Monday, February 22, 2016

T stands for Two Drinks

Two drinks, TV remote, my readers and my cell phone................all set to watch a couple of taped programs.  That was AFTER I did a post, three loads of laundry (one folded in the basket, one laid out on the spare bed and one still in the dryer) then there was a trip into Bakersfield to do two errands and buy something besides condiments for the refrigerator......phew!!  Why am I sharing this?  Cause it is time to join the T-gang over at Altered Book Lover know, for a jaunt around the world being nosey about what others are drinking!!!!
I don't normally put ANYTHING in my coffee, but I needed to sit down and relax and a latte sounded good.  It is just sugar free syrup, coffee and heavy whipping cream.........a generic SB but I like it a latte better..................couldn't pass that one up....LOL!! 
The Smart Water is one I bought on the run.................nope it hasn't helped at all, I feel no smarter than before I bought it.....*grin*  I rarely buy single bottles of water, but this had a flip up cover and it came in real handy while I was driving it will get refilled more than once or twice.
I'm not going to rain on E's shower of love......but I got Happy Mail this week too!  This darling post card from Deb our Jinxxxy Girl......yes, we swap handmade post cards quite regularly.  I adore this one THANBKS DEB!! Anybody wanting to join in for this fun, just let me can be arranged!
I'm still trying to get all those cards posted that I managed to make the last two weeks.  I need to learn to work, post, work and post......NOT work, work, work, then post, post, post....... doubt that it will happen, but stranger things have been known to happened.
Our weather is like a roller coaster temps go up, then temps come down, then some rain, then the temps start going back up.  It does make for some beautiful sun rises and sun set.  Last week I did grab my camera and stood out in the alley (in my PJs mind you) just to get these photos, all in the same morning!


 I have to go out into the alley because of all the overhead wires, we live in an old area so they aren't underground....maybe someday.  The last one was light enough to see the mountains in the was very clear that morning.........normally we have so much smog they aren't that visible.  I would go out and stand in the street to take these sun rises, but that would require me to get dressed.....LOL!

I have a new follower and friend Sharon Caudle.......Welcome Sharon!!
She has 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter......just the opposite of me!!!
You can find her gorgeous work over at Gramma's House of Cards, but she is also a DT for the Art Impressions blog and a few others.  Hope you take a moment and drop her a visit......I think your going to enjoy her sense of humor.

Well, that's a wrap my dear T-day friends and everyone else that got this far.

Inky Hugs


  1. Smart water? I think I need some of that, even though you claim it didn't help you. I'm not so sure, though, because you managed to get something you can recycle, and use without losing the cap while driving. Pretty smart if you ask me!

    Deb's art postcard is adorable. She is super impressive, especially while she's doing all that work on her home.

    What a beautiful sunrise. I still laugh at the idea that ANY electric wires are underground. Even in the newest part of town, our electrical wires are still above ground. Enjoyed seeing the mountains, though. I keep forgetting about the mountains that California is so famous for.

    Thanks for sharing your latte and your smart water with us, along with the art and sunrise photos for T this Tuesday. Yep, it's Tuesday here now.

  2. your morning photos are fantastic - and you made me smile, as all the sunrise photos i make are from my garden or balcony, so i Need not Dress but only slip into the bathing gown:) the silhouettes look wonderful!

  3. Water always is SMART isn't it? The best for us!
    Great sunrise photos..we have wonderful sunrises as well - but most of the time I miss them .. I sleep too long - lol!
    Laundry - always the most boring thing to do..I am with you!

    Deb's card is wonderful!
    Happy T-Day Krisha!

  4. Morning Krisha, That's a lovely postcard from your friend. It's always cheering to receive happy mail. Your photos are beautiful. Have a happy day. Barbxx

  5. your skyline photos are beautiful Krisha!! We have the same issue with lines running above us too. Love that postcard from Deb- a breath of Spring! Smart water eh? When I have to occasionally buy a bottle I try to get one I can reuse too. The latte looks really good-it's been ages since I've had one. Happy T day!

  6. That is a great post card, it is fun to get art in the mail isn't it? I enjoyed your sky shots. We've been experiencing the up and down weather here too. Never know how it is going to be one day to the other - or sometimes one hour to the next. This kind of weather always signals spring to me so I'm guessing it is right around the corner.

  7. What a beautiful postcard! I love your photographs. We have so much cloud cover lately we aren't seeing much of the sun any time of the day. It's nice to see yours :)

  8. Beautiful sunrise photos!
    Deb's card is really mail is the best.
    Being able to tape shows is very convenient isn't it.
    Glad you got to relax a bit with your busy schedule.
    Happy T Day
    p.s. thank you for your visit and nice comment
    Spring and Summer must be gorgeous in those B&B gardens for sure.

  9. are a busy gal, wish I was that ambitious! hmm...there may be clothes in the dryer that I forgot about....

    Love the card, and what gorgeous photos of the sky you've the silhouette effect as well as the beautiful colors in the sky. Ohio is getting warm temps right now, but I'm afraid it's a cruel joke by Mother Nature...I am ready for Spring! Happy T (coffee) Day!!

  10. I hope you enjoyed your programmes - we have fallen a bit behind with catching up on programmes! Your postcard looks fabulous - as I wrote on Elizabeth's blog comments, we are lucky to have blogs friends who know exactly what we like! Well done for going out to get those great photos! Chrisx

  11. Do you mean that was false advertising? Darn it anyway. I was going to load up on some.
    Love your pajama shots! Happy T-Day! :)

  12. You didn't need the smart water... you were already very smart to drink water in the first place.
    Oh, what a lovely postcard! How sweet of Jinxxy Girl to send it to you.
    Your morning photos are awesome!
    Thanks for visiting mine,
    Happy T-day,

  13. Lovely photos!What a sweet card from Deb!I love snail mail!Water is everything.The best healer in so many ways.