Friday, October 3, 2014

Day2 of 31 day journal

Day two we were to "write a small page about one of the best memories or favorite past times spent with family or friends, using photos, drawings and etc." 

I did a rough sketch of the cabin we used to have when our boys were young.  I was going to clean it up and use a marker, then changed my mind.  This was a very rustic cabin, that had been built originally for a forest ranger.  It sat on a hill side, where the back of the cabin was on the ground and front porch was on wood/log posts and that was the foundation.  We would drop a marble on the floor and never knew which direction it would roll....grin!  There was a "snow" pole that had to be in place early in the fall, incase there was an early snow, so the roof would stay over our heads.

We cooked and heated the place with wood burning stoves, and the wood had to be hauled in.  We eventually added a "wood" shed to the right of the porch so we could stock it during the warmer months.  Until DH finally put in a hot water heater, we even heated water with wood to take a shower.......well it was more like a hot bucket of water placed in the shower.....LOL  but we DID have a shower and a toilet IN SIDE. 

There was no television, no telephone or internet and cell phones were so new at the time we had to walk down the road to even use them.  Our kids learned to play board games and card games in the evenings and played outside during the day.  We took their bike with us until the snow fell.  They were all over that mountain and we never really worried about where they were.

It was a great place to escape the heat of the valley in the summer and in the winter a good place to warm up when coming in form the cold snow.  We finally sold it when the boys were in high school and no longer wanted to go with us to the cabin.  Now we sit around with the boys, and the friends that used to go with us, and laugh about all the fun we had there.  It truly was one of the best times of our family life, and I am even smiling as I write this, thinking about the different things that we did there................and that is GOOD!

Inky Hugs

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  1. Great page. Sounds like a wonderful cabin for a family.