T stands for Two-fer

Rather nippy here in SOCAL this morning (Monday)......temperatures dropped down to 31' (F) last night........burr!  And that was after a rain storm went through Sunday......I mean it poured all day long!
On nice thing is when the temperature drops and the air cleans up we get to have a fire in the stove.  Since it is a "wood" burning stove we are restricted to the days we are allowed to burn.  What a great spot to set my new coffee mug, to keep it warm, while putting on my socks..........which were warmed up nicely, on the stove, before slipping my feet into them.........you almost got a photo of them too....LOL

Here is a photo from a little further back.  The stove sits in the living room, against a short wall that can be walked around on either side.  The tales this thing could tell, many times I have gotten totally dressed standing in front of it. :O  Why? Cause when there is a fire in this, we shut the furnace off and the bedrooms get cold!  It is how I used to get the boys out of bed to get ready to go to school.....I would lay their jeans on it, and when they were warm I called them, while they put their jeans on I was warming up their socks.......hey! It worked!!  LOL
So where is all this going?  Well it is time to link up with The T-gang to see what's in their cuppas.
It is also the 2nd of February tomorrow (still Monday here) and time to show something for the second time, on the second.
This month I chose a post and a card from 2010..........I remember that day, the card and the post, it had me laughing....now..... but not so much back then.  I sent this card to a new follower (at the time) and we became internet friends and are still friends today.

Monday, July 26, 2010

GC 62 sun challenge: My Golden Sunset

If only my Monday had been as peaceful as this little image of a golden sunset. It was anything BUT, headache made me sick to my stomach, car stopped running about a mile from the house; had to walk home in the heat, jeans and dress shoes. Plus I found that my purse weighs about 50lbs around a 1/4 mile down the road! But ALAS I got home took a cool shower and made this pretty little card. The sun was stamped on black glossy cs and embossed with gold. The sun itself was first painted white so the yellow, red and orange would show on the black. I found an old can of spray webbing in the garage the other day, I'm surprised it still worked when I used it on the background black. All are mounted on a metallic gold cs and then mounted on a glossy black card. Check out the other submissions to the Gingersnap Creations challenge here:

That this T-day post, hope everybody is safe and warm

Inky Hugs


  1. How cosy your stove looks Krisha and what a pretty heart mug.

    I think your card is beautiful. What a lovely effect the spray webbing makes. Barbxx

  2. Wow Krisha, I've been watching the weather in your neck of the woods, and it was scary. High country in LA county got snow. What a novelty. And your rain was hopefully not a downpour all day long that would cause any mudslides or floods.

    That stove was a hoot. Yep, I bet there are lots of stories it could tell, and many good family ones, too. Thanks for sharing your heated mug with us for T this week, and thanks for sharing this gorgeous card that brings back memories of very warm days when you are cold. Love that webbing. I never had any, so I was always in awe of it whenever I saw it.

  3. I hear on the news about how nasty it got in areas of SOCAL. So glad you were OK. That stove looks so inviting... and your card is a stunner-just gorgeous!!

  4. We had a wood burning barrel stove when I was growing up. I remember coming in from sledding being so cold...I stripped down to my long underwear and was warming myself. I turned to warm by backside and it was so cold that I didn't feel that I had it up against the cast iron until I burned my butt. Ah the memories. HA!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!
    Happy T day!

    PS...love that card!

  5. Your card is really lovely and what a story to go with it .
    I really like how blogs act as journals documenting things (that I may otherwise forget).
    That sure is a handsome wood stove.
    There is nothing as cozy as a wood fire.
    Happy T Day Krisha...stay warm oxo

  6. Lovely post, what a beauty that wood stove is, how I wish I had something like that. Your new mug is gorgeous, too. The post you made for Gingersnaps is beautiful, I used to love their challenges. Stay cozy by your stove, have a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. oh, the heat of the stove (so cozy!) versus the heat of the sun (too much of it is not my Thing)... i wish i had such a stove and the Card turned out wonderful! happy t-day!

  8. What a great stove and a great story to go with it. I like the card, can't believe you could be creative after such a miserable afternoon.

  9. What a cozy cuppa! Happy T Tuesday :)

  10. I love your Blaze King! We had -31 C the other week, and we could have done with a good blaze. I once experienced -42 C, and I don´t care to ever again, one almost couldn´t breathe out of doors. Happy T-Day!

  11. This stove looks just amazing - and the new mug looks amazing as well - and the card is/was wonderful!
    Stay warm and take care Krisha!
    Happy T-Day !

  12. A wood stove does sound cozy on a cold day! beautiful little card on your 'second' post...and glad you lived through the car breakdown and return home. Had to grin at the weight of your purse...me too! how does that thing get so heavy when I 'just cleaned it out!?' lol...happy T day!♥

  13. Your stove looks amazing! What a great stove! A shame that you can't burn it when you want. I know restrictions might apply in urban eareas but I thought Shafter was a small agricultural place. Are you not allowed to light a woodburner? I'm glad we have no restrictions. I'd die of cold!
    I like your new mug too. Ready for Valentine's day.
    Thank you for commenting earlier,
    have a good week,

  14. Wow that is cold for SoCal. Interesting they limit burning- must be about that smog you are so famous for. Love the idea of heating your tea on the stove. Happy T Day!

  15. How many wonderful stories we can relate to something that's in our house. Enjoyed reading yours. Sorry to hear about your day. Your card looks awesome.Hope the rest of the week will go well for you
    Take Care

  16. Your wood stove makes me so jealous! I love a good wood fire. There's nothing like it to warm you up. I'm in the high desert area of SoCal and we were around 25º last night. Brrr!
    Love your valentine mug and your beautiful card.

  17. Hey! I would have liked to see the hot socks--LOL! ;) That's quite a large cup warmer.
    The card is beautiful!! Happy T-Day! :)

  18. Awesome post ! Super looking forward to hearing how the wood stove works out for you- Would also really like to hear the thought process/progression of events which lead up to your decision to try a wood stove as a heat source. Thanks !


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