Tuesday, July 28, 2015

T Stands for We Are Back!!!

WOW!! it has been two weeks since I last got to link up to T Stands for Tuesday with the T-Gang!!
DH and I took off and spent 9 days at the beach with our oldest son, Brian's family, ......this would be Hannah's family.  It was a super great vacation, we started by camping down on the beach, only Friday through Sunday night for us seniors, then Monday we moved back up off the sand and into an RV park.  It wasn't much of an RV park, old and narrow spaces for our big trailers, but it worked for the rest of the week. The kids moved up to the same RV park on Wednesday.

We had WEATHER while we were on the JULY!!!   Thunder and lightning like I have never seen, at the beach.  It was mostly at night and early mornings, then it would clear off, the sun would come out and we had some hot and muggy days...........It is usually cool and breezy at the beach, so the humidity was something different.  It didn't keep us (me) from getting sun burned, nothing serious, as I tend to tan face is now so brown...........LOL
Only one gorgeous sunset, the other evenings it was so clear and bright all I got was glare.......LOL!!
We were home ( and in the HEAT) Sunday evening, tired and glad to be home.
Monday morning, bright and EARLY the GDs were rest for the weary.....LOL.
I won't show both girls doing the same thing, to cut down ALL the here goes..
Hannah provides our drink for this water!
Their finished canvas'

Then we made an old fashioned game
String painting.....using nothing but a string and some project!!

This little lady sat for quite a while, until I ran and got my camera......I even took many pictures of her that morning.  I think she had a nest near by.

Papa gives the GDs a ride in the golf cart

Caught Hannah right in the middle of doing a flip on the trampoline, while at the beach.
Okay, the girls are sitting here waiting for me to get this posted, and reading me jokes from a book, so it is time for me to end this and get linked up with T-Gang
Inky Hugs


  1. I've seen fog roll in while on the beach, in fact so thick you couldn't see four feet in front of you. But I have never seen a lightening storm at the beach. And believe me, I know lightening, since I live with it a LOT, especially this year. As for humidity, please don't mention it. I'm already sweltering and the AC has been running constantly for over three hours.

    The girls look like they are having fun making blow art. And their completed projects are simply adorable. I also like how you taught them to make low budget art and games. That was so much fun, I'm sure.

    I was surprised you needed a license tag for a golf cart, since you don't drive them on the highway.

    Loved the photo of Hannah doing a flip on the trampoline. Fun, fun.

    BTW, I tried to send Carol an e-mail, but I must have gotten it wrong, because I had to hand write it from her profile page. There are no choices for the e-mail server I use, only gmail and yahoo and can't remember the others. But you should contact her, because when I sent her an e-mail, it came back undeliverable. I really TRIED, honest.

    Thanks for sharing the past two weeks' fun and games with us for T this Tuesday. I'll be sad when those gals go home for good!

  2. So glad to hear you were enjoying a beach vacation Krisha! I was a bit concerned as I didn't see you and the GDs for the last Summer of Color or the T stands For Tuesday anniversary and ATC swap. Oh yes, the skies can be so amazing after a storm and it's especially cool at the beach:) Super fun art projects again and I LOVE what these talented young ladies have done-bravo!

  3. Sounds like you enjoyed the beach despite the humidity and thunderstorms. My hair is in constant frizz mode, so I know humidity! We had one storm so bad, I had to wait it out in a parking lot while trying to pick up DD, only a 5 min drive.

    I love the canvases the girl's made...and I can definitely see some of that string painting in my future!

    I'm breathing a sigh of relief, too, because I did not remember, or perhaps you did not say, that you would be away. I missed seeing the GDs and your last SOC which is really going to be the last per Kristin's post.

  4. wow, camping on the beach sounds pretty heavenly...but since it's pretty hot right now, maybe not...anyway, I do love the beach though! I have to say your GD are getting to do amazingly cool projects with you! Awesome paintings...happy T day!

  5. Wow, camping at the beach sounds fun...never done that! We've had some unusual weather and spectacular storms over here. Glad that they didn't spoil your days though! You've had some fun with the girls, how lovely for them.

  6. Hi Krisha, once again you and the girls are having so much fun - I feel a string painting session with my GD coming on this Summer! I should know what an RV park is but sorry ..can't work it out! Glad you got a break -although the thunderstorm must have been spectacular - remember seeing one when we were on holiday some years ago! I was hoping to join in this week but events overtook me! I have some ATCs and some bits and pieces for you all - could you please email me with your address! Happy T day! Chrisx

  7. You are indeed busy-:)It is so nice to hear about your vacation at the beach.The splatter art with your GD's look so cool.
    Have a great week

  8. At least it didn't rain all day and was dry at night, lol.
    The girls canvasses are excellent! And I like the paint and string idea. I may let Wee Man have a go at that. I may, ;) lol. Happy T Day Krisha :D

  9. I love the beach but live nowhere near one, so your photos were a real treat. Thx! The splatter painting may be my favorite so far. Of course, every week I think your projects can't get better, and I love them every time :)

  10. Well your vacation at the beach sounds wonderful! I could use a vacation at the Did you bring any sand home with you?? If you did in your shoes or clothes or whatever superstition says you will go back to the beach soon! Aaaahh humidity...uuughh... so tired of it here in Arkansas...ready for Fall!

    Love those canvases... isn't paint soooo much fun?! You can do so much with it. Have you tried water color??? Do you want to? I like to crackle paint too. Its so much fun watching the cracks appear...

    Hannah look at that flip! I must admit trampolines scare me... they are just so dangerous.. my luck i would be the one to go flying off in the wrong direction... lol HHmmm maybe you could pull the trampoline down close to the water and jump on it and into the water!!! OOooooo ... whoops maybe i shouldn't have put that idea in your head...

    So glad your back Krisha! Missed ya... hoped my little fairy found you in the mail... Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  11. Your beach vacation sounds great.
    It concerns me when it's even HOT and HUMID in California!
    I always think of your weather as the ideal which would be no/low humidity. Weather patterns everywhere are a bit crazy.
    Love seeing your girls so busy creating and having a ball (in a cup too :-) )
    Great action photo on the trampoline.
    Take care'll be ready for another vacation soon.
    Happy T Day ;-) oxo