"T" Stands for Water and Wine

There are just some weekends that have to end with a glass of wine, paired with a glass of ice water!  This past weekend was one of them!!!!
I have a Maytag clothes dryer that has seen 40 years of drying load after load faithfully.  DH has always done the maintenance on it to keep it running smooth, replacing parts as needed.  For the past two weeks he's been spending his "off time" working on it......or trying to.  Seems that after 40 years they quit making a lot of the needed parts........really???  On piece needed was some wool felt, that runs around the drum part.......no longer made! He decided to use a piece of an old 100% wool blanket.........worked great until the thermostat (which they gave him the wrong one) got too hot and the wool burned.....thus making my laundry smell like burnt wool..............oh yuck!!!! 
He ended up ordering the correct thermostat (supposedly) off the internet, the number was given to him by the repair man, that we finally called.  It heats for about 15 seconds then shuts off........oh crap!!!! Two hours to dry a load of towels????? and they still smell of burnt wool........really????
There is a bit of humor to this story:  DH said he couldn't smell the burnt wool.  After 3 hours of putting the dryer back together, he decides to take a shower, I had him a freshly laundered towel ...... when he is all finished, he brings it to me and says "When they get wet they really smell?"  DUH!!!....LOL
So off we went to "look" at dryers, but only after I spent the time he was in the shower, on the PC reading about them.  Seems Maytag is about the only brand left that is made in the US......according to what I read.
DH went into "sticker" shock when he saw the prices of new dryers.......LOL!  Even the cheapest ones are more than we paid 40 years ago................................time for a glass of wine and some dinner!
I found the perfect center piece for my dinning room table at Hobby Lobby.  Isn't it gorgeous?
Wider shot of the table, all set for fall.
Thursday I went to school.........well...er.... I went to an assembly.....AT school...*grin*
Seems the two GDs, that live here, BOTH made "Student of the Month"!  Not only beautiful....but SMART too!  
This is Megan's first month in Kindergarten.... look at that smile!!!  K-2nd grade came in first and received their awards, Megan knew she was getting it, but Hannah did not.  Megan got to stay to watch her sister receive her's.
Hannah on stage, after getting her award......she was very surprised when they called her name.
OUR STUDENTS OF THE MONTH!! G-ma Carol brought them each a red carnation.
Needless to say we were one very PROUD family!
So what is waiting in the wings for this week??  CHEER posters.  Hannah and Rachel are cheerleaders for a recreational football team and they each have two team players they have to make a poster for, and they need names and numbers cut with the Cricut.....no problem.
PROBLEM is:  My IMAGINATION!!!  LOL!  JUST names and numbers aren't going to make a great poster.  I don't have a sports cartridge for my Cricut, and I'm not sure I can hook it up to the internet ( since I have never tried)  BUT I do have a PC, printer and a pair of scissors.......ok, I have 10 or more pairs of scissors.  So far I have made 3 football helmets, 1 large football, a couple of small footballs and a Spartans (name of the team) logo ( with 5 more to be cut).  With an other cheer Mom invited to "Make a poster nite" there will be 6 posters made.  Now, I can't just make for "my girls" so there needs to be multiples made.......but using different things. 
 I have Moms who have never been down this road before, and really have NO idea what all this involves.......but they are going to learn....LOL  We are getting together Friday night, I'll try to remember to take some pictures of the Moms, the cheerleaders, and their finished posters.....should be fun!!
So I'm off now, to visit other members of the T-gang......
Inky Hugs


  1. Congrats to Megan & Rachel on their accomplishments! Such a sweet photo of them together.

    I hear you about the dryer--you are lucky your DH was able to keep it running so long! I dry very little in our dryer-only the undies and towels, so you think it would last a little longer, but I think I am on my 3rd in 25 years!

    Have fun making the sports posters!

  2. awe-congrats to your sweet girls!! Boy what a patient hubby you must have, making so many attempts to revive that dryer. We have a Maytag washer and dryer a few years now after owning Sears brands for many years and so far all is well although I won't expect them to last like the old ones did as you know:) Good luck with all the sports related crafts-better you than me...happy T day!

  3. What a cute photo of the superstars! Love it! That table decoration is to die for! I wish I would have seen it when I was at one the other day! Still hot here as well! Enjoy the week!

  4. I can tell how proud you are of Megan and Hannah. They look so cute together, too.

    Your DH and his dryer skills are admirable, but at some point, you have to give up the ghost. I have old Maytags, too, after owning Kenmore for many years. I think your hubby should get a small reward for his attempts, at least.

    The dining room table decorations are wonderful. I'm really impressed. And I'm also impressed that you are teaching a bunch of mothers how to make posters. It's a lesson I'd love to see.

    Thanks for sharing your wine and week with us for T this week, and good luck with your teaching.

  5. Wonderful photos of the Grandkids, they are lovely. Your new centrepiece is gorgeous, exactly tight for the season. Sorry to hear about the dryer, and laughed at the funny story with the smelly towels, too funny! Hope you find a good and reliable new one! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. 40 years, that is a huge saving all round for you, I think I"ve had a few in that time. Time to bite the bullet and get that new one. Maytag is a great brand that we dont get here I settled on a German one and hopefully it will last longer than I will hahaha

  7. Congratulations on your grandies' achievements! Proud grandma!
    Your husband deserves an award too for maintaining a dryer for 40 years! I hope you find one soon. I used to have one when I lived in the UK. (where it rains a lot). Now I live in Spain (dry and hot) there is no need. (and we couldn't afford one either).
    Great idea to get the mums together and make posters. Please take photos as I'd love to see.
    Have a lovely Tuesday,

  8. I'm impressed your old dryer lasted so long. It's depressing to think about how much longer it would last if you could get the parts you need. I don't imagine the new one will hold up as well. I suspect that's deliberate :(

    Congrats to your granddaughters!

  9. I love wine at the end of the day.
    Dryers, my third is fabulous and uses much less electricity. (My husband watches all the figures and meters). I read all the reviews before i buy.
    We also bought a new washing machine. last time as they seem to hold hands and like to leave together.

  10. The husband kept our washing maching going for 24 years now; if I tell him about your drier, he´ll want to break your record! lol Hope you find a new one that makes your laundry smell good and doesn´t break the bank.

    Congratulations on such lovely granddaughters and so smart, too! Happy T-Day!

  11. Congrats to your sweet girls ! Your decoration is gorgeous!
    Happy T-Day Krisha!

  12. Lots of excitement in your neighborhood! Your gd's are sooo cute, and tell them both congrats for the award!! I know it makes them feel proud, and just the encouragement that students need! Your centerpiece is really unique and lovely...just perfect! had to laugh about the dryer...your hubby must be good at maintenance to get it to last this long! Good luck with the posters...sounds like a fun project to me. I bet you could Google 'football poster phrases' or similar, and get some great ideas for the wording on the posters. Have fun with it! happy T day!

  13. After 40 years I have no doubt of the sticker shock. And the next one likely won't last 40 years, either. Sad, but true. Have fun making posters! Those girls are really something to be bursting your buttons over, to be sure. :):) Happy T-Day!

  14. Oh what excitement! Congratulations to the girls! It does sound as though you will have fun making the posters! Your drier story made me laugh....although not at the expense part ! Belated happy T Day! Chrisx


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