Tuesday, February 16, 2016

T Stands for Granddaughters

Monday......President's Day.....and NO school ( here) so that meant I got to have the GDs for the day!!  I didn't make any BIG plans for the day, last time I did it rained all day and all my plans got "washed" away........I know, I know....but I just couldn't resist that one LOL!!!

It didn't take them long to ask to paint, and they wanted to try painting by video.  So I pulled up  "Kawaii Elephant with Rainbow Bubbles", by  The Art Sherpa on
YouTube.  It is one that she did for kids. I had them use craft acrylic paint, so they would not have to mix the pastel colors.

As you can see there is my coffee cup in the lower left hand corner, and Megan's water glass there too.  They started our morning, but we quickly changed water..........

I was out of canvas board and small canvas', but I did have a loose leaf canvas pad.  I did tape the pages to a cardboard so it wouldn't move around as they painted.  They were surprised that it took them over an hour to paint their pictures.........even though we fast forward through all the was filmed live.
My proud artists
After cleaning up and having some lunch we went to the movies, we went to see an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.  Even I was laughing.....cute movie.
It was such a gorgeous day, and the almond trees are really starting to break out in bloom. We decided to grab our drinks, a couple hats and go out and take some pictures.  Even after over 40 years of living here I never tire of seeing the almonds in bloom.  Of course the prettiest flowers out there were Hannah and Megan......*grin*  They also found the umbrella, in the back of the car and wanted to use it too...................

Lots of honey bees.......the orchards are full of stacked hives and I forgot to get a photo of them.....but I did get a couple of bees.......

Well, that's my T-Day  post for this week. Seems I've gotten into the habit of running late for the Tea Party.  I didn't get my photos onto the PC until late, then had to choose which ones........out of 70 or so that I share.........then a little re-sizing and collaging.....then getting them uploaded to Blogger.  By the time I had accomplished all that it was very late, and I just decided that if I didn't get to bed, I wasn't going to get to bed.....LOL  So I'm up early, still on my first cup of coffee, banging away on this post.  Am I the only one that takes forever to get a post written??
  Time to link up with the T-day Gang and see what in their cups and containers this week, have my second cup of coffee loaded and ready to go.  Join me?
Inky Hugs


  1. I seem to run to the extremes too Krisha when it comes to posting... either i'm extremely early or extremely late.... Ah well guess i'm a woman of extremes....never call me Love all the photos of the girls... my daughter was a little ham when she was little too. LOVEd to pose for photos.. no wonder i have so many to scrapbook...

    LOOK at their elephants!! Wonderful! Love me the ArtSherpa as you know but now that she has switched to mostly live shows i don't watch as much... too long... Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  2. Looks like you and your gorgeous girls had a great play date, their artwork is fantastic. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. They are so nice - and talented - I love to see these blooming almonds trees --amazing!

  4. I'm delighted by your springtime blossoms and parasol and bees and girls enjoying the great outdoors. That's my kind of scene, and I'm joining you there in spirit :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  5. I love seeing the GDs painting-and they both did a really super job with their elephants too! Seeing the flowers and those sweet girls dancing around with the umbrella sure did brighten a very rainy gloomy day here in PA. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  6. may i say i envy you for your granddaughters:) i think i would enjoy creating with them, too!
    thanks for visiting and have a happy t-day!

  7. Wow, those girls were having fun, and created some seriously awesome art, too. Yep, it would have taken me longer than an hour to make that, so they did a great job.

    I've never seen an almond tree before, nor the blossoms they bear. This was a real treat for me, because we have pecans in southern KS, but not here. I admit I love almonds more than pecans. And the photos of the girls in the almond grove made it even more colorful and enjoyable.

    Thanks for sharing Presidents Day art, walks, and drinks with us for T this Tuesday. As for taking time to create a post? I've spent up to five hours before getting things just right. So I totally understand.

  8. Looks like fun!!! And those blossoms on the trees...ah can't wait for spring now!

  9. Those are just the sweetest elephants I have ever seen--the artists are cuties, too!

    No, you are not the only one who takes forever to get a post written. I always tell myself to start early as in Wednesday of the week before, but it just never happens, :)

    Happy T Day & loved the photo shoot!

  10. How lucky you are to have two such dear little granddaughters and what a beautiful selection of photos. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the cinema. The girls did some lovely elephant pictures and it looks as if they had lots of fun. Barbxx

  11. Oh the girls' paintings are adorable! And love the photos of them in the hats!

  12. Oh the girls' paintings are adorable! And love the photos of them in the hats!

  13. Love the granddaughters and art and sunshine and blossoms and bees and umbrellas!!
    You are not the only one. It took me almost three hours today.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. Lucky you having such a beautiful day with the grand kids. NICE art work from them too- how fun! And to see trees in bloom- I am counting the days for there here in New Hampshire. Happy belated T day!

  15. What fabulous post - so uplifting to see the girls enjoying their waiting and then the lovely walk among the almond trees….in their T shirts! Not sure about taking my GKs to see Alvin!!! Sorry to be so late here, my outing yesterday made me tired! Chrisx

  16. It looks like it was a wonderful day!

  17. It was worth the wait, Krisha! What beautiful blooms and girls! How wonderful it must have been to go photoshooting with your GDs! What great memories. I love their paintings, too. They really did a fantastic job. Belated Happy T Day!