Monday, October 13, 2014

Tuesday is T day

Happy T-day!  Yep, an other week has disappeared into the yesterdays, and it is once again time to link up with Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover to see what's being drank in Blogland.  If you didn't come by way of Elizabeth's blog then take a moment and dash over there.  She is hosting a great post about her neighborhood and their Safe Communities Event.
My "Today" journal has me drinking from a cracked cup....LOL.  I really do sometimes wonder just where my brain and MOJO take off to when I look back on some of these journal pages.  Absolutely hate the background on this.....oh well..... 

Journal 52 week 41 has us working in mosaic this week.  So I did a little stamping and coloring, and spritzing and spraying and cutting and gluing and this is the finished page.  The Stamps are of course Jofy stamps
These are three "Quick" Christmas cards I slipped in and did one afternoon.  I had bought all the supplies: 3-D stickers and card bases, at a very good price, at the end of the season last year.  Almost forgot I had them.  The scan does not due them justice, but glittery things never scan well.

A card I created with die cuts and embossing folder.  The Dark color is actually a beautiful mirrored blue/silver color.  I had folded this card wrong, as in NOT even edges, so there was that little overhang that got a strip of silver glitter paper.  Darn! I hate when I do that.
I also finished 8 of these Posh thank you cards for the orders I have coming in next week.  Really very simply done with die cuts.

Here I was feeling like I didn't accomplish much, creatively, this week.  I also have a couple of general journal pages that I will schedule for tomorrow sometime.  I was going to put them in this post, but my goodness you might need a breather after all this....LOL

Yesterday I was on my blogger dashboard, then on my blog......just waiting for DH to finish his billing so we could go to the movies.  Have you ever noticed at the top left corner, above your header, it says "next blog"?  Have you ever clicked on it?  Where did it take you?  I have done this more than once and find it interesting as to what the next blog is, 'cause it isn't always the same one every day.  I found a new art blog over the weekend, and a new challenge blog.  Today, however it takes me to a blog where the writer is saying good bye and shutting down his blog.......:(

Yes, DH and I went to the movies yesterday and saw The Judge.  It was pretty good, DH really likes Robert Duval.  It is all about the relationship between a man and his middle son.....the lawyer.  It kept my interest, I laughed a little, and got a little teary eyed in parts.  All in all, it was a good movie,  I lean more toward the comedies, a good who done-it, and the sci-fi flicks.  DH will go to the comedies, and to the who done-it, but I'm alone with the sci-fi..........I'm talking SCI-FI, NOT blood and gore (don't like those)  more like the weird stuff.  Remember the X Files?????  Never missed a one of those!  Warehouse 13?? LOVED IT!!  Now, it's Resurrection, Once Upon a Time, Gotham, and Haven; and my favorites NCIS, CSI (the original) and CSI Los Angles.  But tonight is Dancing With The Stars......LOL! 

I have rambled on quite long enough, time get linked up with Elizabeth and see what's in your cup!  (I always want to say What's in YOUR wallet......LOL......too much TV!

Thanks for stopping by, let me know you did, sorry about being so long winded this week.

Inky Hugs


  1. Wow.. your are busy and each single piece of artwork here is a gem!

    Great !
    Happy T-Day - thank you for sharing all thisfab pieces!

  2. Wow.. your are busy and each single piece of artwork here is a gem!

    Great !
    Happy T-Day - thank you for sharing all thisfab pieces!

  3. OK, when was there a CSI:LA? Knew about CSI Miami and NY, but did you mean NCIS:LA? Have you seen the new NCIS? I like it. As for new shows, I also like Scorpion. Call me a geek, but I get turned on by guys with high IQs (grin).

    Loved the cracked cup. You may have not liked the background, but I did. And as for your J52 entry, I thought it was extremely clever.

    Your Christmas cards were really sparkly. I could see that even with my monitor that no longer shows colors properly.

    And of course, what a nice way to say Thank You. Simple, yet classy.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this week. BTW, I am a Haven fan, too. Also sad Warehouse 13 bit the dust. But I haven't seen any of the other shows you mentioned.

  4. the mosaic page is fab-love the effect! Your cards are simply elegant looking-you have gotten quite a bit done lately. Happy T day to you!

  5. You are on a roll with so much great creativity going on Krisha!
    I always say gesso is one of my best friends when I am not completely happy with something it helps add another layer and a chance for a little do over.
    I like your cracked cup page...
    your 'cracked' theme brings to mind part of a quote that goes: there is beauty in imperfection ♥
    Happy T Day to you!

  6. I'm in agreement with the days slipping past. Tuesday again!! Lovely jounral pages.
    Happy T Day!

  7. Don't do comedy but i'm with you on the other stuff. :) We've been watching Resurrection but i notice they are bringing more and more church stuff into it this season so i don't know how long i'll be watching if thats the direction they are going with it... We also watch NCIS (the original), Forever, Person of Interest, Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Walking Dead, Castle, Agents of Shield...and yes i KNOW we watch too much TV . LOL! Hugs! deb

  8. Krisha I really like your cracked cup! ...and the background 'brick' look :)
    And yes another week turned into yesterdays---like the saying :) they go by so fast.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Happy T day!

  9. I like that whimsical background!
    Great cards.
    Do you also watch Supernatural?
    Happy T-Day! :)

  10. I have this "thing" about cracked cups and will not drink out of them. I think I took some home ec teacher's dire warnings a bit too seriously back in the day.

    I'm with you on the scifi flicks. I'm a definite fan :)

  11. Your journal pages are coming along well and are gorgeous, love those cards as well
    Bridget #2

  12. Love the mosaic, and the cracked cup page!

  13. Oh my goodness ... you are super busy and super productive. I love the first one with the cracked cup!
    I'm a sci-fi lover as well. X-Files ... all the way and Haven is fun to watch as well.
    Happy T-Day!