Monday, January 20, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

 "Holy tea cups Batman it's Tuesday" 
"That's right Robin, and time to link up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard" LOL

Ok so that is a little on the goofy side I admit, but hey it is that time of week again.  Time to go a blog hopping and see what everybody else is drinking today.  Won't you join us, just click on the link and find out what it is all about.

This week my first picture is of a card I made a loooooooooog time ago.  I had entered it in a contest at a local stamp store that has been gone for ions.  I won a prize for it, but it has been so long ago I don't remember what I won.  I figure I made this card somewhere around 1998, due to the fact I entered the contest before I started submitted things to the Summerset Studio magazine and finally got published in 2001.   I have kept all the cards I've made that have won something or got published, and that is why I STILL have this card. LOL Talk about hoarding!

 So here is a wide shot of the card sitting on my laptop, and why am I showing this angle?  For my mug shot (coffee in that cup) and look at my clean mat!! And Betsy is sparkling too! But we are not picturing the floor beneath Betsy (hanging my head is shame)
Here is picture of when I had just finished, with my cleaning tools: Oxygen Orange, 6" metal ruler and a nail brush!  I used the metal ruler to scrape off glues and drips of paint, the scrub brush is self explanatory.  I really like this Oxygen Orange cleaner, use it for nearly everything.  I get it at one of the $$ stores.  There are two kinds Awesome Orange and Oxygen Orange, the OXYGEN Orange is the one to get.

This is a closer look at my mat, oh yes, I am one proud crafter at the moment.....LOL
I could have just flipped the mat over but what fun would that be??
So what are you drinking today? Have you a secret to getting a craft mat clean?
Tea stained hugs


  1. That is one beautiful card, Krisha. I can see why it won a prize. Of course, I had to enlarge the photo to see it, because it's even more past MY bedtime (grin).

    I have both Awesome Orange and Oxygen Orange. I've used most of the Oxy Orange, though.

    How do I get MY mat clean? I don't use it, that's how (tee hee). Seriously, I'm very careful and when I do use it, it is for cutting fabric only.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely card, your cup of coffee, and your cleaning secret this T(ea) Tuesday.

  2. I'm sure if you saw my craft mat you would die of disgust as it is filthy. Your card is great and your studio looks beautiful

  3. Great card. My aren't you the tidy one this morning? I've never heard of Oxygen Orange but I'll be on the look out for it. Anything to make clean up easier.


  4. Dirty mat = clean mind! I am not saying any more.
    Your card is so gorgeous I am not surprised it won a prize.
    But the star attraction for me is your mug. I NEED that mug. Believe is my favourite word and I tend to pick things up with it on!
    Takes all sorts I know.
    Happy Tuesday.

  5. it's not hoarding if what you keep got published or won a prize!

    i'm drinking coffee with you this morning. :)

  6. such a beautiful card...I would hang on to it too! and always love seeing other folks' work spaces...good for you getting it cleared!

  7. nice workspace and clean mat! I'll look for that cleaner as my mats could use a THOROUGH cleaning! Beautiful card. And hey, I keep all my published projects along with the magazines they're in :)

  8. Your Batman and Robin shtick made me giggle. :) I like your card--it gives me more ideas about how I might create my own tea bag card. Have a Happy T Day!

  9. I have no clue how to get a mat really clean. I've messed up both sides of mine pretty good now. I have taken cleaner and a razor blade to it to remove anything rough. Just be careful with the razor blade!!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. nice cup and lovely card too!

    I am probably a flip it over kind of person as I kind of enjoy the patina you get with splotches of this and that on surfaces (if it doesn't get in the way that is!)...

    Happy T Day

  11. Oh, you mean you are supposed to clean them? LOL--Just kidding. I actually use scrap paper on my desk to work on. When it gets dirty,just throw it away or better yet, cut it up and using it as a background!

    Beautiful card!

  12. I use a paper mat so when it gets icky then I just toss it and start over. I'm reeling over the clean desk and mat! Whoo hoo! And what a fun card. I recently purged cards I made way back when. I have no room for this stuff. How fun that your great tea card won a prize.

  13. Lovely card, Krishna. Thanks for the tip on cleaning your mat. I will try it!

  14. Lookin' good!
    I don't use my cutting mats for anything but cutting. When I have anything liquid or messy I use a non-stick mat under it. I actually bought the dark grey non-stick oven liners with the 20% off at BB&B and that's what I use. Or I have paper under my art journals, etc, that I plan to reuse for art projects or I have sheets where am making my own washi tape/masking tapes so I don't care if they get fact, I want them to. Glue just adds resist and texture--LOL! ;)
    Happy belated T-Day!