Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Linking up with Julia for WOYWW and keeping it short and sweet this week.  What's on Betsy?  Well for starters a new Ott light, not as crazy about this one, but I have duel lighting again.  There is my Journal 52 page to the left, glass of dirty water (no it's not juice....grin) My whatch-a-ma-call-it roller, acrylic roller with rubber bands on it, my glasses, stamps I've been playing with, autumn journal page in the center and bits and bobs around the edges.  Neither journal page has been posted yet, so I guess I should have thrown something over them, but that's what's on Betsy this week.

Thanks for stopping by

Inky Hugs


  1. Those be some fancy pumpkins in your journal :) and is it the look of your Ott light or just not as strong ?
    hugs Nikki no #yet

  2. Hi Krisha, loving the pages, the Autumn one is gorgeous! I have an OTTlite, Hubby bought it for Christmas last year, it only tends to get used in the winter evening, as I'm right by the window, and the overhead lights cast a shadow then. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #36 xx

  3. Beautiful pages! I DID think it was juice in that glass lol. Lovely crafty space and those are the cutest little flower frogs (needley bits) I've ever seen. Happy WOYWW #62

  4. I desperately need better lighting--looks like Ott is the way to go. Your journal is pretty! Have a great day! Sandy Leigh #54

  5. That's definitely an autumnal page, echoing what's going on outside my window! It's just as well you said it was dirty water, I'd assumed it WAS juice :-).
    Why don't you like the new light? It's funny how some things are right and others aren't, isn't it?!
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  6. awesome desk! Glad you didn't throw anything over your journal pages. I really love those pumpkins!! I think you would enjoy a BSPro if you can get Santa to bring you one...everything you have now will work with it and I have been buying dies when on sale at Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #25

  7. Glad to find someone working through Journal 52 too ! I still have some catching up to do but am enjoying it ! Ali#13

  8. Busy, busy - love the art work! Happy WOYWW, Chris # 23

  9. Love that autumn journal page, awesome pumpkins! I bought an otlite lamp a few yars ago and was decidedly unimpressed with it - I have it by my guillotine now so I can see to cut at night. My artists drawing board lamps are so much better! Thanks for the earlier visit, Happy WOYWW Cindy #41 x

  10. Thanks for the visit. Love the pumpkin page. It's a funny thing but in all the years that I was teaching, it was a roller and it was only when I started buying craft stuff rather than Art stuff that it became a Brayer, I don't know why as they are the same thing.
    Happy crafting, Angela x 39

  11. It made me smile that you named your desk Betsy :) Journal pages look very colourful. Thanks for sharing Betsy with us Anita woyww #63

  12. A lovely busy desk. You are keeping up so well with Journal 52.
    Monica 59

  13. Your journal page looks great! And I also like your new light.
    Don't we all call it a whatcha-ma-callit thingy. I did smile when I read that.
    Sorry I'm a day late. I just didn't have time last night.
    Have a good week!

  14. Betsy is looking very decorative and efficient this week, Krisha. Love the journal pages! Gorgeous colours.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #32

  15. Betsy is bright and busy looking! Your journal page is lovely autumnish! Enjoy the week and thank you for stopping by!