Monday, February 27, 2017

T- Stands for ART

Once again my Paint Pals showed up last Tuesday, for some paint fun.  This month we chose a picture of a cross from Pinterest, and we thought we would tackle our inspiration with pallet knives.  Through the  photos, I remembered to take, are various containers of water.....we are all on a quest to drink more water.
Maybe not the best photo, the easel closest to the camera has a copy of the cross taped to it.

Lea was trying to figure out what to do about her grass......she didn't like it.  Between the two of us we figured out a better way of doing it.......she was happy with what she took home.

Patty struggled and in the end hated her painting, so I gave her one of my spare canvases and she painted a beautiful abstract tulip........sorry I didn't get a photo of it.

Cheryl had an idea already formed, sat down and whipped this cross out, all in pallet knife. She loves abstract and working with the pallet knife............Patty does not......LOL!
We took a break and had lunch here at the house.  I had made some ground beef soup with fresh veggies and some noodles, Cheryl brought some very fresh rolls and Patty had made a cream cheese brownies......oh yummmmm.  It was all so good.  But we were all talking and laughing about our paintings, and slurping soup and I completely forgot to take any photos.  You will just have to take my word for it, the soup turned out fantastic, or maybe it was just getting to share it with great friends.  So that is my T-day post.  We are gathering quite a wonderful group of people that get toegether once a week for drinks, eats and festivities.  Everybody is welcome to share a drink retlated post HERE, at The Altered Book Lover. (The photo of my cross is found down the blog aways)

This Weeks Journal/ Diary

I had already written in it about the afternoon spent with the GDs

With the flap open

I found this planner cover, from about two years ago, and I had painted it blue.  It was originally a mauve color with gray decorations.  My Journal just fit inside, as it has a flap inside the front cover to slide that first page in.  I was doing the "Happy Dance" when I discovered the cover and that it FIT!

This is the beginnings for next week  I guess that would be THIS week already!!

This is it opened, I did manage to get more on these pages and even some dates.  Not my favorite layout......


Once again it is time for all the hoopla of the colours celebration.   

Front cover of the program.......I really like this photo.

Here is the back cover with all the events and times.

The past two years I have went down to the Veteran's Hall and help set up the Art Gallery, and the tables for the wine tasting.........but this year my friends urged me to enter my I DID! 

This page is all about the wine tasting and meeting the artists......One place says Sunday and an other says Saturday.......who proof read this?????  LOL!!  It was Sunday afternoon 3:30 to 5:00.  It is always a fun event and a chance to meet up with people I rarely see anymore.

This is one panel of my work.  There on the far left is the cross I painted Tuesday ( and it sold).  The two mixed media on the right drew the most attention....but they were not for sale.

I think everybody has seen these, I did paint a second truck.


It really was a crazy busy week, between all the above was a back adjustment, a morning at GD Hannah's room to hear her President's Day speech,  She was president Polk.......each student was a different president, and each stood at the podium to give their speech.  There was music to walk in by and the room was all decorated red, white and blue........most of the students dressed ( as best they could) for their parts.  Their teacher, Mrs. Bangle really did a good job with her students, and she just took photos and videos of each of them.  THEY ran the whole performance.  It was just great!!

So how busy is crazy busy???? Here is my journal diary, almost ran out of room....LOL!  You can see the inside of the cover as to the original mauve color.

Well, if ya made it this far May the Saints Be With YOU!"

Monday, February 20, 2017

T-Stands for a Four Day Weekend

Well, I'm running a little late for the T-Party over at Altered Book Lover......I just checked and the party started without me!
I'm starting off with the ONLY photo I have of a drink from the weekend that was all about wine and wineries.  A glass of water at a Pub style restaurant...and now I can't think of the name of the place....LOL! 

We pulled our 5th wheel trailer over to Paso Robles, about 1 1/2 hours from here,   It was raining like crazy by the Mr. (a big rig driver) had no problems.  Just before getting to highway 101 the rain was headed for our house by then.  We stayed at a place called The Paso Robles RV Ranch, a very nice RV park.  By the time we got parked and set up the sun was setting.  I took these with my phone because I hadn't unpacked my camera yet.

These two, above, are actually looking east and the reflections of the sunset in the storm clouds.

These last two are looking west at the setting sun.  It was just gorgeous and made me think of Valerie's beautiful sun these are for you Valerie.
Later that evening our friends joined us for the weekend.  They had been our neighbors for years, we raised our kids together, then they moved into Bakersfield.  Our boys are like brothers, so it was great to get to spend a weekend with them.  They stayed in our trailer with us....since it will sleep 6 with no problem.

Saturday we spent at a wine "pick-up" party at the winery I've shared numerous photos of, so none this post....*grin* We did contact an other couple that were staying at their place, at the beach and had them join us to go winery hopping.......and that made 6 of us!  We went to an area none of us had been before and found some great places.  
The following photos are from the Villa San-Juliette winery. It was the BEST time of day to take pictures and I had left my camera on the table at the I was doing pouting as I used my cell phone....again!  I didn't take any inside photos, of any of the wineries due to the fact they were packed with people.....this is a very big weekend for this area.

Here we all are...such a fun group to be with.

This was the pub we had lunch in on Sunday, it looks empty but it really was busy.  The bar was the only place nobody was sitting.  It was also rather small inside, so it was hard to get a photo without somebody I didn't know in it.  They did have sidewalk tables......but they were packed with people.
The food was ok, I had french onion soup and a piece of DH's battered fish.....the fish was good.

Judy didn't realize I was taking a picture of the signs behind her.....she's so goofy!

Two doors down was an art studio, showroom, classroom type place.  I finished my lunch fastest, so I could get over there.  This was from across the street so I could get the sign better.......again with my cell.....and not the best.

They had a class schedule outside, I was surprised to see a Mixed Media workshop at 4 that afternoon.  If we hadn't had other plans I would have gone back.  I didn't get any photos of the all the art, but I did talk to a lot of the artists......again NO CAMERA!

This is where we were headed, a winery that is very well known for it's Sculptures! Even the name is based around the....Sculpterra! I didn't get a photo of the gate.....DH had the pedal to the medal, so I got a snap of this as we parked with my CAMERA!!!!  It is just a wooden cut out.

Now for the real stuff.......LARGER than life!!

 One of my favorites....the human arrow.
This cat is on their wine labels... I was loosing the light so this isn't the best photo.

  This was a wall and not as 3-D or metal like the rest of them.

This guy was my other favorite.....I just love this!

The door to go inside

The metal work on the canopy

Two large light fixtures on each side of the door.  Once again no inside photos.....this place was packed!!  They even had live music set up in one area, but I didn't go out there......Judy had just discovered she had lost her cell phone!  So back we went retracing our steps.....and then found it on the counter IN our trailer!!!

So that is the short version....gasp!  It was a great weekend.  Monday we packed up the trailer and headed home.  
Last Tuesday was spent cleaning the trailer ( and not joining T-day) to get it back into storage, as we were warned of a bad storm headed our way.  We ended up taking it to storage the morning storm the storm started.  Our area didn't get hit as bad as LA and some of the northern part of the state.  We did get some pretty strong wind, a lot of the almond trees are down.  They don't have a very deep root system, so when the ground is soaked (like this year) and the wind blows...they don't stand a chance.  And they were just braking out into bloom, so the farmers have lost a lot of trees, and blossoms and the bees aren't coming out in this weather to pollinate we will see how things are going to be effected later.

I had the GDs today, a super fun day...more about that in an other post, in an other time.  I'm pooped and my pillow is calling me.  Tomorrow is all set for my pain pals to come and paint again, so I'll be around much later to see what's going on with the T-gang.
Thanks for stopping by........yawn, yawn!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

More Red

Well, the weekend seems to be blowing in, and I do mean blowing.  It is a very blustery day along with down poring rain.....brrr!  A week break in the weather brought us beautiful sun shine and temps nearing 80' (F) and now????........not a good time to pack away the winter jackets.  And everyone wonders why there are so many people sniffing, coughing and just feeling down right rotten.

Last week I finally got this week's journal pages finished.....before dashing off to the coast, but more about that later.

Of course this week is all done up in reds in honor of Valentine's Day and Art Journal Journey's 50 shades of red.  This journal is treated more like a diary.....and the difference is????
I scraped the paint onto the pages with an old credit card, stamped the days and dates, and added some glittery washi tape.  The shinny papers are from Hershey Kisses.......oh ya...chocolate!!

There is something about these individual wrapped candies, beside just being delicious.  It is the shinny wrappers, and the challenge to get them off without tearing them....LOL!  Ever since I can remember I have tried to unwrap them without tearing the I the only one??? 

Hershey's started making the wrappers in colors to match the seasons, and even adding some designs. Remember when they were ONLY in silver wrappers??

The pink heart was a gift, but I fail to remember who sent apologies if you reading this and it was you.  I like the way it holds the two flaps shut, only being glued to the left side. 

So this is what it looks like with the two flaps open.... a little boring, but lots of room to write.

Here are some definitions I found on the "net"....if your intersted....
If not, then thanks for stopping by.

So what is this? Diary? Journal? Art Journal?
(Oh, by the way my word for this year is LEARN)

It is a record of personal experiences which we face in our daily routine life.
Diary-writing is followed strictly by the writers. While writing a diary the things to be considered are date, time, and place. It is a focused booklet. It is more often always a personal booklet which includes some specific records which are to be considered as confidential. Diaries are considered as quick ways of putting our thoughts and views into the text format.
The meaning of journal means an account of day-to-day events.Journals consist of focused topics. Journals can be of any type comprising of academic journal, daily journals like magazines, public journals, and business journals. It is a report which consists of facts. Nowadays, journals are used at many levels, such as in schools, colleges, business forums, and many others.
Art Journaling  by Debbie Hodge
Simply put, an art journal is a journal in which you combine art and words to express yourself. That’s it. It’s not complex, and there really aren’t any rules for art journaling. It’s all about self-expression.