Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bling - Bling-Halloween Dress Form

What started out to be a vintage, shabby chic dress form ended up like this!  Talk about ideas going astray!! LOL  But taking a mistake and running in a different direction can be fun too. 
I had bought a little paper Mache dress form at Michael's, in the mark down bin, for about 50 cents.  I just love the vintage, shabby chic dress forms I have seen all over blogland, and I wanted to try one...... idea gone astray.......
I made this about 3 weeks ago and really can't quite remember how I did it (have slept a nite or two since) The form is on a thread spoon and then glued to an empty ribbon spool, then onto a chipboard base.  As I was hot gluing the little plastic critters on I kept getting the glue strings (UGH) Then it dawned on me that they looked like cob webs and started to make them on purpose.  It was all getting too dark for me so I added some bling!!

So, now I am off to get dressed and get ready for my last photography class.  I'm not sure where those 5 weeks have slipped off to!  But it is time to start thinking about.........................the C word ........(Christmas) groan...... I still want to do a few Thanksgiving things, ya know the holiday that falls between Halloween and Christmas, but tends to be forgotten..................................
Inky Hugs


  1. What an amazing Halloween project, love all the wonderful details! Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    Love of hugs,

  2. Cute Halloween decoration. I've never played with a dress form, guess I'll put that on my list.


  3. FUN piece, Krisha--you certainly ran the right direction!

    I'm not ready for the big C yet, either . . . ***sigh***

  4. Oh my! What went astray went darn right! So cool!

  5. Brilliant Halloween project
    Rosie x

  6. Why doesn't MY Michaels have such fun clearance? I have seen these little torsos start at $5.00 and go upward, depending on size.

    I love the direction you took with this torso. Clever you! Now you just have to make sure I don't stop by and steal it from you (as if--GRIN).