Monday, November 19, 2012

Deck the Halls: art journal page

scanned photo
Still playing around with my art journal ( and only 2 Christmas cards made, something tells me I might be very happy I have cards left over from last year) I have always loved pictures of ornaments and that is where the inspiration for this page came from.  Once again I drew it with black permanent pen then use Inktense water color pencils and wet brush for the bleeding.  Once I was that far it looked a little too washed out and dull. Ornaments are bright and shiny.....right?  I started experimenting with different things to make them shiny, I did use a spray set over the water colors before starting.  Nothing was really giving me the effect I wanted :(  I finally got out the dimensional paints and added them here and there, OK that's looking a little better, so add some glitter paint, ok a little better..... Hmmmm!  I wanted a shiny pearly effect, so I went to the nail polish cabinet (yes I have one of those after being a nail tech for 13 years, and having 3 grand daughters) I grabbed some glitter polish, some pearl polish and a bottle of
 clear polish.  Well, now I started seeing some results, but I didn't have THAT wide of a range of colors, so I started picking up some Powdered Peal pigment with the brush of my clear polish, cleaning the brush after each color.  WaLa!  (Using polish on a large area you have to work quickly because it starts drying.) FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE YOUNG GIRLS, GRAND DAUGHTERS OR YOURSELF: You can buy cheap clear polish, any top coat will do, and add your Powdered Pearls to it.  It only takes a small amount, depending on how strong you want the color, and make any color of polish you want. (Wish I had know this 10 years ago when I did nails)

The scanned photo does not show any of the dimension, so I ran outside with my camera and took a couple more sots so the glitter and shiny show up along with the dimension.

Here is a photo kind of from an angle to show some of the dimension and glitter.

So now I'm off to get dressed, get this PC back to shop, in hopes of recapturing my pictures, then back here to finish loading up the "playhouse" for the annual Thanksgiving trip to the desert.



  1. This is brilliant, love the patterns and colours ... happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones too.

  2. This page looks great - you are definitely on a roll! A layout like this would be fab at Easter will all those shiny eggs ...? Enjoy the desert! x

  3. Such resourcefulness! Pretty page!

  4. What lengths we go to! How resourceful! Sweet page.

  5. Such a great page... very festive! I love all the texture on the ornaments.

  6. Add stuff until it works -- that's the spirit! And it does indeed work very well. I think I'm particularly fond of the ornament in the lower right-hand corner with the colorful squigglies on it.

  7. Great tips! Thank you! Love your ornaments :)

  8. Love your page of baubles... how amazing that you can mix in the materials of your former work so beautifully! Future trips away might well have to stick to something slightly simpler, like journalling - though I think I would still find it necessary to drag quite a lot of stash with me!! Thanks for your visit...
    Alison x