Summer Of Color: Week 5

1 Green + 1 Green + 1 Pink
WOW! Only one more week to go and SOC 2015 will be over.....( frown).  Kristin has done such a great job of pulling this all together...Thank YOU Kristin!!! 
Well, this week it has been all about faces with the GDs (check out my last post). I am NOT very good with faces, that was always something my Mom could draw, but I joined the GDs in giving it a try.....I figured abstract was as good as anything......* grin*
I mixed the lime green and the dark green and brushed on the background, then I used a small pallet knife to do the almost worked!!...LOL 
Up next will be the GDs pages, please visit them and leave a comment for them......THANKS
Inky Hugs


  1. Krisha, your face is absolutely gorgeous! So happy that you and your GD's gave faces a try! I am off to check out their work now! I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing all 3 of your works of art these past weeks of SOC!

  2. Faces and people are challenging to paint, but you have done a very nice job on your lady.

    I love painting people, but do it in watercolor.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. great job with this Krisha!! I need to learn how to paint more loose and abstract faces.

  4. You definitely drew a better face than I could have. It is adorable. I own about six palette knives and have yet to use them. You made it look easy!

  5. Those are not easy colors to paint a face with---and with only a palette knife! You did a good job!

    I've never been able to make anything resembling a human face! No matter how many times I draw those lines for placement, it never works out.

  6. I think your face worked out wonderfully. And the yellow flowers are a pretty addition {{Hugs}}

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment! AND I think your abstract is perfect!! xo

  8. My goodness - a palette knife - you've got that challenge. It's wonderful.

  9. going abstract with this really worked well :D


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