Tuesday, September 15, 2015

T stans for Together

So, now you have been warned.....LOL!! ( but you can skip to the bottom real quick if your only here to see what the drink is this week for Tea with Elizabeth and the T-Gang )
First up is a photo of my newest GD, Samantha Lynn Ogle.  We finally had a chance to go to San Diego this weekend and meet her. ( grin....grin...grin)  So precious, and just look at her red hair....she makes two red heads in the family.......which made miss Hannah very happy.  I wish she would have kept her eyes open, as they are the same blue as her brother and sister's......yes most baby's are born with blue eyes, but these kids were born with a blue that I can only describe as a denim will notice their eyes in the photos below I'm sure.
We went on Saturday, and got there about lunch time, had a chance to get my hugs and kisses, then they had their lunch.  Danica had a birthday party to attend to and Taylor was already pushing nap time.  DH and I headed over to our son's ready mix plant and got the low down on what was going on there, then we headed over to a Pizza/Italian place and had lunch............and a long visit with just our son. I didn't take any pictures here, cause we were all so hungry we just ate and talked.....hahaha!
We did go back and spend the afternoon just hanging out with the whole family, then we had to go find a hotel, as we didn't make any reservations before leaving home.  Luckily we did get a room at the place we like to stay at.
Sunday, once they were all home form church and had lunch, our son, the two oldest GKs, DH and I head up into the mountains to do some apple picking.......
Danica ( or Dani as we call her) will be 5 in November, but she is strong enough to wield the picker....LOL!  Love the pony tail swishing....she gave it all she had....but she got the apple she wanted!
You can see how dry things are, even the fruit wasn't very big....lack of water they say.....
Wrangling up a 4 1/2 year old and a two year old, to get some pictures can be a chore........... 
But even harder when "their" parents want the same photo...........I need to teach him that Grandparents come first when photographing our Grandkids!!!  If he wasn't in any of the above picture......then I had to edit him out......chop! chop!
There was an old barn there, I'm sure they had it set up for I took some.
They have a drip line to some of the plants, to keep them and the weeds alive....
The kids saw me taking pictures and of course, they wanted in them......ok, but where's your Dad? Oh hurry, here he comes.........LOL
We head to the pie company after leaving the orchard....I was wringing wet from sweating while picking apples and pears.......LOL  On the was to the pie shop I saw this sign and thought it was interesting, but when I uploaded it what I saw it was funny too.  See the no parking sign that says begin?  That means no parking after that sign...........guess some people can't read!!
Here is the "required" (*grin*) photo for Tuesday's post.  It was cold and so refreshing........I really didn't know if I wanted to drink it, or just pour it over my head......LOL

Yes, we did have pie, it WAS caramel apple crumb eating a caramel apple with a crust.  It DID have ice cream on it........and since the pie was served warm, the ice cream was melting and DH wasn't waiting for a photo..........*grin*

Sunday morning, while still at the hotel, I took a journal and Inktense pencils, and went to get coffee.  They have a nice little place to sit and have coffee and breakfast outside.  I have taken pictures of this place before.........some might remember. 
I've always been one to draw with a pencil first, but this time, using a water brush, I just started painting this hanging petunia growing next to my table.  Then I added my travel mug too......not in perspective to the bush......LOL  The mug is too tall and slightly off center, but I don't feel it was too bad for just stepping out of my comfort zone, and applying the water color without pencil first.
I was inspired by Dianne, to do this.  She has been inspiring people all over the place with what she does and how she does must drop in on her and see her works.
So I am really late getting this posted, I've had interent problems, turned out to be a modem that was going bonkers.  I really started this post Monday morning at 7:30 AM, and am just now getting it finished........bummer.......but it is still Tuesday and I still have time to link up with T-gang.
One last thing:  Deb and Lisca your stamps were mailed today.
Inky Hugs



  1. Lovely post, your grandchildren are gorgeous, bless them, and congrats on the new little redhead. I love the look of that wonderful caramel pie and then with ice cream, oh my! I have often poured my water over my head when I was too hot. Love the flower picture you painted. Happy T Day! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Woo hoo Krisha !! Thank you so much for the stamps!!! i can hardly wait! This was such a lovely post krisha. I loved catching up with you. Your new grandbaby is just darling!!You don't see see natural red hair too often anymore.. so special... While living in CA we waited as long as possible to go to Apple Hill up by Placerville... to get apples and and see all the craft booths etc... the cooler the better i say... I think i would have poured it over my head too... lol I think everyone had a great time!!! Happy happy Tday my friend! PostCard in the mail to you!!! Hugs! deb

  3. love your gentle watercolour and look at all those apples..what a good idea to get the top apples off the tree too

  4. oh I love all the photos! your grandkids are certainly cuties-love that pink tutu and those little blue jeans!...and what fun picking apples! I need one of those apple pickers for my parents' tree... I love your watercolor painting too...hey, my cups turn out pretty wonky sometimes...I think yours is excellent! you are so sweet to mention me in your post, glad my ramblings are inspiring to you. I just keep practicing and that helps me get are doing great so keep going! happy T day!

  5. Beautiful photos and Grands Krisha! I remember those apple picking days with our daughter--such fun!I can just imagine how good that pie tasted and how refreshing the water was after romping through the orchard.

    Your watercolor flowers came out really pretty!

    I really appreciate your kind words on my post!

  6. What lovelies! The flowers and the children :)

  7. Aw such a sweet baby photo. I enjoyed seeing the young ones picking apples! Hopefully we'll get in on some neighborhood apple picking here this year again. Lovely barn photos as well!
    Happy T day!!
    I almost forgot...your watercolor is beautiful!

  8. Beautiful water color Krisha.
    All of your sweet family doings have really put a big smile on my face.
    Welcome to the world to your precious newest GD.
    Thanks for sharing
    and Happy T Day

  9. I'm glad you said apples and pears because the container looked like it had as many pears as apples. I love pears more than apples any day, too.

    What a sweet new grand daughter. So nice of you to allow us to see and meet her, too. What a treat.

    I can relate to your take on the water. The other day, while working on Sally's garage, I came close to heat stroke because I got so overheated, dehydrated, weak, faint, and shaky. When I got home, I stuck my head under my kitchen faucet and sprayer, and doused my head in cold water, which eventually cooled me off. That water you had was good advertising for the pie company as well as refreshing.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of all the Grandies, your water, pie (or lack of it), and apple/pear picking for T this Tuesday.

    BTW, you may not have read about Darla’s home in the mountains. I saw video yesterday about the area. Her home there is completely gone, ravaged by fire. That’s one of the reasons why she didn’t share T with us this week. She was there when the fires started in that area, so was very lucky to get out.

  10. What a nice little redhead -- congrats - I have a redhead daughter as well(nearly 15). Lovely photos Krisha and a wonderful painting!

  11. What a beautiful addition--and with that red hair, too!
    The grandkids are just darling. Love the swishy ponytail, too.
    I am not much of a pie eater but that carmel apple pie with ice cream--OMG! That sounds just wonderful!
    Happy belated T-Day! :)

  12. Those are lovely photos of lovely memories. The baby is gorgeous. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for visiting Tuesday. I too have 'iffy' internet connection. We're at a campsite.
    Have agood week.