Tuesday, October 15, 2013

iT’s T-day Today

FS and Heartland 020
I’m linking up with Elizabeth for T stands for Tuesday again this week, and late as usual. LOL
Here is Flat Susan giving water color painting a try, if you came by for my last post it is the same picture from the adventures of FS.  You can see it HERE if interested.
Over the weekend we were in Temecula for an RV trip, which was also posted yesterday.  Since I am an early riser I always take some crafty thing to work on while all is still quiet.  This trip I cut some water color paper into ATC size, post card size, and card front size.  With a permanent marker sketched different things, very loosely, then painted them with water color paint.
Here are some ATCs I did for today.
Tea Cup ATCs 001 
TEA CUPS!  Different stages and different designs, all hand sketched and hand painted. There are still a few touch ups to be done and some lettering, or stamping.   As I said above they are all loosely sketched and NOT perfect, but VERY fun to make.
I got the idea from a Strathmore video.  It is one of the on-line classes, for cards. You have to sign up for (cost nothing)  then you can view all the videos.  They will stay until December 31, so there is still time to see them. I enjoyed Joanne Sharpe’s the most.  I did do some post cards and card front, but will save those for a different post.
So now it is time to jump around Blogland as see what everyone else has in their cuppas to day.
Inky Hugs
PS. I am not affiliated with Strahmore, just enjoy the videos!


  1. Your painted teacup cards are fabulous!

    Wishing you a Happy T day

  2. oh your tea cups are adorable! love that you are working in the different will find a lot of uses for them and they will be great if you need a card for someone. I really like the 'loose' style, and of course the bright happy watercolors! Happy T Tuesday!

  3. Love the colorful teacups! Each one has its own little personality.

  4. Hello! Happy T Day! Looks like you are having fun water coloring ATC's (love the tea cup theme :), by the way!) and entertaining Flat Susan.

    I went to Temecula once, to meet up with some California friends. We had a very girly time, visiting all the shops along the boardwalk and buying some clothes and jewelry. It was fun there. Hope that you and Flat Susan had a nice time, too.

  5. How I wish I could draw like you. You made some awesome tea cups, and each one is a gem on its own. Even Flat Susan paints better than I ever will.

    I signed up for that class, but wasn't exactly thrilled with Jane's lessons, so haven't been back. Glad to know there are a few teachable moments. I may have to go back.

    Thanks for sharing the love and spreading joy during T Today.

  6. I hope Flat Susan is as creative when she visits me!
    Rosie x

  7. I love your teacups! Watercolor painting always makes me smile. I'm not very skilled with it but dabble from time to time.
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Lovely to see FS enjoying getting painty and she would fit nicely in one of your lovely teacups!!

  9. What a fabulous range of ATC's I find them very inspiring - it may even spur me on to try it myself - I plan to take part in the WOYWW ATC swap next year for the first time - so thanks for that!! And thanks for popping over earlier - Happy T day - Mxx