvas'

Then we made an old fashioned game
String painting.....using nothing but a string and some project!!

This little lady sat for quite a while, until I ran and got my camera......I even took many pictures of her that morning.  I think she had a nest near by.

Papa gives the GDs a ride in the golf cart

Caught Hannah right in the middle of doing a flip on the trampoline, while at the beach.
Okay, the girls are sitting here waiting for me to get this posted, and reading me jokes from a book, so it is time for me to end this and get linked up with T-Gang
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

T Stands for More Craf-T-y Time

Hello friendly bloggers and welcome back for an other T-Day and more pictures of what the GDs have been up to, since last we met.  This week I didn't take the time to put these pictures through Photo Shop and pretty them up, so you will just have to put up with my poor photography......LOL
*******It is now 4 hours later and I need to get this finished while the GDs are having a break (snack)*****so to keep it goes.......

Last Tuesday we made "Booty Bags"....LOL called this because they are made from an old pair of shorts.  The idea came from Pinterest and below is the picture and the link to the video.  We did not line ours, as the video shows.

Of course once they were made they had to add decorations.  I just used OLD braided belts for the handles....we didn't even cut the buckles off.....LOL  They did make the ties on the sewing machine.

Showing them off


Rachel's......She earned a Tablet (PC) by getting all As and 1 B in school this year, and is going to use hers for a Tablet carrier.
This is the picture from Pinterest and here is the video  You Tube video

Rachel with the Zendoodle journal I made for her


Hannah is drawing Rachel's face............yep! It was THAT funny!!

Decorating Flip Flops for a sign we are working on

Rachel's first "tangle" in her new journal.......She also received 6 colored Sharpies to go with her journal.

Hannah received new drawing pencils....mechanical and regular artist pencils, erasers and a pencil sharpener.

Now it is well past time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang..........
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Rachel's SOC

1 Green + 1 Green + 1 pink

 Rachel's painted face.......since this was "face" week for the three of us. 
Rachel sketched her face ( really well, I might add) but lost her sketch marks as she applied the paint, so she out lined with black.
Rachel named her The Queen of Hearts.....again with the wide eyes (she watched Kristin's video too, and drew inspiration from it.
Please leave Rachel a comment on her art and THANK YOU for stopping by.
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Hannah's SOC

1 Green + 1 Green + 1 Pink
IT'S ALL ABOUT FACES THIS WEEK ( thanks to Kristin's video of her page)

Hannah's painted face.  She is so fascinated with the way Kristin paints the wide eyed girl.
I told her " She looks a little angry"
Hannah's reply "Yea, she is mad because I didn't give her pink eyes."
LOL....the mind of an 8 year old!!
Please leave Hannah a comment and thank you for taking time to look at her work.
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Summer Of Color: Week 5

1 Green + 1 Green + 1 Pink
WOW! Only one more week to go and SOC 2015 will be over.....( frown).  Kristin has done such a great job of pulling this all together...Thank YOU Kristin!!! 
Well, this week it has been all about faces with the GDs (check out my last post). I am NOT very good with faces, that was always something my Mom could draw, but I joined the GDs in giving it a try.....I figured abstract was as good as anything......* grin*
I mixed the lime green and the dark green and brushed on the background, then I used a small pallet knife to do the almost worked!!...LOL 
Up next will be the GDs pages, please visit them and leave a comment for them......THANKS
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Artistic Passions

As anyone knows, that has been following this blog lately, I have had two 8 ( nearly 9) year olds every Monday and Tuesday.  With parents that work, and school summer programs that are just an expensive baby sitter ( where they get to play, watch some movies, color and occasionally get a field trip)  I chose to take them two days a week.  I told both sets of parents there would be no just sitting in front of the TV and eating, or playing on my cell phone.  By 5 PM on Tuesdays I often wonder "What was I thinking??"..LOL

They have been a blessing and really a lot of fun to have here to play with, and really keep me on my toes figuring out how to keep them busy.  I have become quite proficient with Pinterest searches and have managed to find even more You Tube videos than imaginable.

As I mentioned in my last post, the girls wanted to draw, and paint faces.....just like Kristin's SOC video.

Their results were really amazing for their ages....who has the passion for faces????????

She showed up Tuesday and she went right to work on sketching faces.....she LOVE those wide eyed girls....LOL.....we have been talking about the long jaws and the long necks....but she's getting there

Now Rachel did just as well.......

But after the last face, she wanted to know if she HAD to draw faces........"no, Rachel you can do what you want to do". She immediately picked up a thin Sharpie and started doodling designs, and after watching her for a few moments I dug out my Zentangle journal and let her look through it.  THIS is what she wanted to learn to do.  I have some patterns  from Erin of The Bright Owl blog, I copied them and let Rachel go at it. This kid is really GOOD at tangles ....then I introduced Dangles to her.....Oh my!!  Now that little "stink" got away, with all her designs before I could get a picture of any of them, because she was still working on them when Mom came to pick her up.......LOL
Passions are a funny thing....just because your good at something doesn't mean you have a passion for it.
So I have been on this PC ALL day, getting patterns for Rachel to tangle, and tangle patterns for her to learn to do.  I have them all in a journal (she requested) ready for her on Next Monday, even her little 5 year old sister wanted a journal too......her's has blank pages, cause she wanted one like mine....LOL
Now research for Hannah was a little tougher.....and much longer.  I KNEW where to find what I needed for Rachel.  I did get things printed off for position of facial features on the head, how to draw an eye and things like that.   She also wants a journal, but wants to learn how to make I made, sometime back, out of a large 9" x 12" envelope.
Thanks for taking the time to see what else the girls have been up to.......I have flooded my T-day posts with photos of the crafty things they have made, but I felt these faces and finding one's passion deserved a special post.
Please leave the girls a comment.....this has been FOR them!
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

T-DAY and the GDs

picture from Pinterst
I'm reporting in to the T-Gang this week........yep with MORE of the GDs and their arts and crafts.
I was going to include some of our 4th of July celebration, but this post is already so heavy with photos, that they will have to be shelved for an other time.......but I can't wait to go visiting and see how (if in the States) everyone else celebrated.
I can not thank all of you enough for all the comments you leave the girls each week, and yes, I am having just as much fun showing them off, as they are spending time here.  Once school starts I'm afraid you all might get a little bored with my T-Day posts......LOL
 Last Tuesday we altered T-shirts.  I had bought some spray fabric paint at Michael's.  They were on clearance for $5.00, and figured they would work on paper too (grin). Plus there are 6 colors, and  once they are empty I can refill them with ink.........winner, winner, chicken dinner!.......LOL
While waiting for the paint to dry on the shirts.......which the directions said 4 hours.  Well, where we live it only took about an hour!!  Of course it might be because it was 105" (F) that day and a little on the cloudy side.....oh was humid...........worse was the next dropped to 103' (F) and rained!!!!  SOOOOOOOOOO, while waiting They made flower sticks.......?????????
Using the top part of plastic bottles, the part you drink from, we cut petals, painted ( a mix of Mode Podge and ink) and then used embossing guns to make the flowers.  They painted the caps yellow, for the centers. The only "sticks" I could find were 2 LONG paint stirrers from one of our Christmas projects last year, so they painted them green and hot glued the flowers to the sticks.  Once  they had the flowers all glued on, we planted their "sticks" in pots full of sand.  I didn't realizes I neglected to get a picture of the "finished" flower sticks until I started getting this post ready.

By now the shirts were dry and they could alter them.  We cut off the bottoms, then THEY hemmed a casing around the bottom, with the sewing machine, then threaded elastic through the casings to make crop tops.  I told them that when my Mom made this type of tops for me ( when I was about their ages......yea....THAT long ago) she called them "Rib Ticklers" .  I trimmed most of the ribbing around the necks off and cut about half the length of the sleeves off, then THEY took the scissors.........  They cut slits up the sleeves and shoulders and then through the backs.  I had bought some glitter iron letters and we put SOC on the fronts...........IT'S ALL ABOUT SOC THIS SUMMER...LOL
Yesterday was the new Summer Of Color prompt and we visited Kristin's blog to get the colors and to watch her video......the GDs are so fascinated with Kristin's face drawing.  So I had watched a few videos, on You Tube.....I've never been good at drawing faces....realistically.  But there are some good videos out there that show the how's and the where's to put the features on the head.  NOW, try explaining that to an 8 year old......LOL  I finally found pictures of the human skull and made then feel the bones in their own faces........Long story...short......they gave it a try.
Last week Elizabeth announced her anniversary ATC swap and asked me if the GDs might want to play along too.  After I explained what an ATC was and how a swap all worked, they were all in and started working on then right away.
Last, by not least, I wanted to share their button pictures.  They had to hand sew the tree trunks on and then every one of those buttons to make the tree tops.  Once they were finished I removed the hoops and stretched them over the backs of a picture frame, removing the glass because of the thickness of the buttons.

I will stop here, I know you have more blogs to visit and I won't keep you here looking at all my pictures....LOL 

Thanks for stopping by
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mixed Media Card in Blues

Over at Mixed Media Card Challenge it is the challenge of blue, with an optional element of a vase.
And so this card was created......on one of those days where you sit and stare at your stash.......waiting......and waiting........and waiting for your Mojo to decide.......
I finally grabbed a piece of light blue, glossy CS and sprayed some blue ink on it, then some alcohol..........just enough to kick start my Mojo........*grin*.  Once it was dry I stamped a flower and fussy cut it what??  Well, I know I would never be able to find that vase stamp, that I know I have had for I grabbed my TH Apothecary Bottles die and a scrap of vellum........waaaah LAAAA!   I used one a scrap of the glossy CS, that was inked, to make the water in my vase.  What happened next was sheer delight.......the glue activated the inks and they created this:

I chose an embossed white background over a gingham check to mount the vase and flower, with a touch of the check around the neck of my vase.  I used some blue chalk, and my finger to highlight some of the embossing around the edge.  A navy blue "hello" finished off the Mojo and are now friends again.....*grin*

There is still plenty of time to join this challenge.
HERE is the challenge

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you were here.

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Happy 4th of July

Today we (in the US) are celebrating Independence Day, so what better time to bring on the stars and stripes and glitter!!!!  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

We all know how difficult glitter can be to photograph, and I had to shoot this card more than once to get it to show off the sparkle......*grin*  A very simple card using die cuts, double sided tape and of course glitter.

I hope all those who are celebrating today do so in a safe way.  Our little town does it's fireworks on the 3rd, due to a lack of pyrotechnics in this area.  Bakersfield is so close, and so much larger they get the pyrotechnics for the 4th.......even though many people will drive to Shafter to see our fireworks....cause they are free.  They used to have them down on the high school football field.....when Shafter was just a wee lass of a town.  Now they have a designated field, and just block off all the roads around safety you know!  The HS football field and the newer designated field are only 1/2 mile from our house, so we stopped "going" to the fireworks a LONG time ago.....and just watch from the front yard.

Now the past couple of years we have been over at the beach, and last night I went out to the front yard to watch.......and what do ya know........the neighbors tree has really problem I just moved over to the driveway.  I did keep coming back into the house to cool was mighty hot yesterday and the clouds really make it humid....and even at 9 P.M. it only took a few minutes to become ringing wet............awwwww.......summer in the San Joaquin Valley!!

Tonight we will be with family and friends for the traditional BBQ and swim, then the little ones will get to do their fireworks......with all the Dads' help. Hope you have a fantastic 4th!!

To help celebrated I am entering this card in the Dies R Us challenge 28 Stars and Stripes

Grab our Badge!

And Seize the Birthday: Red White and Blue challenge

So now I am off to get some BBQ meatballs in the crockpot for the party darn HOT to turn the stove on......only 101' (F) with a partly cloudy sky.   Don't gasp yet.....last Wednesday is was 103" and it sprinkled all day long!! gasp!!!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rachel's SOC week 4

 Rachel's journal page, 1 red, 1 red and metallic green.  (we are not too sure where that spot of blue came from, but I told her not to worry about it)
This little art journal junky is having the time of her life getting all painty.  EVERY Monday morning, after I get my's "What's our SOC colors this week Grandma??" At least I get a hug first......LOL 
She was upset that, as we were taking our journals outside, to dry, her page flipped over and paint got on the next page.  Not to worry Rachel, we will just work it into next weeks page.  The biggest fear she has NOW conquered:  This is YOUR art journal, there is not wrong art in this house!
PLEASE leave her a comment...............she reads every one of them and is thrilled to read all the wonderful things you say about her art. (THANK YOU SO MUCH)
Inky Hugs