Monday, February 29, 2016

Earthquakes....Coffee....Water...Wine and Art for T-day

Hello, Hello again..........Welcome to an other T-day post, a time for linking up with Altered Book Lover to be ever so nosey as to what other fellow bloggers are drinking.  As is every morning my cup has coffee in if you please.  You might want to get a "full" drink before continuing this's a LONG I will apologize in advance....but you have been warned!!
I must say, you just missed it last Tuesday!  What????  Here in the San Joaquin Valley we felt the earth mover under our feet........Thank you Carole King!! 
"A 4.8-magnitude earthquake shook the Wasco area of Kern County Tuesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
The temblor hit 22 miles outside of Bakersfield at 4:10 p.m." 
Well, Wasco may have gotten the headlines because it happened in their city limits, but it was located about 6 miles west from MY house! Hadn't felt one in quite a while, so the first jerk and boom got my attention, the next second jerk and boom and I knew what it was!  We don't always get the "boom"....just depends on how the earth is moving..........rolling sound.  The only way I can describe the sound is like a sonic boom that hits the ground HARD!
It was a hard couple of jolts to the house, yet nothing fell off the walls, but I did go outside and walk around the house to see if there was any damage......they say it takes a 5 or better on the seismograph to do damage......but that's what THEY say.  No damage, but earthquakes always make me nauseous....yet I don't get sea sick or air sick.......weird huh?
Onto happier things............It is time again to Shafter's

COLOURS is a Celebration of the Arts in Shafter, California. This is a four-day event at several venues from Thursday, February 25th through Sunday, February 28th, 2016. The COLOURS event will showcase "Transformed Art" in many forms ranging from Canvas, Sculpture, Film and Stage to Wine, Food and Music.
Transformed Art is using one’s talents and abilities with the intent to create a product that reflects what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely and of good repute, excellence and worthy of praise. It is our desire to strike a spark or fan a flame so that people will integrate their artistic passions and talents.

That being said, I was asked again this year to help set up the art exhibit.  It is a LOT of work, but fun at the same time.  All I took with me was my phone, and only had chances to take pictures off and on.
The first thing to do was boss around a couple of young men as to how we wanted the display boards set up........took about an hour.  I'm not going to describe every moment, decision and every piece of art that was hung......your welcome!

Janeen and I became kindred spirits and quick friends as I helped her hang her art.
There were so many artists that were in and out, these are the ones that I could catch for photos.  There were also ceramic, children's book writer and a mosaic to be seen....but after 4 + hours I came home.......poooped!

This is where we were headed...........I've taken you here before..........

Sunday found be back at the Colours event.  This time it was to paint......something like the "paint" nights" I've shared before.................only this was a bit more tricky..................

Van Gogh....there on the left was the intended inspiration......but we did not know that when we started.  The instructor did not have a finished painting or even a copy of this picture (which took me all of one minute to find of the internet) for us to look at.  She did have an outline already drawn on each canvas.......looked like a paint by number.....LOL!
She gave us ONE color at a time (?....yes really)  I felt like I was back in grade school! She lead us through where the yellow background.......applied with a sponge, the orange went on the table AND the vase.  Then the green to the areas that were supposed to be leaves.  Now, not every outline was the same, she said she grew tired around 15 canvases so some were a little different..........really???? 
LOL! Mine was different than the ones to the left of Barb and Margret had to figure out their own leaves and couldn't copy mine......LOL!!!  Margret has painted before, but I don't think Barb has ever held a paint there was a LOT of laughing going on!
Once we laid the blue in she said......and I quote: "The rest of the flowers are open for your interruption."  Okkkkkaaaaayyy......just what is it that it should at least resemble???  Remember, we did not know what we was supposed to be our inspiration.  I do know Van Gogh's work from all those art history classes .......way back in high school, and from visiting MOMA in New York........but come on lady there were people who had never painted before, sitting there with BIG question marks over their heads!!! I even had one....were those orange island, as we were calling them, the centers? "Oh no, those are just bits of color peeking through"......more question marks.........

Once she agave us white and the same time....gasp! I went my own way......this two hour painting had already taken three hours....and it you scroll back up to the instructor holding her painting up........she put parentheses around her background....NOT going to happen, I knew Van Gogh had NEVER done that in one single painting !! So I just had fun doing what ever I wanted with the purple and white.....I knew these were supposed to be Irises, but she had led us so far astray it was too late to recoup the Irises and just to be defiant I added splatters..........ROTHLOL (rolling on the floor laughing out loud).
I felt sorry for the people who had never painted before, this was NOT a beginner painting and the instructor was full of herself.  She stated that she had been professionally painting for over 10 years, she did NOT mix colors and she had her friends over quite regularly to paint and sip wine. 
I know two people that left what they had painted there, not even bothering to at least take their work home.......Cheryl was one of them.  We PAID $40.00 to paint......yes it was a fundraiser of sorts and that doesn't bother me......but really??  She uses cheap brushes and very cheap paint for her "classes"!
Okay, I'm now officially off my "bash the instructor" soap box.....LOL!  Can I do better? Probably.....would the paintings turn out better...........that would have to wait to be seen.....*grin*
So, if you have made it through the whole post you need to be patting yourself on the back. about now!!  I told you it was a long one...*grin*
Inky Hugs
PS: By the way our colorful yellow t-shirts were provided by the Shafter Kiwanis, since the instructor didn't have aprons for us......and there were quite a few in their church clothes!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Birthday Time?

It isn't birthday time....yet but they are on their way and I actually got a head start on them this year! 
This card is for our youngest son who will be turning........well, he will have a birthday...LOL!
The background was made using the pearl powders and embossing ink, really doesn't show well in this scan at all.......I'm about done with scanning, since my camera is sitting right here and it really isn't any more work to get them onto the PC.  Of course you should recognize the bird, he was already cut and colored, making this a quick card.

I don't always prepare the insides till time to give them, but I couldn't resist doing this one.  It will be signed Mom and Dad.  I paper pieced the one on the left in a plaid shirt......which is what DH almost always wears....... and I have so many baseball caps and straw hats ..........they have both become   family jokes so it is a fitting inside.....LOL!
I'm entering this card in the following challenges.
I love badge
Grab our logo
Have a great week.
Inky Hugs

Monday, February 22, 2016

T stands for Two Drinks

Two drinks, TV remote, my readers and my cell phone................all set to watch a couple of taped programs.  That was AFTER I did a post, three loads of laundry (one folded in the basket, one laid out on the spare bed and one still in the dryer) then there was a trip into Bakersfield to do two errands and buy something besides condiments for the refrigerator......phew!!  Why am I sharing this?  Cause it is time to join the T-gang over at Altered Book Lover know, for a jaunt around the world being nosey about what others are drinking!!!!
I don't normally put ANYTHING in my coffee, but I needed to sit down and relax and a latte sounded good.  It is just sugar free syrup, coffee and heavy whipping cream.........a generic SB but I like it a latte better..................couldn't pass that one up....LOL!! 
The Smart Water is one I bought on the run.................nope it hasn't helped at all, I feel no smarter than before I bought it.....*grin*  I rarely buy single bottles of water, but this had a flip up cover and it came in real handy while I was driving it will get refilled more than once or twice.
I'm not going to rain on E's shower of love......but I got Happy Mail this week too!  This darling post card from Deb our Jinxxxy Girl......yes, we swap handmade post cards quite regularly.  I adore this one THANBKS DEB!! Anybody wanting to join in for this fun, just let me can be arranged!
I'm still trying to get all those cards posted that I managed to make the last two weeks.  I need to learn to work, post, work and post......NOT work, work, work, then post, post, post....... doubt that it will happen, but stranger things have been known to happened.
Our weather is like a roller coaster temps go up, then temps come down, then some rain, then the temps start going back up.  It does make for some beautiful sun rises and sun set.  Last week I did grab my camera and stood out in the alley (in my PJs mind you) just to get these photos, all in the same morning!


 I have to go out into the alley because of all the overhead wires, we live in an old area so they aren't underground....maybe someday.  The last one was light enough to see the mountains in the was very clear that morning.........normally we have so much smog they aren't that visible.  I would go out and stand in the street to take these sun rises, but that would require me to get dressed.....LOL!

I have a new follower and friend Sharon Caudle.......Welcome Sharon!!
She has 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter......just the opposite of me!!!
You can find her gorgeous work over at Gramma's House of Cards, but she is also a DT for the Art Impressions blog and a few others.  Hope you take a moment and drop her a visit......I think your going to enjoy her sense of humor.

Well, that's a wrap my dear T-day friends and everyone else that got this far.

Inky Hugs

Rising to the Challenge a Twofer

All right! A new week has begun.........Wooohooo!  Mondays have gotten such a bad wrap over the years.....having to "go" to work made me feel the same way, but retirement has changed the light on Mondays.....for me anyway. 

My weekend was a total "wash out"!  With DH home we just puttered around here....watched a lot of TV did.  I'm the one that just puttered around.  We did go to the Spring Home and Garden
Show Sunday......but I'll cover that later.

If you dropped by last week, you will recall I have been on a card, not one with a prize for finishing, or anything like that.  Just one made up in my own mind...*grin*  My cell phone has the Pinterest app on it.....yeah, I've gone tekkkkie.....LOL  So, while DH is watching all "his" programs I usually sit and play Word with Friends and scroll through Pinterest.  I found a card I wanted to CASE
hand crafted card from Birgit ... dots stenciled on for background texture in the middle of the card ... die cut daisy top on stamped stem ... sentiment of top of that ... kraft base ... delightful ...:
This pretty card was made by Biggan at BEAUTIFUL cards on this blog, full of wonderful color (well maybe not this card)  enough eye candy worth looking at.
I did play around with this mixed media idea on quite a few cards......yes I really carried I won't post them all in this post......but be warned!
Modeling past, through a stencil, for the background.......really easy eh?  Really easy to keep grabbing card stock after card stock until......................ya, it went THAT far.....LOL
The flowers are die cuts of TH Tattered Flowers, cut in half and then layered back together, using a circle die, cut in half for the centers.  I used a white Gel pen to make the marks on the petals....they were just a little too flat looking for me.  The mighty use of Gina Marie's stitching dies created the layers and the sentiment piece.  THAT sentiment stamp has been around here for so long I wasn't sure it would even make an impression any longer.
Next up is a little different rendition of the  same mixed media idea.    I used a stamp, or part of a stamp, for the stem and leaves....then color washed them with marker.  The navy blue is really denim....that's right denim!  I bought a roll of it with an adhesive backing on it.  It WILL die cut with the thinner dies....but not real well.  I bought the denim to use for a journal cover, and if I don't quit "playing" with it there won't be enough left to cover a journal.....LOL!

I am going to enter both of these in
Grab our Badge
challenge: RED

...............and it is about to close so I better get there and get it done... then I'll have some time to visit the others that have also joined........the DT work is fantastic and worth a look too!

Thanks for stopping by...
Inky Hugs


Friday, February 19, 2016

Embossing folder fun

Hello, hello, hello again! I saw a challenge......sometime back....and thought I'd join in the fun.  I'm not sure how I got so de-railed but I didn't get these cards entered. 

The challenge was: Use an embossing folder to stamp with.  Just spritz some ink on the raised side of the folder and press it onto your card stock. Fun and quick.....CAS too!  I added an embedded die cut hello and it was finished.........................
BUT the embossing folder was laying there with some ink still on it........I gave it a spritz of water, inserted some card stock and ran it through the embossing machine, mounted it on a pale yellow and added a couple of die cut flowers.......DONE!
Well.............this technique is so fast and simple I just had to try it again......LOL That die cut hello really got washed out by the scanner.

This is the 2nd half of the above card, all washed out too.......hmmmmm.....I might be having a problem with that scanner...............or DH fiddled with the settings!
If you are a follower of my blog, you must be wondering what card marathon I've joined.  Funny, I was wondering the same thing!!!  BUT wait there are still MORE cards to be posted......I heard that sigh and groan...LOL!
It takes me forever to write a post, I know, the way I ramble on one would never know!  So I end up making things ( a lot of things) and setting them aside, unless it is for a specific challenge.  HA, ha......this post even proves THAT doesn't always work either.  Then there comes the dreaded time of getting photos, and scans, edited, water marked and THEN getting them onto Blogger......before you can even start the post.
That explains ( in my mind anyway) why my blog posts are like waves of the ocean (very poetic huh?)  I spend time making and then try to post EVERYTHING at once..............ROTFLOL!!  There is no hope for me......I've tried to change.....honest!
Inky Hugs

Powdered Pearls and Pearl Ex Resist

Autumn had a super tutorial over at Stamps and Stencils last week, and I thought I'd give it a try.
It involves something I have had around here for many years and was very popular way back when.... Powdered Pearls and Pearl Ex........remember them??
She gave a really good tutorial on this technique.  I did  take some step out photos, but hers are much better and explained really take a moment and check out her blog or the post she has on  Stamps and Stencils

Here is my background all inked and then stamped with an embossing ink.
Once the Powdered Pearls were added and then gently wiped away it leave a shinny pearled print.  Sorry about the messy desk......*grin*  I was having too much fun to really care about the mess!!
The first finished card...............still working on those dreaded sympathy cards......but determined to get a stock pile of them into the card box. Of course scanner will not pick up the shimmer the powdered pearls leave.....:((((

A more masculine version, also using the same stamp for the background of the card base.

This last one combines this technique with the one in my last post.
NOW, I am DONE making sympathy cards, I pray that I never have to use them all OR make an other one in my life!
I can't figure out why my scanner gave me some fuzzy scans on these cards, everything is much crisper in RL.
I hope you do take a minute and check out the original post for this technique and leave Autumn a little love too.
Inky Hugs

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Run of Sympathy Cards

Sympathy cards.......the most dreaded card to make, and most of us DO NOT make them ahead of time......and I have always been one to put off sympathy cards until I need one.  I found myself in THAT exact spot a week ago, and my brain just went blank.  Now, that really isn't a new feeling, but I mean it was REALLY BLANK!  I needed a card for a woman I've known for years, and was actually attached to our family by marriage. 
I sat at Betsy ( the name of my desk......yes I named it!) seemed like for hours trying to figure out what I wanted to inspiration came!  I finally got on Pinterest and search cards and sympathy cards.  I did find an old technique I had forgotten about and finally chose to use it.
It involves scribbling a water base marker on an acrylic block......well is doesn't HAVE to be acrylic.....but you get the idea.  Spritz it with a little water and press it onto the card stock.  So simple!  So much fun and each time it is different! So why did I have so many unusable prints?
Then, as things usually happen around here, I ended up using the first one I made....LOL  It had a small puddle and I swiped it sideways with a tissue and got a wonderful print, but just a little too bright for what I wanted.....and I thought I could do better.......sound familiar?   I finally put an overlay of vellum with the sentiment on it, over it and that toned everything down.
When the funeral was over I came back to Betsy to clean up the mess I had walked off and left....
All those "mistakes" were just laying there begging to be used.  I did rescue two of them, since I was using water color paper I re-spritzed then and whipped them off again.  The white embossed resist finally popped!  So two more sympathy cards were born and added to the card box.

I had die cut butterflies in my stash and started adding them to the cards too.
There is an other technique and round of sympathy cards I also want to share, but that will be my next I had time to grab my camera for step outs.
Thanks for coming by, please let me know you did with a quick comment.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

T Stands for Granddaughters

Monday......President's Day.....and NO school ( here) so that meant I got to have the GDs for the day!!  I didn't make any BIG plans for the day, last time I did it rained all day and all my plans got "washed" away........I know, I know....but I just couldn't resist that one LOL!!!

It didn't take them long to ask to paint, and they wanted to try painting by video.  So I pulled up  "Kawaii Elephant with Rainbow Bubbles", by  The Art Sherpa on
YouTube.  It is one that she did for kids. I had them use craft acrylic paint, so they would not have to mix the pastel colors.

As you can see there is my coffee cup in the lower left hand corner, and Megan's water glass there too.  They started our morning, but we quickly changed water..........

I was out of canvas board and small canvas', but I did have a loose leaf canvas pad.  I did tape the pages to a cardboard so it wouldn't move around as they painted.  They were surprised that it took them over an hour to paint their pictures.........even though we fast forward through all the was filmed live.
My proud artists
After cleaning up and having some lunch we went to the movies, we went to see an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.  Even I was laughing.....cute movie.
It was such a gorgeous day, and the almond trees are really starting to break out in bloom. We decided to grab our drinks, a couple hats and go out and take some pictures.  Even after over 40 years of living here I never tire of seeing the almonds in bloom.  Of course the prettiest flowers out there were Hannah and Megan......*grin*  They also found the umbrella, in the back of the car and wanted to use it too...................

Lots of honey bees.......the orchards are full of stacked hives and I forgot to get a photo of them.....but I did get a couple of bees.......

Well, that's my T-Day  post for this week. Seems I've gotten into the habit of running late for the Tea Party.  I didn't get my photos onto the PC until late, then had to choose which ones........out of 70 or so that I share.........then a little re-sizing and collaging.....then getting them uploaded to Blogger.  By the time I had accomplished all that it was very late, and I just decided that if I didn't get to bed, I wasn't going to get to bed.....LOL  So I'm up early, still on my first cup of coffee, banging away on this post.  Am I the only one that takes forever to get a post written??
  Time to link up with the T-day Gang and see what in their cups and containers this week, have my second cup of coffee loaded and ready to go.  Join me?
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

T Stands for ........

Right now I have quite a bit on my "plate" and almost didn't attend the "Tea Party" this week, but as I came in to finish this painting I set my coffee down and grabbed my camera......... So instead of getting this finished and getting some sympathy cards made I am sitting here chatting on my laptop, just long enough to drink that cup of coffee......LOL

The painting is called "Winter Birch Trees" and I watched a video, by the Art Sherpa, on You Tube.  You can see the video HERE.  I still have the "eyes", as Cinnamon called them, to add and then some splattering for falling snow.  I enjoy her videos, and there are a few other I'd like to "try".

I also received some Happy Mail from our Jinxxxygirl....Deb.  A really sweet Valentine's post card, but haven't had a chance to get it scanned, so that will be up coming.  Thanks Deb!!

Sympathy cards! Ugh! Why do I wait until I NEED them?  Every tine this happens I tell myself to get some made up and have them on hand..........well, that doesn't happen!!  The cards are needed for our DIL's family.  Her Grandmother passed away Sunday morning.  She was 85 years old, and had lost her husband two years ago and never got over it.  I think she died of a broken matter what the doctors say.  Her 6 year old great granddaughter had this to say "Well, I think Papa Ray finally went to God and told Him he wanted his wife back." Madelynn is wise beyond her 6 years!!

My cup is empty, so I better get this day rolling forward.......getting dressed should probably come first.......nah, my robe already has paint on it......LOL

I'll be around to visit everybody, but it might take me a while to do it.

Inky Hugs

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sliding in at the Finish Line!!

One more card for the Art Impressions Stamp challenge: Paper piecing, and it all started with an idea...*grin*
It was just one of "those" evenings that I didn't want to watch what ever my DH was watching on TV, my mind wandered on back here to a pile of AI stamps on my I followed along behind.  All my AI stamps (and that is quite a few) are piled on Betsy, waiting to live in a new binder. BUT! before I can even start moving them to the new binder Mr. Mojo said "Let's play first!" who am I to argue??? 
It ended up being an other paper piecing project......and a bit more of a challenge. I was sailing along when I had this "idea" to use kitchen towel for her coat.  My kitchen towels are two ply (two layers thick) I stamped the image, fussy cut it out and then pulled....ever so gently.....the layers apart.  Waalaaa! now how to adhere it to the full image?? hmmmmmm........glue makes the PT disappear, so I went for the double sided tape.....hey, it worked * very big grin*  I also used a lime green glittered paper for her shoes, purse and earrings......but it didn't scan so well.
The background paper is a copy of one of the pages from my art journal.  This challenge is about to close, so I better get this posted and linked up, besides I think I hear my pillow calling my name....
Make sure you check out all the DT work and the entries to this challenge.

Inky Hugs ( and a big yawn)