Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Layer Christmas Card

This is my second "One Layer Elegance" Christmas card for this January's challenge over at
Rogue Redhead Designs-Holiday Inspiration Club.  This card was a tad bit quicker than the Last card I made.  I only used two masks to create the ribbon in the middle, used the holy stamp from the RRD Christmas Cheer plat RRD014 and repeatedly stamped the image across the card.  Using a ruler and red felt pen I drew the lines and then colored just the berries.  The Sentiment is from the same plate of stamps and red Staz-On ink.  I did do a boarder of holly on the inside of the card and I'm thinking I'll do the same boarder on the envelope.  I don't usually do matching envelopes, but making my cards this far in advance I have the TIME!  What a concept, huh?
You would think it would be easy to make Christmas cards in January, and normally it would (here it comes...LOL...) BUT It was nearly 80'(F) today.......January 25!!  Our Januarys and Februarys are always cold any rainy with lots of wind.  This is easy to remember cause the almond trees bloom in February, they are a very shallow rooted tree. Then the winds blow, farmers worry about loosing the blooms, cause those pretty little flowers become the nuts, BUT the wind usually kicks it up a notch and just blows a lot of the tree clean over cause the ground is saturated from the rain! And THAT is the cycle, tried and true I tell ya  LOL.  Now here it is 2014 and not a drop of rain since just before Thanksgiving.  Very dry and so unseasonably warm it is scary.  If it is 80' NOW, what is our summer going to be like, and what about spring???
I am starting to practice my wicked witch (from OZ) "I'M MEELLLLTTTINGGG!
G'd nite all, leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by.
Inky Hugs


  1. Looks fab! Love the mid-card ribbon of holly!

  2. so elegant- clean and simple and yet vintage- love it! Debi x

  3. I rarely think to make my envelopes matching, awesome! Spring is another 2 months here but some of the bulbs are already pushing their little heads up through the ground! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  4. Love this - so very elegant, and those holly leaves are wonderful. I think matching envelopes are a brilliant idea - what a wow that would be arriving in the mail!
    Alison x

  5. Now THIS is the type of card I could make. I love it. And I agree that we should be making holiday cards ahead of time, but right now, I'm freezing, and won't even venture into the craft room.

    Sorry to read you are melting. It's very dry here, too. We've had no rain or snow since Christmas, and it wasn't enough to raise our water table in the least.

  6. Once again, I really like "simple" cards. I appreciate that they aren't simple to make though.

    We are having balmy 70's up here North of you and trying to figure out how to save yet more water. We are pretty water frugal already.


  7. Sweet card, Krisha--very pretty!

    (80? Seriously???)


  8. This is a very elegant one layer card. I like the faux ribbon look of your card. Sorry to hear that you are melting. The weather is definitely mixed up and weird.