Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WOYWW 230.....Getting Started

Oh Ya , it's time for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday and we're linking up with Ms. Julia.
It has been a busy day around here.  I finally finished scrubbing the outsides of all my kitchen cabinets and purging the insides.  I have hauled 4 large bags to trash and have three big boxes ready for the thrift store.  I had my shower and was in my PJs by 6:30 pm.  NOT having ANY craft time in FOUR days I was at the point of having to go to rehab for my with drawls....LOL  So I cranked up the Cricut, drop in a new program and started cutting Christmas ornaments.  There are many layers to these ornaments but I just wanted to get the basic shapes cut first, maybe layers tomorrow.
Here is tonight's cuts on Betsy, on top of a TH Christmas pack of paper.  Also some good sale finds at the new Hobby Lobby they just opened here.  The place was PACKED with people, since it was the first week they were open, and I figure it will remain that way until after the holidays.  My plan of attack will be to only go in the evenings after all the kiddies are in bed.  Speaking of bed, I think I hear my pillow calling.
Tomorrow, early in the morning, I will be making the rounds with a fresh cup, or two, or three of coffee to see what is on the many desks around the world........until then nite nite!
Inky Hugs


  1. Congrats on the purge and look forward to seeing what you create with all those die cuts
    hugs Nikki 1

  2. Great job purging. Love the die cuts. #5

  3. What interesting things on your desk. I like that owl. Glad you found some good things at Hobby Lobby. :) Well, I think my pillow is calling, too.
    Sharon #7

  4. Sounds like lots going on ..... And a new hobby lobby opened up!! I live in the uk but when in Florida always pop along to hobby lobby I think it's great!
    Jackie 27

  5. Wow, Krisha, it sounds like you are doing a major purge on the kitchen! That must feel so good! And great job, too, on the start on the ornaments!! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell #9

  6. Those die cut ornaments are going to be stunning when you assemble them. Hope you have some more time to craft this week. MMx #41

  7. OOOoooh !!! Loving those ornaments :-) I wish I had a Hobby Lobby :-(

    Thank you for letting me peek this week :-D

    Happy WOYWW #230
    IKE in Greece #63 xxxxxx

  8. All the christmas card goings on are making us feel inspired. We do have some made but will need more. Maybe that will be this afternoon's play.

    The bears #62

  9. Well done for getting your kitchen all clean. Mine could really do with a purge lol. Interesting to see what you do with the die cuts. Happy Wednesday.
    Karen no.51 x

  10. Not sure if comment of last night went through. Google is driving me nuts with password requests and error messages. What a week of cleaning you have had as that is a big kitchen. We sure accumulate a great many too good to throw away items. Looking forwards to other layers of ornaments.

  11. I'm just starting to work on Christmas too - I'm in a 12 days of Christmas swap that has to be sent out soon! Your desk looks nice and busy, and I know how you feel when you can't get into your craft room for days on end! Lindart #80

  12. The ornaments look like fun...there so big...can't wait tho see the layers.Happy snooping Carole #65

  13. Lucky you with a Hobby Lobby, I loved the one at Rancha when I went.
    Gosh you sound so busy, and so active - you wore me out just reading about your day.
    Hugs, Neet 16 xx - thanks for visiting me earlier - my server has been playing up.

  14. Krisha, are we on the same fall cleaning kick or what? I cleaned out our kitchen cabinets this week, too! Those ornaments look like fun, you're making me want to get another cartridge--I swore to just use the ones I have, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the woyww visit, my friend!

    A Happy WOYWW to you,
    #75 this week with
    a mess, bunting, and
    tiny book

  15. Nice job on the purge! I need to do the same to my rooms of stash!! Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #6

  16. Well done on the clearing out..I've been doing something similar with my sons bedroom! At least you've managed to get some crafting in too...that's more than I've done!!
    Hugs, LLJ 35 xx

  17. You go Krisha! WOW all that engery, you are so lucky to have a hobby lobby close! I drive an hour to go. Love your keep,calm and move on cup!!

    Thank you for your kind visit!

    Robin 74

  18. Well done on getting the kitchen cupboards all sorted and those ornaments you have cut out look like they will be beautiful, hope you show us the end result? Annette #11

  19. Oh well done. Smog days you're just on the go from the minute you bet pout of bed, huh. Great. Choice net though, every time you open a cupboard now, it'll be a nice surprise for a while!'re getting Christmassy! think I need to get my Cricut out and follow your lead...thanks for the prompt!

  20. Guess I need more coffee this morning. Just posted my comment to this on your PREVIOUS blog entry. Can't believe it is time to get started on holiday stuff but of course it is or it won't be done.


  21. Boy have you been cleaning! I cleaned out my pantry and a couple cupboards a couple weeks ago and what a difference. Looks like you're getting a nice start to your Christmas cards! Way to go! Happy belated WOYWW!
    Carol N #78

  22. You've made a good start, here's hoping the kiddies sleep well and allow you Mummy craft time - thanks for visiting me BJ#50

  23. Well done you on the mega clean out, and glad you got a little crafty fix , good idea about the store and hope you got a good rest and some more crafty time for yourself belated woyww wishes and crafty hugs Andrea #25

  24. Thanks for your visit earlier ... welcome to 'Crafting Christmas Early' - think I will start a club!!!
    Bishopsmate #84

  25. Such a busy, creative desk - as always :)
    Thanks for stopping by already and leaving a lovely comment - don't know where the days go to - it's already Sunday!!
    Happy belated WOYWW xx

  26. When our Hobby Lobby that place was packed on the weekends for weeks afterward. I heard it was that way during the week for a solid month. We all have to see what there was to see there. I can see where you would be to the point of having withdrawals after all that busy work (and work work at that). Good think you got a chance to play before you went all wacky on us!