Tuesday, October 29, 2013

T stands for Tuesday

Time for T with Elizabeth and Bluebeard because it is Tuesday once again!  New mug for today's T, or in my case coffee.  I saw this mug and had to have it, well, I really had to have two, the other one has a different sentiment on it, but that is for later.  I think they are for hot chocolate because they have a spoon that slides through the handle........ clever huh?

Since we last met I have been busy, but unfortunately not in the crafting realm.  Our weather has finally taken a dip and has made me feel like getting some "good-deep" cleaning done. I have a large kitchen and have been cleaning out the cabinets, then scrubbing down the outsides.  Now that is 20 cabinets with doors and 10 drawers!  I will not say when the last time I did this was because it is very embarrassing, but there is a pile of stuff sitting at the end of the bar that is getting donated to the Goodwill store.  I mean, really do I need 25 flower vases?  I have every size from bouquets I have received over the years, and that doesn't count the ones I have used for other things that didn't come back home.  So I have narrowed it down to 10, I know, I know who needs 10 flower vases?  But the ones I am keeping are either antiques or beautiful expensive ones. 

So enough of my chatter about how bad a house keeper I have been.  I am off to get a refill and come see what you have in your cup.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you need a flower vase help yourself!
Inky Hugs


  1. I'll pass on the vases, thank you. I just cleaned out under my kitchen cabinet, and although I had purged a year or so before, I decided it was time to purge again. And mine goes to the thrift store, too.

    I like that mug. I can barely see the slot. Clever!

    Thanks for joining Bleubeard and me for T today. Sorry I won't be able to sit for WOYWW, but I'll try to make it by your place and see what's up with Betsy. I also read backward to see that Nan now will receive FS. I must check it out. BTW, loved the BBQ, even if I don't eat meat!!

  2. Good for you clearing out!
    Your cup is great and coffee sounds good to me too...
    Happy T Day to you

  3. Hello and Happy T Day to you! My kitchen needs a good clean down too. The Tupperware is a mess, once it's neat it doesn't last long so why do I bother, ha! This cooler weather is good for cleaning though, might just get to mine.
    How sweet to send some lovely vases to a new home.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the day and clean kitchen!

  4. I cleaned out stuff when I bought a new stove and needed stainless cookware.

  5. I need to get around to some purging of stuff myself. It seems to accumulate so quickly.

  6. Ah yes the kitchen is the catch all place! Cleaned one out awhile ago got rid of everything that could break if I dropped it. FS is here! Happy T day!

  7. That's a clever mug--I've never seen one with a slot for the spoon. LOL, I am constantly buying the vases that people donate to the thrift stores since I use them for my French beaded flower arrangements!

  8. Calm is good. if only I could do that! =) I find my calm in art...happy Tuesday!

  9. Hi Krisha - I am getting tetchy and may be doing some cleaning in the near future - since I will be spending more time at home anyway... thanks for popping by for T - Mxx

  10. I'm late, I'm late! You have So Much storage space in your kitchen. Of course the more you have the more you store, LOL! I need to do some reorganizing in my cupboards as well.