T Stands for More Craf-T-y Time

Hello friendly bloggers and welcome back for an other T-Day and more pictures of what the GDs have been up to, since last we met.  This week I didn't take the time to put these pictures through Photo Shop and pretty them up, so you will just have to put up with my poor photography......LOL
*******It is now 4 hours later and I need to get this finished while the GDs are having a break (snack)*****so to keep it short....here goes.......

Last Tuesday we made "Booty Bags"....LOL called this because they are made from an old pair of shorts.  The idea came from Pinterest and below is the picture and the link to the video.  We did not line ours, as the video shows.

Of course once they were made they had to add decorations.  I just used OLD braided belts for the handles....we didn't even cut the buckles off.....LOL  They did make the ties on the sewing machine.

Showing them off


Rachel's......She earned a Tablet (PC) by getting all As and 1 B in school this year, and is going to use hers for a Tablet carrier.
This is the picture from Pinterest and here is the video  You Tube video

Rachel with the Zendoodle journal I made for her


Hannah is drawing Rachel's face............yep! It was THAT funny!!

Decorating Flip Flops for a sign we are working on

Rachel's first "tangle" in her new journal.......She also received 6 colored Sharpies to go with her journal.

Hannah received new drawing pencils....mechanical and regular artist pencils, erasers and a pencil sharpener.

Now it is well past time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-gang..........
Inky Hugs


  1. wow those bags are fabulous..I might just make one too and I love your sparkly sandals...super

  2. Bootie Bag! How cool is that!! Hannah does not look too happy in that first photo! lol! I've been saving the pockets off jeans for years... not sure what i'm going to do with them... you girls have any ideas??? Maybe i should look it up on Pinterest...hmmm.... lol Krisha have you been making any of these crafts along with the girls??? I'd love to see yours too. Happy Tday! Hugss! deb

  3. Those bags are adorable and I'm sure they'll get lots of use out of them. Fun flip flops too :) You are keep ing them busy and creating memories too ♥

  4. From the first photo I wasn't sure Rachel and Hannah were enjoying the booty bag project; but by the third photo, it was evident that the project was a success!

    Looking forward to seeing their SOC entries this week!

  5. Look at those super booty bags (fun name!) and Rachel and Hannah are THE cutest models too and oh so crafty.
    Your house has to be THE best for summer fun fun fun and creativity and you feed the girls too LOL ;-)
    Happy T Day Krisha and precious girls! oxo

  6. I love the booty bags, the girls look so pleased with them. They are having such fun with you I am looking forward to seeing their atcs! Happy T yday! Chrisx

  7. So sorry for the late hour. Today just ran away with me - and besides that I was out with Wee Man and got photos' for a future T day, lol :D
    Those bags are fabulous!! And I love seeing them so intent on their crafting. The mandala is beautiful. Another week of superb work for the girls. Happy T Day every one :D

  8. Halle made one of those bags for me. I leave it in my craft room because the handle's too small for me to use as a purse.

    The girls look like they are having fun again, and also playing with power tools. They seem to be playing a lot with tools and items most kids their age would not, including all those art supplies. Glad they are putting the journals to good use, too.

    Thanks AGAIN for the use of the photo and thanks to all three of you gals for sharing T with us this Tuesday.

  9. Fun to see what your girls got up to last week. Those bags are great and really useful too. I like the doodle, I can imagine those notebooks filling up pretty fast.


  10. Booty bag is so much cuter than pants purse. I've made several of these over the years. They are quick and fun!
    Happy T day...a day late!

  11. You seem to have so much fun! I had a bag almost like that in highschool, crafted from a skirt that I loved and had grown out of. Good ideas never grow old! I didn´t automatically have pockets in mine, though, so I guess making it from a pair of jeans was a better idea. Happy T-Day!

  12. oh my goodness, it looks like these two are having a blast! L♥ve their jeans bags!! and just happened to notice the very cute bow-tie nails of the gal in the photo decorating her flip flop..sweet. and I am very impressed with the power tool usage...you GO girls! ;)

  13. Lucky girls having such a talented Gran to show them all these things. Love the bags especially - what a great idea.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  14. I saw your comment, so added your BLOG (NOT this latest post) to T so the next person on the list could be your PIF partner. Your partner you will send to will be Carol Samsel unless someone else joins. However, it's now late Wednesday, so I doubt it.

    Chris will more than likely be contacting you for your address. If you would like me to e-mail it to her, I will.

  15. Gorgeous zendoodles and post!Love to see the girls enjoying themselves!

  16. Hey Krisha :) Elizabeth says you need my email so here it is....
    CL625green@yahoo.com hope that works for you .

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  18. I think this is a great innovation.I love reading stories like this, you must have been so proud. Hope you're all doing well now!


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