Tuesday, January 28, 2014

T Stands for WOYWW ????

Confused?  Are you here for T-stand For Tuesday with Elizabeth and Bluebeard? 
OR are you here for WOYWW 243 with Julia at The Stamping Ground?
I really don't like to double post, but technically it is still Tuesday (night) here and I really didn't want to miss a T Stands for Tuesday, BUT I see that Julia has already got her post up for WOYWW.  AND I am bone tired tonight, so here's my FIRST double post.....SORRY Elizabeth and Julia, just too tired to do two tonight. 
So it your here for T then keep reading, IF your here for WOYWW then you cans just scroll down to the WOYWW heading OR if your want to do both go for it!  LOL I'm keeping it short for both!
Let's have tea first.  I set up a little vignette of my tea cup, tonight's tea and two old tea pots  that I brought home when we sold our cabin in the mountains.  We bought the cabin when our boys were quite young and it was furnished,  She didn't take anything but a few personal things.  We got the furniture, dishes and even some canned goods.

Tea tonight is Berry Mint Casses, I did sweeten it a tad with Equil and it is now long gone.  It was divine and I enjoyed drinking it out of a tea cup from my china, which I bought over 40 yrs ago.

The larger one says Tea Kettle on the bottom.
See the little handle looking thingy (and that's a technical term ((grin)) on the right side of the top?  That is a really clever thing.

When the kettle is HOT and you need to check the water inside, you push the wood handle  down it catches the metal thingy and opens the kettle.  The inside has
 really corroded, so we don't drink anything from it!
This kettle I still use. Here it is sitting on our wood burning stove.  We keep water in it during the wood burning season to keep moisture in the air.  If we don't the static electricity gets outrageous!

Now  I have scrubbed both these tea pots till I was blue in the face, but the patina is from many, many years and just refuses to come off.  After this long I have just accepted it and have grown to admire it!

That's my T share for this week :)

If you usually come back for WOYWW, then just keep reading.
It's a short version too.

Betsy is loaded with happy mail.  A new shipment of Rogue Redhead Designs stamps and mounting supplies came today!  WOOT! WOOT!  To the left is my journal 52, note pad and tiny calendar, Kai scissors and right in front is a start at mounting a NEW 1/2 plate soon to be announced.  To the right is some fine glitter from the $$ store and RRD Christmas stamps in the cases.  Note the very large tag standing in the back left??  I had my GD here Monday and introduced her to Washi tape..........she loved it and kept calling it washing tape.....LOL

I have expanded Betsy a little.  I wanted a place to have my lop top for the time DH is hogging this one and I need to use a PC.  From this angle you can see into the hallway.

Here she to the right.  Oh yes the stash is stacked high....LOL

That's a "wrap" for me, I can hardly hold my eyes open.  If you get this far leave me a little commie to let me know you stopped by.  I will do my best to return the visit, this week should be a little slower and less hectic..........I HOPE!
Inky Hugs

Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Layer Christmas Card

This is my second "One Layer Elegance" Christmas card for this January's challenge over at
Rogue Redhead Designs-Holiday Inspiration Club.  This card was a tad bit quicker than the Last card I made.  I only used two masks to create the ribbon in the middle, used the holy stamp from the RRD Christmas Cheer plat RRD014 and repeatedly stamped the image across the card.  Using a ruler and red felt pen I drew the lines and then colored just the berries.  The Sentiment is from the same plate of stamps and red Staz-On ink.  I did do a boarder of holly on the inside of the card and I'm thinking I'll do the same boarder on the envelope.  I don't usually do matching envelopes, but making my cards this far in advance I have the TIME!  What a concept, huh?
You would think it would be easy to make Christmas cards in January, and normally it would (here it comes...LOL...) BUT It was nearly 80'(F) today.......January 25!!  Our Januarys and Februarys are always cold any rainy with lots of wind.  This is easy to remember cause the almond trees bloom in February, they are a very shallow rooted tree. Then the winds blow, farmers worry about loosing the blooms, cause those pretty little flowers become the nuts, BUT the wind usually kicks it up a notch and just blows a lot of the tree clean over cause the ground is saturated from the rain! And THAT is the cycle, tried and true I tell ya  LOL.  Now here it is 2014 and not a drop of rain since just before Thanksgiving.  Very dry and so unseasonably warm it is scary.  If it is 80' NOW, what is our summer going to be like, and what about spring???
I am starting to practice my wicked witch (from OZ) "I'M MEELLLLTTTINGGG!
G'd nite all, leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by.
Inky Hugs

Friday, January 24, 2014

Journal 52: You Make Me Smile

What makes me smile?  There were so many things on my list I did two pages, actually I couldn't take leaving a big white page (the back of the week 2 page) glaring at me.  I don't know if I will continue doing two pages per prompt or just get smart enough to a week on each side.

The fellas at the top left are my sons.  Astute business men, both of them, but funny people to be around and will always make you smile.  Then of course my grandies for sure, but never to be left out is my best pal Dyna.  New Washi tape, blooming flowers, getting inky and painty , sun rises, sun sets, art, good wine, old rock N roll; all these things, and more make me smile too. 

What makes you smile?

Inky Hugs

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Holiday Inspiration Club

You don't know about the Holiday Inspiration Club?  It is hosted by Rogue Redhead Designs Click on either to get all the details.  The challenge this month is One Layer Elegance. 

For this card I chose a snowflake embossing folder with an easy oval frame., and just ran the front through.  I laid the easy frame over the front and drew a green oval.  I also used the same easy frame to cut a mask to open the oval and cover the card face.  I stamped the Santa image (RRD014-Christmas Cheer ) with black StazOn ink, then cut a mask to cover the image.  Once the image and the front of the card were safely masked I chose the holy, from the same plate and stamped it with green ink to create the background behind Santa.
After removing the masks I colored his hat with a marker and face and highlights with pencil.
WAALA! a elegant one layer card!

This Christmas Cheer, 1/2 plate, RRD014 is on SALE for only $10.00 until January 31.  It has some great vintage images on it.  I don't know about you but I have joined this club so that I won't be caught short for Christmas cards THIS year.

You don't have to use Rogue Redhead Design stamps to play along.  It would be super if you did!

Hope to see your submissions soon!
Inky Hugs'Krisha

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Parisian Birthday Card

Isn't Parisian a cool description??  Since the Rogue Red Head's Rebel challenge #31 is paper piecing I had to take the challenge......right?  Actually I was over at Hobby Lobby, wondering around with my nifty 50% of one item coupon and I saw this roll of ribbon.  Well the lights flashed and the bells went off! ( and people were beginning to stare)  I knew right then exactly what I was going to do.  Back over to the pretty papers I flew and found just what I needed.  On an embossed background I stamped one of the Milliner Misses plate RRD007, then pieced in the pink paper hat with black and white trim. I did use a pen for the top of the hat and the brim.  Her jacket was pieced with the same black and white print that is also the background print.  The pink ribbon was added and over that the black Eifel Tower ( my new TH die, LOVE IT)  The sentiment is from the RRD plate RRD011 Nature Notes, stamped on pink and two black rhinestones were added to finish it off.  Her face and hair were done with colored pencil and OMS.
I know one should not brag, but I just love the way this card turned out.
You have until February 2 to enter this challenge and a chance to WIN a $15.00 (US) voucher for the Rogue Redhead Stamps........what are you waiting for?

So now I'm off to work on some 2014 Christmas cards, using my new plate RRD014 Christmas Cheer stamps. What Christmas? it's only January I know but there is something NEW going on over at Rogue Redhead Designs Blog  It started Sunday!

"Each month, we'll present some holiday inspiration and a chance for you to show off your fabulous creations as well!  Join us and keep the holiday spirit all year long! 

We'll be showcasing some of the best submissions on the RRD blog in February!"
Sound fun??? Yes? I think so  too, especially when I didn't have time to make many cards this year and actually ran out.  So make sure you check it out and get all the deets for the challenge.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WOYWW 242 In Washi Heaven

Well I see the leader of the pack, Julia Dunnit , has already set up the link for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  That means it is time to PLAY!  Want to join this pack of weekly desk hoppers?  Just click on Julia's name, the other link will take you to the explanation of this phenomenon.
This week Betsy is sporting a clean mat that was proudly displayed yesterday, as you can see it is still clean but things are creeping back to the center (actually I dropped the Washi tape box there when I got home from Costco (( a big box store here in the US)).  Around the edges, of said box, is my nasty cleaning rag that hasn't made it to the hamper yet, the tip of my red monthly planner, a Christmas card that needs to get posted (probably Thursday) My water bottle, standard  containers of necessary junk  err tools and to the right of the box are some stamps that I used to make the card and a lone pair of scissors.  The pink page is the beginnings of my TDL page, with my extra eyes laying on it. 

The Washi tape box!  I saw this at Costco this afternoon for $20.00!  It has 20 rolls of tape and a clever dispenser/storage carrousel.

 I have been wanting to try some but they are a little pricy in the craft stores, and I can never decide which ones I'd like, most are a little too loud/bold for what I would want them for, so I usually just walk away.  Sorry about the lighting in this photo is a little dark, but this is the front of the box.  It has ten colors, a narrow and a wider one for each color, but the patterns are all different.

Here is the carousal with the tapes in it, the dispenser only holds eight of the colors but the handle is made to store the others.  So what do ya think?  Pretty cool huh?  Now how do you use Washi tape? LOL only kidding, just checking to see if you were still reading.

Okay this is longer than our leader likes (but I just HAD to share Julia, honest!) so I'll stop here, get linked up and be off to see what's on everybody else's desk this week
Inky Hugs

Monday, January 20, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

 "Holy tea cups Batman it's Tuesday" 
"That's right Robin, and time to link up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard" LOL

Ok so that is a little on the goofy side I admit, but hey it is that time of week again.  Time to go a blog hopping and see what everybody else is drinking today.  Won't you join us, just click on the link and find out what it is all about.

This week my first picture is of a card I made a loooooooooog time ago.  I had entered it in a contest at a local stamp store that has been gone for ions.  I won a prize for it, but it has been so long ago I don't remember what I won.  I figure I made this card somewhere around 1998, due to the fact I entered the contest before I started submitted things to the Summerset Studio magazine and finally got published in 2001.   I have kept all the cards I've made that have won something or got published, and that is why I STILL have this card. LOL Talk about hoarding!

 So here is a wide shot of the card sitting on my laptop, and why am I showing this angle?  For my mug shot (coffee in that cup) and look at my clean mat!! And Betsy is sparkling too! But we are not picturing the floor beneath Betsy (hanging my head is shame)
Here is picture of when I had just finished, with my cleaning tools: Oxygen Orange, 6" metal ruler and a nail brush!  I used the metal ruler to scrape off glues and drips of paint, the scrub brush is self explanatory.  I really like this Oxygen Orange cleaner, use it for nearly everything.  I get it at one of the $$ stores.  There are two kinds Awesome Orange and Oxygen Orange, the OXYGEN Orange is the one to get.

This is a closer look at my mat, oh yes, I am one proud crafter at the moment.....LOL
I could have just flipped the mat over but what fun would that be??
So what are you drinking today? Have you a secret to getting a craft mat clean?
Tea stained hugs

A Small Winter Hanging

Happy Monday peeps!  Yep, it's good ole Monday again and time for a new challenge over at
The Cheerful Stamp Pad.  For the next two weeks the challenge weeks the challenge ( #78) will be "A snowy day".  Well now that fits for most of our friends in the northern and eastern part of the US, but here in SOCAL we are experiencing draught conditions.  The last rain we had was in November and there is NO snow in the mountains, and today was a balmy 74" F.  But I digress......

For challenge #78- a snowy day I decided to do a small hanging using a Victorian image From Vintage Image Crafts.  I used a piece of chip board and ran modeling past through a stencil.  Next was a good coat of Gesso.  I used my Gelatos for the coloring of the background, spritzing with water to get it down in the stencil grooves.  Once that was dry I sanded the high spots with a large, fine fingernail file, then dry brushed the edges with Gesso. The image was attached with brads at the corners.  Along the edges (see the shiny parts) is Sugar Dust, which is what I also coated the snowflakes with.

There are two weeks to join challenge #78- a snowy day.  I hope you will join in the fun.

Inky Hugs

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Birthday card using two prompts

Yowzers! This has been one busy week for me!  I have been sitting here tonight getting caught up on getting DT work posted.  I bet you thought I forgot all about using my own prompts, but here is the effort for this week. 
The two prompts I drew were #1. use only ink and #2. use felt pens.  Good thin felt pens have ink in them LOL!! 
Using my Jofy stamps I inked them with my felt tip pens, gave them a light spritz and stamped the images.  It looked a little blagh, so I drew around the edges, and added some color to some of the open areas.  I chomped the corners to follow the lines I drew.  I NOW like the light and airy feel to the card.
I have found myself in need of birthday and thank you cards, with this simple technique I should be able to crank out a bunch of them.......................ok, one or two more at least.
That's it for this quickly ending Saturday night.
Hope you are all having a very creative weekend.
How did your week go? Where did it go?  LOL
nite all
Inky Higs

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Journal 52 Week 2

Here is my journal page for week two, the prompt was "somewhere simple".  I always find life at the beach to be much simpler, no phones, no t.v. and no intranet. 
I love to get up and out before anybody else is awake, have my coffee and walk the beach.  I usually come back with pockets full of sand dollars and interesting bits of shells, especially if it is a low tide.  These pictures I took last September as the sun came up over the sand dunes.  It was just breath taking and these pictures really don't do that sun rise any justice.  These are just three of about twenty I took that morning.  It was so quiet (no quads, dirt bikes or dune buggies)  just me, the birds and the gorgeous waves.

Yep! I really ready for a beach trip now.

The background was made with Gelatos and spray inks.  After I added the pictures I went around the edges of the page with Gesso and a dry brush.

Let me know you were here with a quick comment and I will try to return the visit.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WOYWW 241 Just Getting Ready

Betsy is all set and ready for me to work on my Journal 52 page, and my The Documented Life Journal.  All that seems to be missing is.....ME! LOL.  I decided to take a crafting break and clean house today (still Tuesday here) but before I did I just "got everything ready" to go for tomorrow!

Starting on the left is the pile of journals, red one on the bottom is my monthly planner, then the Journal 52 binder and on top is my Documented Life journal.  Even a blank page is sitting ready in the middle, with my pencil.  Two printed pictures of the beach I took last summer are laying there, haven't decided if I will use them yet.  Around the edges are the same things that seem to be there every week..

Thanks to Julia our WOYWW hostess for allowing us to link up pictures of our work spaces so we can hop around the world and check what everybody else is doing.

I did get my painting finished

Hanging in spare bedroom

close up of textures I added

more texture
So what's on your work desk this Wednesday?

Inky Hugs

Tea on Tuesday-REALLY!

Good morning world!  It's Tuesday so your are most likely here for T stands for Tuesday with Elizabeth and Bluebeard , if not welcome anyway, and you might want to check this weekly T-day out and join us!
I was out at the mall last Friday to get my rings checked and cleaned, and while waiting I walked out into the mall.  There was a young lady, at Teavana, giving samples of tea away, and I thought "why not?"  The tea was wonderful and of course she proceeded to walk me inside to other tea samples. (She is a VERY good sales person, or I'm just a sucker....LOL) She was very knowledgeable about their tea, and very interesting to talk to, and also told her about T-day. ( I had left my phone in the truck and was really kicking myself  for not getting pictures of this place.....NEXT time.)    So I took the bait! Oh Ya, I bought some teas....LOL
I bought this cup that will brew one cup at a time, see the little strainer in the middle?  I figured this would be the most mobile thing for use in the Playhouse too.  Then it was time to decide on which tea I want to buy.  Well, they had one last sample package that was $50% off and had three of the teas I had sampled.
I know I still probably paid too much for this kit, but I couldn't pass it up with such pretty tins to keep my "new" tea in. (I'm such a container junkie ..LOL)  Yes, they are all flavored teas, or Herbal  Infusion, as the tag says.
It also came with a bag of rock sugar, supposedly "the" only sugar to use that doesn't effect the taste of the tea!  I DON'T use sugar, well maybe a little Equal form time to time, but the sugar came with it.

My first cup, at home, was the Wild Orange Blossom.  It smelled wonderful and tasted just as good.
Have I disowned my coffee and mugs? OH NEVER!  But I am enjoying a good cup of tea in the late afternoons, early evenings.
In fact I went into the kitchen to refill my coffee and noticed the sun coming through the patio door, grabbed my camera and took this photo.  It looks blurry, but that is the mirror behind the vases.
Just thought I'd send along a little sunshine this morning!
Looks like I need to dust, so it must be time to get dressed and get THAT done.....LOL
Happy T-day
Inky Hugs

Monday, January 13, 2014

Is It Spring Yet?

I think everybody is looking toward spring this year with so much cold weather.  I live in SOCAL and I'm looking forward to getting out in the yard and getting things cleaned up, but I know it is WAY too early for that!

My tag was treated with Gesso then spritzed with inks.  I used a stamp image that came free with a magazine, they are called Pettit Prints. I used a Recollections pen on the can and gel pens on the flowers.  The sentiment is from different alphabet stamps I have.  I finger pleated the ribbon down the side and tie the tag with the same matching ribbon.

This is my DT piece for the second week of challenge 77-use some ribbon over at The Cheerful Stamp Pad There is time to link up and play along with the challenge.

See you there
Inky Hugs

Friday, January 10, 2014

Joining Journal 52 Just under the Wire! and Page 1

So here is the cover of my "new" art journal for Journal 52, just a 3 ring binder that I got all painty and inky with. You can get the details of Journal 52 HERE, a good place to start.  It is a FREE art journal workshop, don't forget to join the Facebook group if you can.  Why the Just under the wire in the title?  Well tomorrow they will give a prompt for this coming week, and I just finished week one LOL

This is a plastic ( cheap version) binder, so I took it out side and sprayed it with Kiltz Primer.  I have used this before on plastic binders and it really works well when you want to decorate the binder.
This is actually a re-do of what I started with, decided to go a different direction after watching a video by Cheery Lynn Designs, you can watch the video HERE a REALLY GREAT video!

I used acrylic paint and spray inks over the modeling paste was scraped through different stencils,  and adding strips of ribbon. Then I added die cut clocks and gears (two small gears are on pop dots), and then a couple of grunge board hinges and letters.  Then more paint and inks.  I had dry brushed gold, as in the video, but it still seemed a little too dark for me, so I dry brushed some white over some of the areas.  The back of this binder is about the same as the front, but the inside now need some attention.....LOL  This took me almost all day to do with waiting for things to dry. (which means I had about four other things going at the same time  grin)

If nothing else you MUST  hop over to Such a Pretty Mess and get the recipe for making your own modeling paste.  I made some before starting my journal cover and it is fantastic and CHEAP to make.  I already had all the ingredients for it.

The prompt for this week was "Up, up and away" and here is my first page.  I used 110lb card stock and gesso to prep it with.  For the blue I used two of my Gelatos and blended then, then using white acrylic paint I "pounced" over the page, this also blended with some of the Gelatos and gave me the cloud effect.  The wings are painted grunge board (I had been wondering WHAT I was going to do with wings so large...LOL)  I tipped the wings with some gold leafing and used sticker letters for the words.  I drew a line around the page and repeatedly wrote the words "UP. up and away".

I think this is going to be a really wonderful workshop and a great way to join other people who are art journaling, and the Facebook group is a good way to see ALL the works, instead of blog hopping.

So it has been a busy week, I have more to post later and DT work for The Cheerful Stamp Pad challenge 77-use some ribbon that will pop up on Monday, but this is about it for tonight.  It's been a looooong day and I am ready for a shower and my jammies.

Inky Hugs

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Prompt #2: a double header

Drawing TWO prompts this week and what I drew was: use colored pencil and the second was use a stencil. UA HA!  (you cab see the list of prompts HERE)
So in needing a thank you card in a hurry this is what I came up with.  I used a large flower stencil and my Inktense water color pencils.  After letting the flower and zig-zag, dry from running a damp/wet brush over the pencil; I laid the stencil back over the both and outlined it with a black Sharpie and doodled the circles.  A quick sentiment from Recollections and the card was finished! 
Love to hear your comments if you drop by.
Keeping it short and sweet
Inky Hugs,

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It started as a Test........

Sometimes DT work can be a challenge, and I had been wrestling around with what I wanted to do for this week.  I wanted to use my "new" stamps, but they are Christmas, and let's face it I am running on a burn out there! LOL
This started as a test of a new stamp from Rogue Redhead Designs' new Christmas Cheer (RRD 014) plate.  The test image is the spear looking image, once I stamped the image I was in love with it, and I had just used a scrap of cs.  Ok, what now? 

Needing to do something different than Christmas style cards, I chose the sentiment from Rogue Redhead Designs This N That (RRD013) plate and brought it close to the spear.  Masked off a square and shaded it with colored pencil, also adding a shade to the square itself and to the spear, still on the scrap of cs.
The main white square is raised on pop dots and then mounted to the dark brown.  This is all mounted to a card base the same color as the main square.  I added a Fleur-de-lis button with brads in the holes for a finishing touch.

All that procrastinating and this card came together so fast I am still stunned.......LOL

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to leave me a comment so I know you were here!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WOYWW 240: The I Dug Out My Paint Episode

WOOT! WOOT! It's once again time for WOYWW  with our illustrious hostess Julia Dunnit at the helm of this most notorious group of snoopers, errr I mean desk hoppers.

This week Betsy is loaded with paints, dirty water pot, bottle of water (for drinking) paper plates full of dried paint, dirty rag, owl pot full of brushes, a bottle of Mod Podge and a journal page that got the very last drops of paint I could scrape off the plate.....LOL

So where did the majority of all this paint go?
I've had this wall rub on for some time and just haven't decided what I wanted to do with it.  Then as I was straightening the spare bedroom I grabbed the board and the rub on and got started.  So I kind of gave it a background of paint, let it dry and added the rub on. Then ran a coat of Mod Podge over it to keep it on for good.  On the corner is a heat I doodled over the weekend (check out last post)  Once I get a few more collage elements on I'll add more paint, then more layers.........well, you know the drill! (grin)

 It is really a large project, and my poor OLD easel is literally on it's last legs, with a string holding it together, but my GD and I  bound to make'er work a while longer. LOL
Here is what it looks like next to Betsy:
Bet you didn't think I could cram, I mean place one more thing in that small space.   Neither did I, but I didn't want to haul it all out to the kitchen, since I really cleaned the kitchen last night!

That's it for me and Betsy for this week, we're off to see WOYWorkdesk and will link as soon as Julia gets it up and posted. (grin)

Inky Hugs

T Stands for QuieT

It's time for T with Elizabeth and Bluebeard again.  Click on the link to find out what this is all about. 
The house is very quiet this morning, DH is working and I don't even have my music turned on.
My "mug" shot this week is my stay calm and move on cup that has plain ole black coffee in it, as it is still early in the AM here.  I admit this is almost a WOYWW photo, and if my day gets any busier it will be.  LOL
I know most of you "make" your calendars, and I really admire that, but I am a person that needs to see more than one month at a time.  So, while at the $$ store I picked up a cheap monthly calendar book.  I do mean cheap, pages are super thin, but hey! It was only $1.00!  I spent some time yesterday making some notes, adding DT deadlines, T-days, WOYWW days and making sure I marked when my photography classes start next month.  I am retaking the photography class I took in the fall.  It was a really good class, but moved rather fast to cover all the information.  I think I have the ISO figured out, but really want to go over the shutter speed again......... that's the part my brain didn't absorb much of.  That class will be on Wednesdays for 6:30-8:30 PM, then on Friday mornings 9-11 I am signed up for Adobe Photo Shop.  The description of this class was "to help your pictures sing".  Well, we will see about that.
The T cup/coffee mug on the book page is a doddle I did while watching football games this weekend.  Two games on Saturday and Two games on Sunday, the "wild card" games to see who will be in the playoffs, that will determine who plays the Superbowl. 
 Here are the pages I doodled on, stamped on and stenciled on, all in colored pencil.  The two with a full colored pages have had some spray inks added.  I plan on using most of these in my art journal, now that I finally took the time to Gesso all the pages!  LOL

Now for the weather ( Tuesdays news update....LOL)
For all my blogger friends on the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains I do pray you stay indoors, and keep warm.  Here it is dry and cooler than usually, but no where near summer temperatures Elizabeth...LOL  We haven't had any rain in months, which means no snow in the mountains, which means no water for the summer.  Here, in our valley, we have been having frost and frost warnings till about 9:30 AM.  My flower bulbs are loving it, but the rest of the potted plants aren't looking so good!

So now it's time for me to get the rest of my day in gear.  My renter is moving out and I have to meet with my property manager to do a walk-through this afternoon, plus about four more errands.  DH is working this morning and all I really want to do is get inky!!  Maybe those other errands can wait a tad bit longer....(grin)
What are you doing today? 
Inky Hugs

Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Year Card

Hello, and Happy Monday..........oh come now, you knew Monday would be back around after the weekend!  LOL

Today is the start of a new challenge over at The Cheerful Stamp Pad !  For the newt TWO weeks the challenge will be "to use some ribbon".  How easy is that??

Here is my DT project for this week:
Using a white cs base, I ran the front cover through my dot embossing folder, then added three strips of ribbon in a Washi tape fashion, repeating the dot pattern.  I found some matching buttons in my stash that matched the ribbons, so they were added to the far right.  A sentiment from Rogue Redhead Designs on a die cut finished it off.

Quite a simple card, and I really like Washi tape, but it is so expensive and I never can decided on a design/color so I usually walk away without any. :0 !  I have  decided that I can start using that stash of ribbon as Washi ribbon, now HOWS THAT for a new term? LOL

Take some time to join up with the challenge, Sweet Stamps is the sponsor.

Inky Hugs

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A DVD Book

It's Sunday Madness!!!  Yep! Seems like this morning has been a mad dash to get DT work posted for this week, along with life's other little offerings.
Have ya ever started a project and nothing seems to go the way you have it pictured in your mind?  I know dumb question, LOL  I started this DVD book for one of my BFFs that was at our holiday reunion party before Christmas.  It is just a DVD of all the picture I took that night.  It was going to just be something simple, but decorative, with a few pictures on the inside and the DVD in a envelope that made the back cover. 
Well, I finally finished it, what a struggle it was let me tell you! I used designer cardstock and a shimmery copper that I "dry embossed", thus checking off my first prompt from last week. YEAH! 
I also used a dry embossing folder for tomorrow's DT piece, that's TWO for ONE prompt!
This booklet finally came together in a little less than satisfying  way, but it is finished!  I found some clear stickers that I sprinkled through the pages.......only 3 pages plus the envelop.  All the stickers had to do with friendship, laughter and joy.
The colors in the designer paper and the copper are all her favorite colors, hope she likes it, if nothing else she will laugh her butt off at the pictures.
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Inky Hugs

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My two Favorite New Year Cards

These cards were made a couple years back, but STILL rank my favorites for this time of year, thought I would share them again.

Yep! Time to relax, well maybe to some degree.  My crafting space needs a good going through.

Number 1 resolution?  I don't make resolutions, haven't for many years.  It took me a long time to realize they are just a fantasy of my own making....LOL

But I am a list maker, and always have been.  I make list for everything from what I need to clean to what new stash I want, to listing the stores I need to go to in the order I need to get to them.  Compulsive?  Probably so....

So I have been thinking about getting started with crafting, card making and stamping for the new year (that's today). I decided to make me a list of prompts to get me jump started.  I plan on cutting them apart, folding them and putting them into a container.  Then draw one out and take the challenge presented to me.
Good ides?  I think it might work, for how long I have no idea.  Could be just an other fantasy, but I'll at least start........
So here is my list of prompts:

Case a technique use a  rosette
join a challenge use pearls
make ahead DT project use ink ONLY on card
use an OLD stamp use gold leafing
make a journal page use a resist technique
use only scraps make a thank you card
use masking technique make a vintage card
male birthday card make  a sympathy card
kid's birthday card make an art journal
Christmas card make a card with decorative edge
use already made die cut try a new technique
use embossing folder DONE weave a background
use embossing powder use spray inks
use a NBU stamp use Gellatoes
case a card from blogger use felt pens
make a quick book make a post card
white on white carduse water color pencils DONE
use vellum make a monochromatic card
make a tag make a doodle/tangle page
recycle something
use something from nature
use ribbon from stash
use a stencil DONE
use modeling paste
use gesso

What to you think?  Think I can make it through all of them?
Can't say it I will draw one daily or just when ever, but I'll keep you up dated...LOL

First prompt drawn is:(drum roll here) "use embossing folder"

Stay tuned..................................................

Inky Hugs