Monday, February 27, 2017

T- Stands for ART

Once again my Paint Pals showed up last Tuesday, for some paint fun.  This month we chose a picture of a cross from Pinterest, and we thought we would tackle our inspiration with pallet knives.  Through the  photos, I remembered to take, are various containers of water.....we are all on a quest to drink more water.
Maybe not the best photo, the easel closest to the camera has a copy of the cross taped to it.

Lea was trying to figure out what to do about her grass......she didn't like it.  Between the two of us we figured out a better way of doing it.......she was happy with what she took home.

Patty struggled and in the end hated her painting, so I gave her one of my spare canvases and she painted a beautiful abstract tulip........sorry I didn't get a photo of it.

Cheryl had an idea already formed, sat down and whipped this cross out, all in pallet knife. She loves abstract and working with the pallet knife............Patty does not......LOL!
We took a break and had lunch here at the house.  I had made some ground beef soup with fresh veggies and some noodles, Cheryl brought some very fresh rolls and Patty had made a cream cheese brownies......oh yummmmm.  It was all so good.  But we were all talking and laughing about our paintings, and slurping soup and I completely forgot to take any photos.  You will just have to take my word for it, the soup turned out fantastic, or maybe it was just getting to share it with great friends.  So that is my T-day post.  We are gathering quite a wonderful group of people that get toegether once a week for drinks, eats and festivities.  Everybody is welcome to share a drink retlated post HERE, at The Altered Book Lover. (The photo of my cross is found down the blog aways)

This Weeks Journal/ Diary

I had already written in it about the afternoon spent with the GDs

With the flap open

I found this planner cover, from about two years ago, and I had painted it blue.  It was originally a mauve color with gray decorations.  My Journal just fit inside, as it has a flap inside the front cover to slide that first page in.  I was doing the "Happy Dance" when I discovered the cover and that it FIT!

This is the beginnings for next week  I guess that would be THIS week already!!

This is it opened, I did manage to get more on these pages and even some dates.  Not my favorite layout......


Once again it is time for all the hoopla of the colours celebration.   

Front cover of the program.......I really like this photo.

Here is the back cover with all the events and times.

The past two years I have went down to the Veteran's Hall and help set up the Art Gallery, and the tables for the wine tasting.........but this year my friends urged me to enter my I DID! 

This page is all about the wine tasting and meeting the artists......One place says Sunday and an other says Saturday.......who proof read this?????  LOL!!  It was Sunday afternoon 3:30 to 5:00.  It is always a fun event and a chance to meet up with people I rarely see anymore.

This is one panel of my work.  There on the far left is the cross I painted Tuesday ( and it sold).  The two mixed media on the right drew the most attention....but they were not for sale.

I think everybody has seen these, I did paint a second truck.


It really was a crazy busy week, between all the above was a back adjustment, a morning at GD Hannah's room to hear her President's Day speech,  She was president Polk.......each student was a different president, and each stood at the podium to give their speech.  There was music to walk in by and the room was all decorated red, white and blue........most of the students dressed ( as best they could) for their parts.  Their teacher, Mrs. Bangle really did a good job with her students, and she just took photos and videos of each of them.  THEY ran the whole performance.  It was just great!!

So how busy is crazy busy???? Here is my journal diary, almost ran out of room....LOL!  You can see the inside of the cover as to the original mauve color.

Well, if ya made it this far May the Saints Be With YOU!"


  1. Oh my, your week was busy. Love all the art you made, and the show, and that you friends come and paint with you. Your soup sounds good, and water is healthy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journals, too, the colours are fab. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Big congrats on entering your art into the exhibition! Fabulous! That is a big honour and shows how good your work is!
    Wonderful journal diary entry as well!
    Happy T-Day

  3. It looks like you have been so busy and the time you spend painting with your friends always looks so much fun! Wow, I'm so pleased for you - how wonderful and exciting to have your art on show and appreciated so much, that's so amazing :-). By the way, the "Bloom" piece is beautiful! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  4. How exciting to have your pairings displayed. It looks like lots of fun 🤓 And you paint girls have a blast when you get together I can tell. Life sound good. Congrats on the display at the art fair and I hope you have a happy t day. Hugs erika

  5. WOW what an art filled post!
    Your journal pages are all so colorful and I like the fold out flap.
    Your artwork looks grand displayed in the show...very exciting indeed.
    Fun to get together with friends and play with paint.
    Water is always my favorite drink.
    Sometimes I sip a cup of hot water in the evenings.
    I read somewhere that it's good for your metabolism.
    Happy last T Day of February Krisha.

  6. Happy T day wow I really enjoyed all the Art in your post-and I think that is really special that you can get together with friends and have lunch and do art.
    My favorite was the large and small paintings with the flowers.
    Enjoy your day

  7. Love all the artwork and that you share you time with friends doing the same thing.

    Happy T DAY

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Gosh what a busy time you had this past week. Your artwork looks fabulous and how good it must be painting alongside your friends, you must have a lot of fun and laughter during your sessions.
    Happy T Day.
    Yvonne xx

  9. It looks like you have been crazy busy krisha!!! So so glad you entered your paintings.. I just know you will win!!! Just love that you put together a group of ladies to paint with...and that you encourage and help each other... Happy happy T day!! Hugs! deb

  10. Wow-what a packed week you have had again!! So nice to gather with friends and paint,eat, drink and laugh together. Love that you jumped in and shred your art at the gallery-lovely , varied pieces. Fab journal cover and pages too. Happy T day!

  11. Congratulations on your exhibition! I'm always amazed at how different the results are when different artists respond to the same inspiration.

    Happy T Tuesday

  12. Ha - I guess tthe saints are with me because I devoured every word and picture. I'm very impresesd to see you body of work on display. Comgratulations on the show. It gave me a better appreciation of your artistic range. My, you are talented, Krisha!!!

    Your journal is very cool. I always love pages that do things - lol - like a flip out or a pocket. Lovely cover as well, especially after you painted it blue with such a pretty pattern.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  13. What a wonderful busy week! Painting with friends sounds like a lot of fun. Conrats on the art show and selling a painting. I loved the mixed media florals. Pretty cover on your journal. Blue is my favorite color. I love the movement in your journal with the flip pages. Have a Happy T Day

  14. I feel horrible that it has taken me so long to visit. I'm not a very good host this week.

    Gosh Krisha, I got exhausted just reading about everything you did this week. Maybe it's because I am sick, and maybe because I am in awe of everything. I was so impressed that your cross sold. And since your mixed media pieces drew so much interest, you know what to create next time. You make wonderful art.

    So glad you can help these two women with their paintings. I suspect you are quite good with helping them get through the rough spots.

    Thanks for sharing your art (and congrats on the sale, too) and the day you spent with your painting friends with us for T this Tuesday. It's still Tuesday here at least.

  15. What a really exciting life you live Krisha. It,s interesting how we all interpret the same thing in different ways. The cross you painted looks absolutely wonderful and I'm not surprised it sold. The mixed media pieces are lovely and great colours. The journal page looks great and glad the cover fitted - very lucky. Have another good week. Barbxx

  16. oh wow, that IS crazy busy;) wonderful Journal... and congrats on selling the cross... what fun you could Play together with your paint pals!
    happy week!!

  17. A crazy but amazing week, my friend. Love your art work and I found Ms Bangle's speech idea super cool. I am glad you sold your cross. You must be proud of it. Happy nelated T Day!

  18. I am sooo late! But impressed by your exhibited work...Well done you! Wonderful pieces!