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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WOYWW 230.....Getting Started

Oh Ya , it's time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and we're linking up with Ms. Julia.
It has been a busy day around here.  I finally finished scrubbing the outsides of all my kitchen cabinets and purging the insides.  I have hauled 4 large bags to trash and have three big boxes ready for the thrift store.  I had my shower and was in my PJs by 6:30 pm.  NOT having ANY craft time in FOUR days I was at the point of having to go to rehab for my with drawls....LOL  So I cranked up the Cricut, drop in a new program and started cutting Christmas ornaments.  There are many layers to these ornaments but I just wanted to get the basic shapes cut first, maybe layers tomorrow.
Here is tonight's cuts on Betsy, on top of a TH Christmas pack of paper.  Also some good sale finds at the new Hobby Lobby they just opened here.  The place was PACKED with people, since it was the first week they were open, and I figure it will remain that way until after the holidays.  My plan of attack will be to only go in the evenings after all the kiddies are in bed.  Speaking of bed, I think I hear my pillow calling.
Tomorrow, early in the morning, I will be making the rounds with a fresh cup, or two, or three of coffee to see what is on the many desks around the world........until then nite nite!
Inky Hugs

T stands for Tuesday

Time for T with Elizabeth and Bluebeard because it is Tuesday once again!  New mug for today's T, or in my case coffee.  I saw this mug and had to have it, well, I really had to have two, the other one has a different sentiment on it, but that is for later.  I think they are for hot chocolate because they have a spoon that slides through the handle........ clever huh?

Since we last met I have been busy, but unfortunately not in the crafting realm.  Our weather has finally taken a dip and has made me feel like getting some "good-deep" cleaning done. I have a large kitchen and have been cleaning out the cabinets, then scrubbing down the outsides.  Now that is 20 cabinets with doors and 10 drawers!  I will not say when the last time I did this was because it is very embarrassing, but there is a pile of stuff sitting at the end of the bar that is getting donated to the Goodwill store.  I mean, really do I need 25 flower vases?  I have every size from bouquets I have received over the years, and that doesn't count the ones I have used for other things that didn't come back home.  So I have narrowed it down to 10, I know, I know who needs 10 flower vases?  But the ones I am keeping are either antiques or beautiful expensive ones. 

So enough of my chatter about how bad a house keeper I have been.  I am off to get a refill and come see what you have in your cup.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you need a flower vase help yourself!
Inky Hugs

Monday, October 28, 2013

Yellow and Purple Challenge

This week starts a new challenge over at The Cheerful Stamp Pad, and it is a color challenge!  The sponsor for this challenge is Jelly Park Designs and the colors are, of course, purple and yellow! 
For this first week I chose this pretty little flower arrangement and sentiment, and used water colors to color it in.  It is mounted on a dark purple (which never scans right) and then onto a white card base.  I went around the edges of the card with a yellow Gelato and added a stacked Tattered flower and leaf to the corner, with a purple pearl in the center.

I am not a huge purple fan, in fact I usually only use it for challenges that call for it .  It was hard not to make this look like an Easter card, that is why it is mounted on a dark purple, and bright yellow around the edges.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment and hop over to The Cheerful Stamp Pad and join the challenge.
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Trick or Treat.....

Smell my feet, give us something good to eat" LOL  I loved Halloween when I was a kid, or maybe it was just the candy, or the caramel apples one lady ALWAYS made and gave away.  Too bad children can't have those types of goodies unless they come from a family member.

This stamp from Inkadinkado always reminds me of those times.  Nested on black glittered paper, then mounted on a copper shimmer rosette.  The spider web is dry embossed and grundged a little, and mounted to the same copper paper as the rosette.  The sentiment is a scrapbook boarder, trimmed to size.  This one went to one of the GDs.

Thanks for stopping by.
Inky Hugs

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flat Susan's final week with me. VERY PHOTO HEAVY!!

Flat Susan and I took a drive into Bakersfield last week, so I could show her what this area is known for.  Bakersfield is about 20 miles from Shafter, but where I do all my shopping and business.
This is the original sign that used to be across Union Ave. (old highway 99) coming into Bakersfield.  When it was still in it's original location you could walk across it.  Buck Owens bought the sign, from the city, and had it moved to the corner where his famous Crystal Palace is.  Buck was such a country music legend I doubt I have to explain who and what he was.
This is the sign for the Crystal Palace.  It is a restaurant, bar, music and dance hall.  Great food and a lot of country western stars have performed here.  They also have a great Sunday buffet.
Here is the Crystal Palace from across the street.  It hadn't opened yet, so we couldn't really get any closer because of all the traffic.  It is like a small museum inside with a lot of country music memorabilia, including Buck's red, white and blue guitar and his convertible Cadillac mounted behind the bar.
This is his new recording studio, business and  home of KUZZ the local country music radio station.  Buck Owens did so much for Bakersfield with his music, and calling it his home, that they renamed the street in front of the Crystal Palace after him: Buck Owens Boulevard.

Next up is one of MY favorite places....DEWARS.  This is the sign at the original Dewars down town.  The BEST ice cream, but probably best known for their taffy chews that are shipped all over the world.

Behind this building is a huge warehouse that they ship from, but when I was in high school they made all the candy in this small building, and the smells were divine.  There is a small soda fountain, of the old school style with turning round stools.  This is about 2 blocks from where I went to high school, and if quick enough you could walk over there, get ice cream and make it back to ride the bus home.  I say quick enough because the place would be packed in less than 5 minutes of the last bell and you wouldn't have time to get ice cream and make it back in time to catch the bus. FS thought that was funny.  They have built a new one closer than all the way down town , and it is very retro, and cute, AND the one we take the GDs to.  BUT it really isn't the same, ice cream and candies are, but the ambiance is totally different.
Here is one of the buildings of the high school I went to, BHS.  When it was built it was the college, and when they built the Jr. college this became one of two high schools in Bakersfield.  Now there are about 12 high schools.  I wanted to take FS around the campus, but school was in session, and we were really in Bakersfield on an errand for the BBQ competition, so there was work to be done.

Friday was the day we headed for Lancaster, only about 2 hours from here, up on the Mojave desert.  We always seem to stop in Tehachapi, at this fueling station that has a Mac Donalds inside.  It is only  about an hour from home, but a good fueling spot for our trucks with long trailers.  Both trucks, ours and DS's, take desil, so truck stops are the best.
So while DS was fueling, the rest of us decided to get a bite to eat.  FS loves egg and sausage Mc Muffins.  Tehachapi is a pretty mountain community as is probably know best or the Tehachapi Loop.  From the valley floor to Tehachapi the trains have to climb over 4000 ft., sometimes at a 6% grade.  You can only see the whole loop from the air.  Long trains will cross over themselves as they make the loop.

From Tehachapi to Mojave you have to go through a small pass, where the wind always seems to blow.  About 20 years ago they erected these windmills all over the mountains.  They are HUGE!
As you can see by the trees and the telephone poles.  I was shooting through my window as we were driving by, that's the mirror there in the corner.
There are thousands of them on both sides of the mountains and through the pass.
This monocotyledonous tree is native to southwestern North America in the states of California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada, where it is confined mostly to the Mojave Desert between 400 and 1,800 meters (1,300 and 5,900 ft) elevation. It thrives in the open grasslands of Queen Valley and Lost Horse Valley in Joshua Tree National Park. A dense Joshua tree forest also exists in Mojave National Preserve, in the area of Cima Dome.  Good history lesson!
We finally made it to the BBQ Cook-Off.
The fairgrounds was large and very clean, these are just some of the buildings.
FS was a "hit" with the GDs and their cousins.  They had tons of questions to ask her and all wanted to have a picture taken with her.  I feared her head would not fit back into her match box.  So here they are, drum roll please!
 GD Megan and Flat Susan.
GD Hannah and Flat Susan
Rachel and Flat Susan

Madeline and Flat Susan

Still here?  Must be for the BBQ pictures.  Ready to have your mouth water?  Okay, here goes!
chicken thighs

pork ribs

pulled pork

beef brisket
Everything tasted so good.  What was FS favorite?  Well, she really couldn't make up her mind, but believe me her little dress sure got tight from trying to decide LOL.
So now FS will be sent off to Nan G, clear across the USA to Florida today or tomorrow, or when I get her all packed up and ready to go.
Thanks for hanging in here and looking at all the photos, sorry about it being so long, but we had a busy week and I wanted to share my area of California.
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Goodness, these weeks are just flying by faster and faster.  Here it is time for WOYWW again, so hop over to the Stamping Ground , find out what it's about and join us.
Betsy is cluttered again still, but this week it is with water paint projects that really need some attention.  We were gone, again, last weekend to a BBQ competition, but I'll hold that off for later this week. So all I have achieved this week is to get things out and ready.....sort of.
To the right are card fronts, post cards and ATCs WC projects in the works, Halloween cards for the GKs (which have to be posted this week) my water color pallet, black permanent pens, my glasses on top of a tag I desperately need to get finished, spray bottle, stamps to finish the  WC projects, and clutter that really needs put away.
Tomorrow (Wednesday here) will be rather busy, but I am going to try and make as many desks as possible.
To all that have been leaving me comments, and I haven't returned the favor I do apologize!  We should be staying home now until Thanksgiving and I intend on getting a lot accomplished and being more attentive to my blog and blog friends.
So with that I am linking up tonight, and will try to get to some desks before my eyes slam shut!!
Inky Hugs

Monday, October 21, 2013

T for Tuesday and T-cup, with Tea!

Surprise!! I do own a tea cup and I actually have tea in it, and I still have Flat Susan with me. SO, we are linking up with Elizabeth of Altered Arts for T stands for Tuesday. A weekly trip around the blog block to see what everybody has in their cups, glasses or what ever they are drinking out of.  This is a spiced herbal tea, that I picked up at the store, now everybody knows I am a coffee drinker, but this sounded good.  A little bit on the sweet side for me, but I have enjoyed a couple cups of it in the evenings. 

Since last we had Tea, I was super busy getting the Playhouse loaded and all the BBQ stuff gathered to make it to Lancaster, CA for an other competition over the weekend.  More will be posted about that later this week.  But I did grab my camera on one trip into Bakersfield, so I thought I'd share some of my stomping grounds with you, and what some of the things this area is known for.  So grab a cuppa and stroll along with me.  (Actually I drove LOL)

This place is about a 1/2 mile from my house and is quite well know for supplying living caterpillars, butterflies and insects to anywhere in the world.  There is even a bug-museum inside.  It is a well visited place for school field trips, and is really fun on the inside.  I took my oldest GD (when she was the only GD we had) and we really enjoyed it.  About 12 years ago the painted the building and added LARGE wooded bugs to the outside.
For more information do a web search for Insect Lore, Shafter, CA and check it out.

This area is mainly agricultural, so what do we grow here?
Almond orchard just around the corner from Insect Lore.  Almonds were harvested last month.  They have these small, low riding machines that look like they have pinchers on them, that grab the trunk of the tree and shake the nuts off them.  Then they sweep them up with a different machine.  Between the shaking and the sweeping the dust in the air is horrible, not to mention it gets on everything inside and out!
Right now they are cutting hay, this was down at the next road.  In the background they are taking an OLD almond orchard out and chipping up the trees, I'm gonna miss that orchard as I drive into town.
Grapes are grown a lot in this valley too.  They used to dry them in the fields for raisins, but I haven't seen much of that in the recent years.  I think most of them are shipped out now.  A couple of vineries have popped up here, but I have never been of one of them. The grapes come off before the almonds are harvested.
Cotton is an other BIG crop here too.  This has been defoliated and is almost ready to pick.  They spray a defoliant on them to turn kill the leaves and plants before they run the pickers to harvest.

Pistachios...MMMMMMM.  They are about the last thing harvested.  These trees still have nuts on them, they are those brown looking clusters hanging down.
And then there are these all over the place.  They used to paint then to look like bugs, but not so much anymore.  They have started putting in some new style ones, but I didn't get a picture of one of them.

So that is what is right around here (Shafter)  Tomorrow I'll take you into Bakersfield.
Inky Hugs

Let's Stencil !!

I started with a postcard size of water color paper then water colors for this base of this, with black and white pens making the frame.  I used the stencil (pictured below) and distressed ink for the image and a sentiment from Inkadinkado.
This is the second week of the "Let's Stencil" challenge over at The Cheerful Stamp Pad, so there is still plenty of time.

I am a tree and leaf lover, not a hugger, just a lover......LOL  I could not pass up this stencil when I saw it way last spring, and knew I would be using it this fall.
What is your favorite stencil?
Get it out and come play over at The Cheerful Stamp Pad.
Inky Hugs

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Stylish Witch

It's almost Halloween and I am in the mood for witches and spiders and bats, oh my!  LOL
This is week my Rogue Redhead Designs DT card us using an image from the Milliner Misses Plat RRD007 .   She didn't want to miss the fun so I gave her a black hat (with a little bling), and some green make-up and she was happy........  I'm so glad I kept the back ground in a drab gray color then pop the image with the orange and black die cuts.  Glitter bat and framed skeleton are gifts from Lynn Stevens of Trash to Treasure.
Fun card to make, and something a little different.............but that's me!
Inky Hugs

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WOYWW 228 Back in the Game!!

What game you ask?  Why the game of Blog hopping called WOYWW, brought to Blogland by Mrs. Julia over at the Stamping Ground
Betsy and I have been absent for about 5 weeks, doing what?  Well I took a photography class at the local JR. College.  It was really more of a "learn to work your camera" class. That was Wednesday afternoons from 2-4 PM, then it was straight to the back DR. for an adjustment, then straight to GD swim lessons...... Now that the class is over and swim lessons have come to an end  I ready to play again.
As you can see Betsy is loaded and rather messy as I just got back from an RV trip and planning an other this next weekend, so things were dumped, left behind, left in the middle of things, well you get the picture (LOL)  Lower right corner are some ATCs that I had been working on this last RV weekend. (better view in last post)  A blue ribbon rosette I had just picked up off the floor, along with the angled piece from paper folder thing ( not real technical this morning).  A bunch of TH Tattered leaves that I got embossed yesterday, between unloading the Playhouse.  Bits and pieces of stray things and all the usual crafty tools.
Feels so good to be back in the game again, now I'm off to see what's on YOUR desk!
Inky Hugs

iT’s T-day Today

FS and Heartland 020
I’m linking up with Elizabeth for T stands for Tuesday again this week, and late as usual. LOL
Here is Flat Susan giving water color painting a try, if you came by for my last post it is the same picture from the adventures of FS.  You can see it HERE if interested.
Over the weekend we were in Temecula for an RV trip, which was also posted yesterday.  Since I am an early riser I always take some crafty thing to work on while all is still quiet.  This trip I cut some water color paper into ATC size, post card size, and card front size.  With a permanent marker sketched different things, very loosely, then painted them with water color paint.
Here are some ATCs I did for today.
Tea Cup ATCs 001 
TEA CUPS!  Different stages and different designs, all hand sketched and hand painted. There are still a few touch ups to be done and some lettering, or stamping.   As I said above they are all loosely sketched and NOT perfect, but VERY fun to make.
I got the idea from a Strathmore video.  It is one of the on-line classes, for cards. You have to sign up for (cost nothing)  then you can view all the videos.  They will stay until December 31, so there is still time to see them. I enjoyed Joanne Sharpe’s the most.  I did do some post cards and card front, but will save those for a different post.
So now it is time to jump around Blogland as see what everyone else has in their cuppas to day.
Inky Hugs
PS. I am not affiliated with Strahmore, just enjoy the videos!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Keeping Busy with Flat Susan

My guest for the past week has been Flat Susan, world traveler.  She arrived last Monday afternoon after a very long postage trip.
She was frightfully hungry, so I made us some fried eggs on toast, which she devoured her share, but did complain about having it with coffee.  LOL Flat Susan is a tea drinker!
Wednesday was the last photography class and FS wanted to tag along, here she is sitting on the edge of my camera case, ready to jump in.
Unfortunately, we had weather that day, very strange for us at this time of the year.  We drove up to the college in blowing dust, then it rained, then the dust blew again.  So I figured it was safer if FS didn't come out of the camera case.
Thursday I told FS to pack her bag we were going to head for Temecula first thing Friday morning.  She was very inquisitive about the trip, so I printed off a map so she could take a look, then it was get the Playhouse ready for the trip.  Temecula is about 3 hours south of where we live and is becoming well known for it's wineries. (although I didn't get a chance to check them out)
 We stayed at an RV park across the street from the Pechanga Casino, with a group of people that all own Heartland built RV trailers.  Beautiful park and very clean.  This property belongs to the casino and the casino belongs to the Pechanga Indians.
Saturday morning we took a walk and FS posed  at photo at the main gate.
Early in the morning we had a chance to be creative.  Here FS is giving water color painting a try.  She found the brush to be a wee bit too long.

Sunday we met up with our youngest son and his family at a HUGE pumpkin patch just out side of Escondido. 

 Danica and FS were from one pumpkin to the next in a blink of an eye.  You can't see FS cause she is trying to help Danica pick up that pumpkin....LOL

 This is a field of nothing but very large pumpkins
The liquid amber trees are starting to turn colors here in the mountains.
After the pumpkin patch it was back to the Playhouse and the trip home.  FS was exhausted and slept the whole way home. 
Next Friday we will be off to Lancaster for a BBQ competition so we are going to have a very busy week restocking the Playhouse and getting things ready to go.  FS isn't quite sure if she likes BBQ or not, guess we will be finding out.
Inky Hugs