Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday starts with a T but Beach doesn't

Good morning peeps! Time to share your cuppa with Elizabeth and Bluebeard at The Altered Book Lover .  I'm a tad late, again, this week.  My excuse?  Good NFL game last night and one of my teams (Miami Dolphins) were playing.  Lost big time, but the game was worth watching. 

Over the weekend we were at the beach, Pismo Dunes, and the weather was delightful!  Cool 73' (F) and sunny, with a slight breeze!!  The first morning I was up early (I usually am the first up)  had a couple cups of coffee before the day light.  As it started getting lighter I remember what my photography instructor said about sun rise and sun set being called the "golden hours" for photography, so I grabbed my camera and headed down to the water.  It was just breath taking beautiful to see the sky and the reflection of it in the break water.
breaking day, looking north

he stood still for a photo opt.  You can see some of the reflection of the sky in the water.
Looking at the sand dunes as the sun is starting to come up

The white water catches the sunlight as the sun starts peeking over the sand dunes
He asked to have his picture taken
Pismo is known as the Clam capital, but sand dollars are easier to find these days.
Of course it wouldn't be complete with out a picture of the Grandies!!


  1. What a magical time of day! Thank you for sharing these special photos!

  2. Lovely photos! Happy Tuesday!

  3. wonderful takes, especially that seagull's picture is awesome.

  4. I love your glitter cup and your gorgeous photos. The one of the big wave coming in is especially nice. Happy T Day!

  5. Today before I could stop by, my computer hung up. When I got back online, I couldn’t get any page to load, not even my blog. So, I shut down, and made a late lunch. Then my kitchen sink plugged up. Still working on it, but needed to resume visiting my T friends. Sorry I'm late getting here.

    That time of day is perfect for taking water and beach photos. I remember when I had a SLR, I used to take those early morning and near sunset shots, too. The lighting really IS perfect.

    Gotta love that mug. So funny. And even though you're late, thanks so much for dropping by for T today. After all, your host is even later getting here.

  6. LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! How STUNNING THEY CAME OUT!! It is the perfect time to take them! So glad you shared with us. HAPPY T DAY!

  7. Love the grandies. Ah Well as an early riser you should be the sunrise queen of photography soon!!

  8. oh I love that cup! makes me smile and think of certain of my girlfriends...Lovely beach photos too. I adore the rolling waves and the beauty of the landscape!

  9. Love going to the beach. I'll take sand dollars over clams any day.


  10. Hi Krisha, what gorgeous photos of the beach, your country looks so amazing, I'd love to pick up sand dollars on the beach! They look so mysterious with their patterned markings x toni #75

  11. Happy T day even though it's Thursday ;)
    Great photos of that sunrise...easy to snap a boatload when nature is doing her thing so beautifully!

    We stayed at Pismo Beach a few years was our last night before heading back to the east coast...beautiful!

    Cute grands frolicking at the beach

  12. Hi Krisha - I didn't do T this week but thanks for popping over for WOYWW even though you didn't participate LOL... Havent been to the beach in ages - might have to take myself off on a little break later this year and get in some sun n sand - have a great week Hugs Mxx #33