Tuesday, July 7, 2015

T-DAY and the GDs

picture from Pinterst
I'm reporting in to the T-Gang this week........yep with MORE of the GDs and their arts and crafts.
I was going to include some of our 4th of July celebration, but this post is already so heavy with photos, that they will have to be shelved for an other time.......but I can't wait to go visiting and see how (if in the States) everyone else celebrated.
I can not thank all of you enough for all the comments you leave the girls each week, and yes, I am having just as much fun showing them off, as they are spending time here.  Once school starts I'm afraid you all might get a little bored with my T-Day posts......LOL
 Last Tuesday we altered T-shirts.  I had bought some spray fabric paint at Michael's.  They were on clearance for $5.00, and figured they would work on paper too (grin). Plus there are 6 colors, and  once they are empty I can refill them with ink.........winner, winner, chicken dinner!.......LOL
While waiting for the paint to dry on the shirts.......which the directions said 4 hours.  Well, where we live it only took about an hour!!  Of course it might be because it was 105" (F) that day and a little on the cloudy side.....oh was humid...........worse was the next dropped to 103' (F) and rained!!!!  SOOOOOOOOOO, while waiting They made flower sticks.......?????????
Using the top part of plastic bottles, the part you drink from, we cut petals, painted ( a mix of Mode Podge and ink) and then used embossing guns to make the flowers.  They painted the caps yellow, for the centers. The only "sticks" I could find were 2 LONG paint stirrers from one of our Christmas projects last year, so they painted them green and hot glued the flowers to the sticks.  Once  they had the flowers all glued on, we planted their "sticks" in pots full of sand.  I didn't realizes I neglected to get a picture of the "finished" flower sticks until I started getting this post ready.

By now the shirts were dry and they could alter them.  We cut off the bottoms, then THEY hemmed a casing around the bottom, with the sewing machine, then threaded elastic through the casings to make crop tops.  I told them that when my Mom made this type of tops for me ( when I was about their ages......yea....THAT long ago) she called them "Rib Ticklers" .  I trimmed most of the ribbing around the necks off and cut about half the length of the sleeves off, then THEY took the scissors.........  They cut slits up the sleeves and shoulders and then through the backs.  I had bought some glitter iron letters and we put SOC on the fronts...........IT'S ALL ABOUT SOC THIS SUMMER...LOL
Yesterday was the new Summer Of Color prompt and we visited Kristin's blog to get the colors and to watch her video......the GDs are so fascinated with Kristin's face drawing.  So I had watched a few videos, on You Tube.....I've never been good at drawing faces....realistically.  But there are some good videos out there that show the how's and the where's to put the features on the head.  NOW, try explaining that to an 8 year old......LOL  I finally found pictures of the human skull and made then feel the bones in their own faces........Long story...short......they gave it a try.
Last week Elizabeth announced her anniversary ATC swap and asked me if the GDs might want to play along too.  After I explained what an ATC was and how a swap all worked, they were all in and started working on then right away.
Last, by not least, I wanted to share their button pictures.  They had to hand sew the tree trunks on and then every one of those buttons to make the tree tops.  Once they were finished I removed the hoops and stretched them over the backs of a picture frame, removing the glass because of the thickness of the buttons.

I will stop here, I know you have more blogs to visit and I won't keep you here looking at all my pictures....LOL 

Thanks for stopping by
Inky Hugs


  1. I absolutely love seeing what the girls have been making--and seeing them in the process. The one of them laughing so hard is priceless! You can never have too many pictures for me--but then, you know how many pics I am always posting--LOL! Happy T-Day!

  2. It is a joy to see such happy faces! I love those tops-darling, as are the button trees. Looking forward to seeing this week's SOC entries (after I have completed mine-don't want to be influenced:):)Happy T day everyone!

  3. A pleasure to see your wonderful GD'S working on and wearing their unique shirts! And Their button trees are just beautiful! They must love you so much for
    always being creative with them!
    How fab to have such a granny!

    Happy T-Day!

  4. You are so creative! You are exactly how I want to be when I'm a grandma....lets make that many, many, many years in the future. :)
    Happy T day!!

  5. I can't believe how many activities you have found for these girls. They will expect even MORE next year (grin). You are such a great host, and I am truly, sincerely impressed.

    I have been thinking about the ATC swap. What I DON'T want is for you and the girls to have to exchange with each other. From the sound of comments from last week, there aren't many who are playing. I may make another plea for more ATCs, but of course, this isn't WOYWW, so posts will come in few and far between.

    Thanks for sharing their activities this week with us for T Stands for Tuesday. I look forward to their SOC entries, because I haven't even started mine yet.

  6. Well, I applaud you for teaching them some sewing skills for their projects. That will be something that will come in handy time and time again. You are very good at giving them great learning experiences along with the fun of creating. What a memorable summer!

  7. Oh those lucky girls! Such wonderful projects - no wonder they look so happy! Happy T day to you all!! Chrisx

  8. Rib ticklers, that is such a fun expression, and they are cute, too! Love the trees also, you are the best granny, making up all these fun projects! Happy T-Day!

  9. You are last on my list this week and I'm making it just before Tuesday turns to Wednesday in my neck of the woods. *Phew!*
    The girls are doing so well with their arty endeavours and you are a wonderful grandma showing them and teaching them so much. I particularly like their button trees. So lovely and perfect keepsakes.
    Looking forward to their next works :D
    Happy T Day :o)

  10. It is so much fun to see what the girls are doing. They have tried a variety of things and seem successful with each thing they try. Those are great altered tee shirts girls!


  11. Well don't you worry about taking up too much of my time. I love seeing what you and the girls are up too. I'm lovin' those 'rib ticklers' and the button trees.. reminds me of something i want to do... when we were driving from CA to AR i saw a sign that said 'ButtonWillow Road' and i thought what a cool road to live on! So i want to draw a willow tree and use buttons for leaves! i would love to see the finished flower sticks! I will miss seeing the girl's art on Tday! Hugs! deb

  12. You should write a book! The research you do to put all these projects together is priceless!

    So far I want one of everything. I'm thinking they could have a booth at a local craft fair or Christmas bazaar and do well.