Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crazy Birds.....Really???

Here we are rounding the curve of this week and heading for the weekend.  With the weeks wizzzzing by, and each with a curve, I definitely feel like I'm going round in circles....

First I must apologize for the blurry looking scan...........this happens when you use pop dots and DON'T close the scanner.....LOL

I made this card specially for a close friend of mine, the "crazy" birds are perfect for her sense of humor.  They are stamped directly to the card base, then colored with Inktense and blended with an Aqua brush.  The eyes of the left three are raised with pop dots. 

The inside of the card reads: "We all have that one smart ass friend....Oh wait, that's me!" She should get the card today, no she does not read my blog.  She only lives three doors down, but I still mailed it to her just cause it is fun to get mail!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ladies and Gentelman it's a Two-fer Tuesday

 I know....bad pun....I can hear you boooing!!!  LOL!
Not only is this my second post today but it is a two-fer this Tuesday.......two challenges and two cards in one post. Ok, ok, I'll get to pun intended there.
First up is a small masculine card made with Fisker's stamps, fussy cut and mounted as seen above.  This card measures 6" x 3 1/2" I said a small card.  I call it a ghost of a man.......*grin*
I am entering this card in the
This challenge just started so there is still plenty of time to hop over there and join these fantastic card artists.
Now we have an Artist Impression image and sentiment on an oval card.  No squares since this was made for the Cuttlebug Mania challenge: NO SQUARES. I made the card first, with the designer paper, then ran it through my Big Shot with an oval die, then repeated with the image and sentiment.

Cuttlebug Mania

This is also a new challenge with plenty of time to join.  Some really great stuff going on over there, you won't want to miss it if your into die cutting...............I am so into you well know, if you've been here before....LOL

I'm sure I could roam around Blogland and find a few more challenges to join with cards that I made, but yet posted,.....BUT it is time to get off the PC and get some work done around here, so I can come back later and visit all the artists on these challenges.......SO MUCH TALENT!!!

Inky Hugs

autumn leaves for TOT

This week I am joining the fantastic artist over at Try it on Tuesday for the Autumn challenge.

This stamp I have had longer than I've had GKs....LOL  It was wood mounted, when new, and since I stripped it off I've lost who the maker was.  BUT it is still one of my favorite fall stamps. 

I used Inktense w/c pencils and a damp paint brush to apply the colors.  Fussy cut and mounted with pop dots on a  glossy,navy marbled cs.  Sentiment is from Fiskers I believe......but I could be wrong..LOL  It is a little blurry from the image being raised with the pop dots and using the scanner instead of the camera.

Thanks for stopping for a look, please let me know you were here.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

"T" Stands for Water and Wine

There are just some weekends that have to end with a glass of wine, paired with a glass of ice water!  This past weekend was one of them!!!!
I have a Maytag clothes dryer that has seen 40 years of drying load after load faithfully.  DH has always done the maintenance on it to keep it running smooth, replacing parts as needed.  For the past two weeks he's been spending his "off time" working on it......or trying to.  Seems that after 40 years they quit making a lot of the needed parts........really???  On piece needed was some wool felt, that runs around the drum longer made! He decided to use a piece of an old 100% wool blanket.........worked great until the thermostat (which they gave him the wrong one) got too hot and the wool burned.....thus making my laundry smell like burnt wool..............oh yuck!!!! 
He ended up ordering the correct thermostat (supposedly) off the internet, the number was given to him by the repair man, that we finally called.  It heats for about 15 seconds then shuts off........oh crap!!!! Two hours to dry a load of towels????? and they still smell of burnt wool........really????
There is a bit of humor to this story:  DH said he couldn't smell the burnt wool.  After 3 hours of putting the dryer back together, he decides to take a shower, I had him a freshly laundered towel ...... when he is all finished, he brings it to me and says "When they get wet they really smell?"  DUH!!!....LOL
So off we went to "look" at dryers, but only after I spent the time he was in the shower, on the PC reading about them.  Seems Maytag is about the only brand left that is made in the US......according to what I read.
DH went into "sticker" shock when he saw the prices of new dryers.......LOL!  Even the cheapest ones are more than we paid 40 years ago................................time for a glass of wine and some dinner!
I found the perfect center piece for my dinning room table at Hobby Lobby.  Isn't it gorgeous?
Wider shot of the table, all set for fall.
Thursday I went to I went to an assembly.....AT school...*grin*
Seems the two GDs, that live here, BOTH made "Student of the Month"!  Not only beautiful....but SMART too!  
This is Megan's first month in Kindergarten.... look at that smile!!!  K-2nd grade came in first and received their awards, Megan knew she was getting it, but Hannah did not.  Megan got to stay to watch her sister receive her's.
Hannah on stage, after getting her award......she was very surprised when they called her name.
OUR STUDENTS OF THE MONTH!! G-ma Carol brought them each a red carnation.
Needless to say we were one very PROUD family!
So what is waiting in the wings for this week??  CHEER posters.  Hannah and Rachel are cheerleaders for a recreational football team and they each have two team players they have to make a poster for, and they need names and numbers cut with the problem.
PROBLEM is:  My IMAGINATION!!!  LOL!  JUST names and numbers aren't going to make a great poster.  I don't have a sports cartridge for my Cricut, and I'm not sure I can hook it up to the internet ( since I have never tried)  BUT I do have a PC, printer and a pair of scissors.......ok, I have 10 or more pairs of scissors.  So far I have made 3 football helmets, 1 large football, a couple of small footballs and a Spartans (name of the team) logo ( with 5 more to be cut).  With an other cheer Mom invited to "Make a poster nite" there will be 6 posters made.  Now, I can't just make for "my girls" so there needs to be multiples made.......but using different things. 
 I have Moms who have never been down this road before, and really have NO idea what all this involves.......but they are going to learn....LOL  We are getting together Friday night, I'll try to remember to take some pictures of the Moms, the cheerleaders, and their finished posters.....should be fun!!
So I'm off now, to visit other members of the T-gang......
Inky Hugs

Friday, September 25, 2015

Show Your Face

This week I have decided to join in with Kim Dellow: Show your face.  Here is my first go at it.
I did this in about 15 minutes just using Inktenese Water color pencils and on of the Inktense outliners, water and a small round brush.  The close up is more true to color, this one on the bottom is a little washed out by the Ott light.  I enjoyed doing this with just a washed technique, keeping it rather loose........might even try it again next week......LOL

Thanks for stopping by, have a great and creative weekend.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

T Stands for Pigs, Sunflowers and Birds

Well, time to link up with the T-Gang! If your new to my Tuesday posts, about the T-gang, then click the link and find out what all the fun is about.
As I am sitting here, sipping a nice hot cup of coffee, Ill give you a quick run down on what I've been up might want to refill what ever your drinking before we begin.........ready now?  Here we go!!
Last Friday, I shared a photo of my bag of fabric for a pigs head wearing a crown, a table cloth and a table runner. Not everyone saw those items......LOL ......but here they are.........
This gives you an idea of the size of the flag.  It is 3 ft. x 5 ft.  Yes the head is NOT centered on purpose, so that when it hangs, the head does not hide in the folds.......or that is my intention...*grin*
A closer look, he does look mean doesn't he??.......NOT my idea.  Youngest son had the logo made a couple years ago...........said the pig was mad because we were cooking pork.  What ever.......!!!!
Now the oldest son wants me to but it on the back too.......well why didn't he say so before I stitched it down on the front!!!!........KIDS!!!!  I kept the pattern I made, but I'm not too sure I can pull it off.  Will give it a try this week, or over the weekend........or maybe NOT....*grin*

My new sunflower table cloth.  Our house is so dark, then I have dark furniture, that it really brightened up the room.......Just love it.
The burlap runner, I frayed all around it.......after stay stitching of course.  I haven't decided if I am gong to leave it plain or decorate it........what do you think?  It was suggested I go for a walk and pick some pretty fall leaves to sprinkle on it..........lovely idea, but I would have to wait till mid November.....LOL.  Here in SOCAL they don't turn till Thanksgiving.  I might hit the $$ store and just buy some silk ones...........but still not sure..........but it does call for a center piece eh???
Now for the bird part of the title.................
Yes, (hanging my head) I finally caved and bought the Crazy Birds stamps and die set.  I have been really trying to resist these, cause they are so darn expensive!!!! Then I got an email notice that a vender, I frequent, had them BOTH on sale, and with FREE shipping.......what else could I do????
And the answer to THAT question is break down and buy the full set of Inktense Water Color pencils (on Amazon for 40%off and FREE shipping).........oh don't shout at me, for I am a weak when it comes to  art supplies......and in my defense........ DH has always told me to get the BEST tools for the I did!
Now I'm off to link up and go visiting the rest of the T-Gang......grab your cup and come with???
Inky Hugs

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Unruly Paper Arts September RAQ

Only 10 days left in this month.....OMGosh!!!  Unruly Paper Arts RAQ has a challenge running for the whole month of September, and I am just NOW getting my card posted.  I made it the first week, uploaded it and there it was left.....LOL

Here is my card for the entry.  It came about with bits and pieces laying around on Betsy.......always good to use them up when possible  eh?
I started with a cream card base and inked around the edges with TH Distressed ink.  I had a die cut, that really was a practice piece, just floating around.  I ran it through an embossing folder and highlighted the swirls with the same ink I went around the card base with. The cup is a Cricut die, with ink smudged on it and a sentiment from Inkadinkado (I think).  The seam coming out of the cup is piece of vellum, part of another die cut, this was snipped off and cast aside.
I didn't scan the inside, I usually don't finish them until I need them.  Then I can choose an appropriate sentiment.  But I did finish this card.  The inside says "I like you latte"  I crossed off the like and added a "miss you".  It is for a friend that no longer lives here, and I do miss her.  She was the Ethel to my THAT shows my age.....LOL
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a chance to enter the Unruly Paper Arts RAQ challenge
Inky Hugs

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Journal Mixed Media Journey

Wooossh! Plop! Here it is Friday already!! This week has disappeared faster than ice cream on a hot day, and around here that is pretty fast! 
I dug out my 9" x 12" journal for just a quick play.......and it became a weeks journey.....LOL  Maybe because there isn't much that I didn't use on it!! 
It all started with those packs of punched glitter circles, that were made from the scraps I had left over from making "Frozen" party decorations last year.
On UN-Gessoed page I started with Gelatoes.........

A baby wipe to blend it all together..........

A circle stencil, spritz and sprays of ink..........

Modeling paste came next, using the same stencil.........

Gluing the glitter circles and paper doilies............................

a closer look..............
 A little dangling with a Pitt Pen then acrylic paint for some flowers................................

A close up of the finished page........
Again with the Pitt Big Brush pens and blending as I went for a little more depth.  I added white dots to the flowers and it ended up imitating the glitter from the circles.....not a planned thing.....but I love it. 
I was at the discount fabric shop are my new table cloth, table runner and a pig's head with a crown.   Don't see it??  Look a little closer....they are all there...LOL!  These are my next projects.  I have a 3 ft. x 5 ft. red nylon flag that I have to put out BBQ logo on, which happens to be a pig's head wearing a crown......that would be the pink and blue. 
I have a weakness for sunflowers, so while they were measuring and cutting the other fabric I spotted the sunflower patterned fabric that would be perfect for a table cloth, then some burlap was needed too.  I'm thinking a fall burlap runner for the table too, maybe with some fall leaves and things painted onto it.  What do ya think.....painted?....or left plain?  Might become a runner for the cabinet under the TV.......who knows!!
So with all of this in mind, I need to finish this post, clean off the kitchen bar, lay out that flag and get to making a pattern of a pig's head and crown.............then it will be off to stitch it on with the old Singer.
Hope you have a creative weekend.
Inky Hugs

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Darnell ( and Hammy) are off and running with a NBUS challenge and I have almost missed it!!  It ends this Friday, but check out the details......there is still enough time to squeeze in a card!
Here is my entry for this Challenge. I know it is a wee bit early for Halloween cards and such.......but honestly not just the crafty stores, but many stores already have Christmas stacked right next to the fall/Halloween things.......what happened to Thanksgiving?  Oh I digress..........on to the card.....
I had been cutting some long thin cards and had these nice strip left over, and when folded in half made a perfect little card 4" x 4 1/4".  I bought these stamps at the end of last year for a substantial discount ( don't we just love when that happens....*grin*), so they were brought home, stored and forgotten about until I did a little cleaning and organizing.  Remembering that Darnell had posted a NBUS challenge I got them out and had a play with them.  I'm not really big on Halloween cards, but you would not know it by the high number of Halloween stamps I have....LOL  I guess I have just been fooling myself.......or I really do have a DARK side......
On the base of the card I used one of the dies(NBUS) from the new TH set....oooooo I do LOVE these, backed the card with black cs.  The candle and the book of spells were stamped, colored with pencil, then fussy cut, adding a glow, of the candle, to the base with TH Distressed ink.  The large web and the spider have been well used.  I could not resist adding the gogglie eyes to the black cs, under the base. I used TH Distressed ink to age the edges, and called it done!
Now I'm off to link up with the challenge, get my tennis on and go for a walk while it is still cool outside.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

T stans for Together

So, now you have been warned.....LOL!! ( but you can skip to the bottom real quick if your only here to see what the drink is this week for Tea with Elizabeth and the T-Gang )
First up is a photo of my newest GD, Samantha Lynn Ogle.  We finally had a chance to go to San Diego this weekend and meet her. ( grin....grin...grin)  So precious, and just look at her red hair....she makes two red heads in the family.......which made miss Hannah very happy.  I wish she would have kept her eyes open, as they are the same blue as her brother and sister's......yes most baby's are born with blue eyes, but these kids were born with a blue that I can only describe as a denim will notice their eyes in the photos below I'm sure.
We went on Saturday, and got there about lunch time, had a chance to get my hugs and kisses, then they had their lunch.  Danica had a birthday party to attend to and Taylor was already pushing nap time.  DH and I headed over to our son's ready mix plant and got the low down on what was going on there, then we headed over to a Pizza/Italian place and had lunch............and a long visit with just our son. I didn't take any pictures here, cause we were all so hungry we just ate and talked.....hahaha!
We did go back and spend the afternoon just hanging out with the whole family, then we had to go find a hotel, as we didn't make any reservations before leaving home.  Luckily we did get a room at the place we like to stay at.
Sunday, once they were all home form church and had lunch, our son, the two oldest GKs, DH and I head up into the mountains to do some apple picking.......
Danica ( or Dani as we call her) will be 5 in November, but she is strong enough to wield the picker....LOL!  Love the pony tail swishing....she gave it all she had....but she got the apple she wanted!
You can see how dry things are, even the fruit wasn't very big....lack of water they say.....
Wrangling up a 4 1/2 year old and a two year old, to get some pictures can be a chore........... 
But even harder when "their" parents want the same photo...........I need to teach him that Grandparents come first when photographing our Grandkids!!!  If he wasn't in any of the above picture......then I had to edit him out......chop! chop!
There was an old barn there, I'm sure they had it set up for I took some.
They have a drip line to some of the plants, to keep them and the weeds alive....
The kids saw me taking pictures and of course, they wanted in them......ok, but where's your Dad? Oh hurry, here he comes.........LOL
We head to the pie company after leaving the orchard....I was wringing wet from sweating while picking apples and pears.......LOL  On the was to the pie shop I saw this sign and thought it was interesting, but when I uploaded it what I saw it was funny too.  See the no parking sign that says begin?  That means no parking after that sign...........guess some people can't read!!
Here is the "required" (*grin*) photo for Tuesday's post.  It was cold and so refreshing........I really didn't know if I wanted to drink it, or just pour it over my head......LOL

Yes, we did have pie, it WAS caramel apple crumb eating a caramel apple with a crust.  It DID have ice cream on it........and since the pie was served warm, the ice cream was melting and DH wasn't waiting for a photo..........*grin*

Sunday morning, while still at the hotel, I took a journal and Inktense pencils, and went to get coffee.  They have a nice little place to sit and have coffee and breakfast outside.  I have taken pictures of this place before.........some might remember. 
I've always been one to draw with a pencil first, but this time, using a water brush, I just started painting this hanging petunia growing next to my table.  Then I added my travel mug too......not in perspective to the bush......LOL  The mug is too tall and slightly off center, but I don't feel it was too bad for just stepping out of my comfort zone, and applying the water color without pencil first.
I was inspired by Dianne, to do this.  She has been inspiring people all over the place with what she does and how she does must drop in on her and see her works.
So I am really late getting this posted, I've had interent problems, turned out to be a modem that was going bonkers.  I really started this post Monday morning at 7:30 AM, and am just now getting it finished........bummer.......but it is still Tuesday and I still have time to link up with T-gang.
One last thing:  Deb and Lisca your stamps were mailed today.
Inky Hugs


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lots of Layers......a mixed media card

Here we are, around the bend of the week, headed for the weekend.  I hope the week has been a creative one for all of you.  Since cleaning, and getting some organizing done, my MOJO seems to have gone into overdrive....yea!  About time he got back here and to lend a hand.....and just in time to help with the Allsorts Challenge  and Mixed Media Monthly challenge
Today's offering is a card with quite a few layers, most of which were just laying on Betsy, as cast offs.  The card base was covered with a soft rainbow paper months ago, then just put into a "not this time" you have one of these? It now works for the photo challenge at Mixed Media Monthly challenge. The embossed edges were edges of cards that had been die cut and was crooked the other rumpled the back of the card.  Trimming them off and adding them to this card worked a little better....*grin*  The ornamental die cut (from Anna Griffin) was cut MONTHS ago....(.I do stock pile these when getting the dies out......sometimes just spending the day die cutting...LOL) The butterfly is an extra that was left over from a birthday card I made for my DIL.  The vellum was a scrap laying on Betsy, and the sentiment just fit.  I did add some very pretty flowers, that were a gift....and are just the right colors for the MMM challenge!

Grab our logoWeek 327: Lots of Layers
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