Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Run of Sympathy Cards

Sympathy cards.......the most dreaded card to make, and most of us DO NOT make them ahead of time......and I have always been one to put off sympathy cards until I need one.  I found myself in THAT exact spot a week ago, and my brain just went blank.  Now, that really isn't a new feeling, but I mean it was REALLY BLANK!  I needed a card for a woman I've known for years, and was actually attached to our family by marriage. 
I sat at Betsy ( the name of my desk......yes I named it!) seemed like for hours trying to figure out what I wanted to inspiration came!  I finally got on Pinterest and search cards and sympathy cards.  I did find an old technique I had forgotten about and finally chose to use it.
It involves scribbling a water base marker on an acrylic block......well is doesn't HAVE to be acrylic.....but you get the idea.  Spritz it with a little water and press it onto the card stock.  So simple!  So much fun and each time it is different! So why did I have so many unusable prints?
Then, as things usually happen around here, I ended up using the first one I made....LOL  It had a small puddle and I swiped it sideways with a tissue and got a wonderful print, but just a little too bright for what I wanted.....and I thought I could do better.......sound familiar?   I finally put an overlay of vellum with the sentiment on it, over it and that toned everything down.
When the funeral was over I came back to Betsy to clean up the mess I had walked off and left....
All those "mistakes" were just laying there begging to be used.  I did rescue two of them, since I was using water color paper I re-spritzed then and whipped them off again.  The white embossed resist finally popped!  So two more sympathy cards were born and added to the card box.

I had die cut butterflies in my stash and started adding them to the cards too.
There is an other technique and round of sympathy cards I also want to share, but that will be my next I had time to grab my camera for step outs.
Thanks for coming by, please let me know you did with a quick comment.
Inky Hugs


  1. HI Krisha,

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I don't make many cards..but i'd like to so i will definitely take your advice to heart and make some sympathy cards ahead of time. I love how yours turned out and i'm sure it brought comfort to the recipient. Hugs! deb

  2. Your sympathy cards are lovely Krisha and very tasteful. Well done thinking to use vellum over the background. It's worked so well. Lets hope you don't need to use the other two cards for a long time. Barbxx

  3. They're beautiful cards, Krisha, but may you not need them for a very very long time! You take them seriously; that's the best thing about these lovely, creative pieces.

  4. Krisha I really like these cards. I made a bunch one year on note cards as I like to add my own message to people I know well. Then shifted to the on-line funeral home's site for people I had no address. It is good to have a batch and you make such wonderful cards.