Friday, September 18, 2015

A Journal Mixed Media Journey

Wooossh! Plop! Here it is Friday already!! This week has disappeared faster than ice cream on a hot day, and around here that is pretty fast! 
I dug out my 9" x 12" journal for just a quick play.......and it became a weeks journey.....LOL  Maybe because there isn't much that I didn't use on it!! 
It all started with those packs of punched glitter circles, that were made from the scraps I had left over from making "Frozen" party decorations last year.
On UN-Gessoed page I started with Gelatoes.........

A baby wipe to blend it all together..........

A circle stencil, spritz and sprays of ink..........

Modeling paste came next, using the same stencil.........

Gluing the glitter circles and paper doilies............................

a closer look..............
 A little dangling with a Pitt Pen then acrylic paint for some flowers................................

A close up of the finished page........
Again with the Pitt Big Brush pens and blending as I went for a little more depth.  I added white dots to the flowers and it ended up imitating the glitter from the circles.....not a planned thing.....but I love it. 
I was at the discount fabric shop are my new table cloth, table runner and a pig's head with a crown.   Don't see it??  Look a little closer....they are all there...LOL!  These are my next projects.  I have a 3 ft. x 5 ft. red nylon flag that I have to put out BBQ logo on, which happens to be a pig's head wearing a crown......that would be the pink and blue. 
I have a weakness for sunflowers, so while they were measuring and cutting the other fabric I spotted the sunflower patterned fabric that would be perfect for a table cloth, then some burlap was needed too.  I'm thinking a fall burlap runner for the table too, maybe with some fall leaves and things painted onto it.  What do ya think.....painted?....or left plain?  Might become a runner for the cabinet under the TV.......who knows!!
So with all of this in mind, I need to finish this post, clean off the kitchen bar, lay out that flag and get to making a pattern of a pig's head and crown.............then it will be off to stitch it on with the old Singer.
Hope you have a creative weekend.
Inky Hugs


  1. What fun! I love the cover. And new fall goodies, too --- delightful! Have a greatly blessed day.

  2. First, the journal spread is incredible. Your pages turned out far better than anything I could make. I adore those dangles, even if I can't (and won't) make them.

    You got some great fabric there. I have a suggestion for the burlap. If you are going to paint anything, paint a border around the runner, but take a walk (grin) and pick some leaves from the ones that are turning golden, red, or brown, then scatter them on the runner and place an autumn centerpiece and two candles on the table.

  3. I kept looking for a pigs head with a crown before I finished reading your post. LOL
    Can't wait to see the finished results!
    Love your journal. Who would with all the sparkle Bling!!
    Hugs Lynn

  4. Love your journal page Krisha!!! I'm a sucker for sunflowers too. They are my favorite flower right next to gladiolas ..Looking forward to seeing your pig's head and crown. :)

    Received your postcard yesterday. Krisha i cannot begin to tell you how beautiful it is.. You definitely make me want to revisit my Intense pencils... What you did with them is just amazing!! What did you use as a base for your postcard? It stayed so lovely and flat thru the mail? Hugs! deb

  5. What a happy journal page!
    Pig with a crown...hummm?
    The sunflower tablecloth and burlap runner sound perfect for fall.
    Have a great weekend. :)