Artistic Passions

As anyone knows, that has been following this blog lately, I have had two 8 ( nearly 9) year olds every Monday and Tuesday.  With parents that work, and school summer programs that are just an expensive baby sitter ( where they get to play, watch some movies, color and occasionally get a field trip)  I chose to take them two days a week.  I told both sets of parents there would be no just sitting in front of the TV and eating, or playing on my cell phone.  By 5 PM on Tuesdays I often wonder "What was I thinking??"..LOL

They have been a blessing and really a lot of fun to have here to play with, and really keep me on my toes figuring out how to keep them busy.  I have become quite proficient with Pinterest searches and have managed to find even more You Tube videos than imaginable.

As I mentioned in my last post, the girls wanted to draw, and paint faces.....just like Kristin's SOC video.

Their results were really amazing for their ages....who has the passion for faces????????

She showed up Tuesday and she went right to work on sketching faces.....she LOVE those wide eyed girls....LOL.....we have been talking about the long jaws and the long necks....but she's getting there

Now Rachel did just as well.......

But after the last face, she wanted to know if she HAD to draw faces........"no, Rachel you can do what you want to do". She immediately picked up a thin Sharpie and started doodling designs, and after watching her for a few moments I dug out my Zentangle journal and let her look through it.  THIS is what she wanted to learn to do.  I have some patterns  from Erin of The Bright Owl blog, I copied them and let Rachel go at it. This kid is really GOOD at tangles ....then I introduced Dangles to her.....Oh my!!  Now that little "stink" got away, with all her designs before I could get a picture of any of them, because she was still working on them when Mom came to pick her up.......LOL
Passions are a funny thing....just because your good at something doesn't mean you have a passion for it.
So I have been on this PC ALL day, getting patterns for Rachel to tangle, and tangle patterns for her to learn to do.  I have them all in a journal (she requested) ready for her on Next Monday, even her little 5 year old sister wanted a journal too......her's has blank pages, cause she wanted one like mine....LOL
Now research for Hannah was a little tougher.....and much longer.  I KNEW where to find what I needed for Rachel.  I did get things printed off for position of facial features on the head, how to draw an eye and things like that.   She also wants a journal, but wants to learn how to make I made, sometime back, out of a large 9" x 12" envelope.
Thanks for taking the time to see what else the girls have been up to.......I have flooded my T-day posts with photos of the crafty things they have made, but I felt these faces and finding one's passion deserved a special post.
Please leave the girls a comment.....this has been FOR them!
Inky Hugs


  1. Lets of improvements of her faces. I can see where tangles and dangles would win her heart, though. They are a lot of fun!! You really are keeping them busy--and having fun! :)

  2. Impressive faces! Great work, girls!

  3. So I'm guessing those journals are for the other three days when they aren't visiting you, Krisha. Too bad all summer programs can't be more like what you are doing with these girls. You are a saint.

  4. Had to give Krisha some praise, too, girls. And you should thank her for all she has done to make your summer the best so far.

    Faces are hard, so I applaud you Hannah. You are doing an excellent job and will get even better over time, I'm sure.

    I don't like to tangle or dangle, Rachel, so I'm glad you find it so enjoyable. Next time, please leave at least one example so we can see it (grin).

  5. I am just blown away by those awesome faces!!! I wish I had a peak at the tangles and dangles, too.

    It has been so much fun watching what you girls have come up with, with the help of your Grandma, of course!Give her a big hug, because she sure deserves it!

  6. Isn't it fun to try new things. And isn't it fun to find something you really like to do. I love to tangle too. Keep trying new things because that helps you find more things you'll love to do. What a great way to spend your summer.


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